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Nintendo Working On Brand-New 3D Super Mario Game For Wii U?

It’s safe to assume that Nintendo will be bringing an all-new 3D Super Mario title to their forthcoming console. According to a new rumor, a “trusted source” claims that a 3D Mario game for Wii U is currently in development. The 2D side-scrolling New Super Mario Bros. U is scheduled to launch this year and, supposedly, Mario’s 3D outing will be released sometime during 2013.

165 thoughts on “Nintendo Working On Brand-New 3D Super Mario Game For Wii U?”

    1. That’s what I thought, the title makes it seem as if we should get excited for this. A better title would’ve been: ”New 3D Mario game as to be released next year” or something like that, since the possible release year is the actual news right here.
      I’m really excited for this! I HATE the NSMB series, but Nintendo always seems to be trying to make the 3D Mario games the best ones in the franchise – there would have to happen something very strange for me to decide not to get this game. It’s always one of the best games of the console.

      1. Because we already have two of them, of course -__-
        Seriously, I wasn’t very happy to see a sequel to the first Galaxy game either. I mean, Galaxy 2 was good – but it was too much the same as Galaxy (1). The 3D Mario games are supposed to NEVER be repetitive, so I would be kinda pissed if they made a third Galaxy game.

        64 had paintings, Sunshine had a summer themed island, Galaxy (1 and 2) had a space theme. That’s why not, why WOULD you want another space theme?

        1. They should make it a zombies theme /sarcasm

          seriously though, I want a Haunted theme, kinda like that Banjo Kazooie stage.

        2. I don’t agree, I think Mario galaxy 2 did so many things that the first one didn’t. Think about it every single star involve a different style of playing and there’s 250 stars or something. But yeah I don’t think they need a third galaxy anytime soon

        3. galaxy 2 was and still is one of my favorite games. everything was super polished, the length was perfect, and the level design and difficulty curve was perfect. i seriously hate how people will gett insanely mad at nintendo when they do two or three mario games of the same style “galaxy and nsmb to be specific) yet those very same people will fight to the death to defend call of duty, which literally has been the exact same since 2006 with 5 games all using the exact same engine and gameplay.

          1. where the fuck are you all getting a third galaxy game from??? that’s obviously not gonna happend and no one has ever mentioned the possibility of it happening

            fucking autistic retards

            1. im not saying they are making a thrid one, no one is., they’re saying that they “hope they dont” which is stupid because the galaxy games are great.

              1. Yes, they’re great, now don’t ruin them by milking them out. Why don’t you want Nintendo to do something new? You know they’re good enough at it.

                1. i never said that i didnt want them to do anything new either lol. why do you keep asking me questions about things i never said? i enjoyed mario galaxies 1 and 2, so i wouldnt mind a 3rd one, that doesnt mean that i would be disgusted bye them making a totally new 3d mario game. seriously, you need to stop thinking “oh hey this person likes this, must not want anything else.”

                  1. ”seriously, you need to stop thinking “oh hey this person likes this, must not want anything else.” ”
                    I don’t, I think: ”oh hey this person likes this, must prefer it over the rest.”

                    Personally I loved Sunshine, and after that I was very pleasantly surprised to see Galaxy. The sequel was good too, but why a third one one a new platform?
                    Not ridiculing your opinion, just wondering why. Also: it was more a rhetorical question, just me wondering. In the end all I’m saying is that you may get just as big of a surprise from Sunshine to Galaxy, as you will with Galaxy2 to WiiU3D Mario.

              2. For me mario was ruined by the galaxy games, I hated them, after the first I just never gave the 2nd a go, and I never even felt like ever finishing the game after obtaining over 40 stars, I hated going upside down, this and jumping from one planet to another just made it like a superman game more than a mario game. It didnt even have that ‘mario’ feel to it. That’s my opinion. So it should stick to its original style, not go into a completely different way of gaming. Mario 64 and mario 3d land were the best and are true to its style. I also love the new super mario bros style aswell because again, its not losing its true style.

      1. dont get me wrong, the galaxy games were fun, but i think that every console should get their own mario uniqueness . like 64 for 64 ,sunshine for gamecube and galazy for wii, so wii u should introduce us to a new mechanic for mario

  1. Id like it to use the touch screen to say pull objects like blocks ect, or maybe even paibt tging like Bowser Jr

  2. I wonder what new powers mario will have this time, and what places of the world or galaxy he’ll explore next to save a princess who doesn’t put out except for baking a cake and maybe a kiss?

  3. Super Mario TARDIS. Cool Mario Doctor Who crossover where Mario has to use the TARDIS to find Bowser(who’s kidnapped princess Peach again) in one of 50 time periods,planets and spaceships. Can’t see it happening,though.

        1. Oh I love the Doctor can’t wait til this fall! I wish I could buy half the stuff here in the US that is availiable in the UK.

  4. Well 3d mario’s hav been the most innovative mario games excluding spin offs. Sunshine and galaxy were very different. So i cant wait to see how this turns out

      1. It did actually…it brought a lot of concepts the first game didn’t have, and brought a new innovation every level. Just because it was in space again doesn’t mean it didn’t innovate…don’t be autistic.

        1. Thus the carefully chosen words ”too much”, meaning that although it did innovate, it didn’t do so as much as 64, Sunshine and Galaxy1. And the location matters. A LOT. Because the location is heavily responsible for the gameplay and story. So no, it didn’t ”too much” actually.

          Also fuck off calling me autistic when I’m only stating the difference between the games, I really liked the game, but you’re ignorant if you think it brought as much innovation as the previous games (which is understandable since they’re on the same console unlike the others – but that aside).

    1. R U SURE?! PAH!



        1. One would say that you just got trolled, so I believe you lose.

          Good day to you sir.


              1. Oh ho ho, I’m sure you did my good boy but riddle me this.

                Why do you curse yet you are a christian?

                Now I must say that God and Jesus must really be sad that you have done such as horrible thing.

                Good day my good sir and as you youngest say… Aboya.

  5. I hope one day Nintendo goes all out and develops an open world Mario game for us, can you imagine exploring the Mushroom Kingdom at your leisure discovering the numerous Cities and landscapes with classic Mario action stage gameplay woven throughout. Just think Paper Mario’s world on a massive scale and without the RPG elements, it would be a most excellent adventure!

    1. I don’t know if that kind of structure would work so well with the series… I agree that the series could probably use a bit of a reboot especially since where is Mario supposed to go after exploring the universe, however I’m not totally convinced an open world approach would work. By nature Mario is a platformer so the open world structure probably wouldn’t work so well, and the reason 120 stars is possible is because of the way each world changes slightly depending on which star you choose to go after.
      Having said that, I wouldn’t mind a new game from Nintendo with an open world structure, maybe more in line with Zelda… I just don’t see it happening with Mario.

      1. Open World doesn’t automatically mean Mario would have to abandon his platformer roots, Mario Sunshine showed this pretty well, it wasn’t perfect but it at least had proven Mario can do open world on a small scale. In my eyes from playing all the NES Mario’s growing up I’ve always had this out look on the Mushroom Kingdom as a platformers paradise, it not so much of a stretch to form action stages in a way that they flow seamlessly through an open world Mushroom Kingdom. A structure like Super Mario World could even work, an incredibly large Mushroom Kingdom Hub world to explore and discover all it’s secrets, than you enter an action stage just like old times through a clever transport object (paints, world marker, ect.)

        As far as Stars go, there’s no need to follow traditional structures, with the Mushroom Kingdom as large as it is fitting stars in would be no problem, especially because of the fact that we’ve never had a chance to interact with the entire Kingdom and it many races in one game.

        I do see where you’re coming from, I love the Zelda games, god knows I’ve worn out my cartridges, but Mario to me has always been about the freedom to explore, a lot of Nintendo game are like that but Mario more so in my eyes.

      2. How the hell would it not work…Mario 64 and Sunshine did it well. What he means is, he wants a 3D Mario that is more exploration-centric, not linear like Galaxy or 3D Land.

  6. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    We new that will come but i doubt it will be next year except for the 3ds one since 3dland was realesed last year but i have learn that until an official date is given dont hold your breath(animal crossing, all the games announced for the 3ds at the launch event) .

    1. Please not.
      Why do you still want the same thing (AGAIN!)?
      SMG was great, SMG2 was also very good, but lacked in originality opposed to the first. Not a third one! The 3D Mario games are so great because there’s always a completely different and original aspect in a new game. Don’t make these games the same as the New Super Mario Bros. series please. Don’t encourage Nintendo not to be as innovative as they could be.

  7. It’s pretty obvious they would be working on a 3D Mario game, but maybe 2013 would be too soon. We got 2 Mario games this year and one late last year. Give Mario a rest for a while. Save that big gun for a later date. Let people have some other Nintendo 1st party games like Star Fox and Metroid, then release Mario during a year where you may not have much 1st party games lined up. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Well this is no surprise .. Nintendo loves to fuck Mario in the ass and release 10 Mario games a year ..and 3D Mario games are just and excuse for Nintendo so they can cover up the Mario recycling ! Mario has always been recycled and always will be … And you guys say Nintendo is Inovative ? HAHAHA LOL

    1. Look at Super Mario Bros. for NES, Super Mario World for SNES, Super Mario 64 for N64, Super Mario Sunshine for GCN, Super Mario Galaxy for Wii, and Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS, and tell me how they’ve been recycled.
      Show me a single year where 10 Mario games were released.
      Finally, compare Nintendo consoles to Microsoft/Sony consoles, and tell me which company has been more innovative?

      1. Well all of the games have that same fat cunt in it ..and the system design dosnt make it Inovative … By far microsoft is more Inovative with the kinect,PC and Xbox live :) wii only has gimmicky motion controlls , ps3 has bluray,multimedia,linux :) and wii u just has an extra screen

        1. Oh my god, the same character is in all the games that are named after him? NO WAY!! How totally repetitive!
          The controller design for Nintendo systems have changed with every console. Sony and Microsoft’s have stayed the same.
          The Wii’s motion control “gimmick” gave birth to the Kinect, and it doesn’t even work properly, I’ve tried it. And I don’t want or need expensive additions like blu-ray to my GAME console, I have a Blu-ray player for that.
          WiiU is more than “just an extra screen”, and even if it were, the extra screen makes a hell of a lot more capable so it’s hardly “just” another screen.

        2. Is this some kind of joke? Microsoft are idea stealing bastards, just look at the SmartGlass… Nintendo show off their brand new console which has a touch screen controller and then Microsoft release that piece of garbage! You know for a fact they will release 5 games which incorporate it and half will be a pile of shit child games. Also the Kinect? Total rip off of the Wii! If Nintendo had never released the Wii you can bet that Microsoft would have never released the Kinect. The Smartglass is the biggest gimmick sinch Kinect. Microsoft need to think up their own ideas.

          Sony are just as bad, look at their awful Playstation Move, that was the biggest failure ever! I have never once heard anyone who has a ps3 mention it in conversation or at all.

          Companies just can’t help but copy Nintendo and ye they might make some mistakes but at least they don’t steal other companies ideas and change them slightly.

          1. Just to be fair…Kinect isn’t blatantly copying Nintendo, they actually put some thought into it,

            Also, the Playstation Move was in development for a while, way before the Wii. Sony had the technology, but they didn’t start the fire, so Nintendo did (not saying Nintendo copied, just that they actually took a risk unlike Sony). Look at this tech demo dated back to 2001 for the EyeToy:

        3. Microsoft doesn’t make PC’s … Eye toy came before kinect and PSN > XBL.

          Nintendo + Sony + PC > XBOX.

          The only thing Microsoft is decent at is window operating system. But windows 8 looks like a catastrophe for us PC gamers …

      2. I’m going out on a limb here…

        Nintendo has certainly been more innovative hardware-wise this generation (Wii, Wii Fit, 3DS), that’s a fact. I love Nintendo and always buy their games, but I have to admit Sony has been way more innovative on the video game side. I own a PS3 and a Wii and the PS3 has seen a plethora of new IPs over the past few years and a couple more were announced in Gamescom a few days back.

        Sony has had brand spanking innovative new games like LittleBigPlanet, Journey, Heavy Rain, Flower, Papo & Yo, Sound Shapes, Fat Princess, Puppeteer, Tearaway, Datura, and rain are the lot of them. Just look them up before criticizing, these games are innovation at its finest. No FPSes here.

        I’ve only seen a couple from Nintendo like Xenoblade and Pandora’s Tower, but those weren’t Innovative at all (great games though) and were just RPGs.

        The way I see it, Sony is in last place, so they are trying things their competitors aren’t: newer and more innovative IPs.

        I love both companies, but I can’t just blatantly lie and be like “NINTENDO IS MORE INNOVATIVE” when I know they aren’t. They certainly are in the hardware department (no doubt), but have been lacking in the video game department for years. Last biggest IP I’ve seen from them was Pikmin and that was a decade ago.

          1. I’m not talking about gens. I’m talking about the company as a whole in recent years. Nintendo has definitely had more of an impact with their innovation in hardware, but it saddens me to see Sony actually putting out some really innovative IPs only to be left with pitiful sales and amazing feedback from critics. Gamers are always asking for innovation, but when Sony gives it to them, no one jumps on the bandwagon (so to speak).

            1. “but it saddens me to see Sony actually putting out some really innovative IPs”

              Despite the fact that they technically don’t make them and they aren’t always good.

              1. Yes they do. They fund and publish the games, so they do make them. Whether you like them or not is clearly your opinion, so I won’t go there.

            2. To be fair-er, you contradicted yourself saying Sony is the being innovative when you only named Second Party games. Just because Sony signed their paychecks doesn’t mean Sony can take credit for their innovative games. Those companies independently from Sony designed those games than were green lighted by Sony, not the other way around. Owning an innovative developers on the side doesn’t make your overall company that much more innovative, it just means you have a keen eye for creativity.

              Than you have Nintendo who are genuinely designing their hardware on their own, they may outsource some work but in the end their designs came from the creative minds that make up Nintendo and not a second independent party. That’s one company, over century old, and being in the video game business for four or so of those decades innovating with every generation. I wouldn’t compare Nintendo’s track record to Sony who has no hand in their innovative games other than a checkbook. Frankly, Sony owning a Dozen great developers one generation doesn’t hold a candle against a lifetime of innovative hardware and first party games that Nintendo has given us.

              I do see where you’re coming from though, I own a Sony consoles for many of the games you just listed, and I also agree that Sony won this generation in terms of having the most diverse and fantastic video games library, Nintendo a close second, Microsoft clearly won with it’s online services though, they all do what they do well for completely different reasons.

              1. FINALLY… a gamer who knows everything when it comes to video games– Nintendo wins for innovation; Sony with a library of games; and Microsoft for better online services (although you have to pay for playing on Xbox Live). You’ve earned your respect Whitescarver.

                1. Basically yes, it’d also be in Microsofts best interest to look into a tier system for their online subscriptions (Online Play Only Sub, Complete Media services Sub, ect), next generation they will be competing against two consoles with free online play and access to all features and content without the need of subscriptions.
                  Also, I wouldn’t say everything, but I’ve been around. ;p
                  Also also, thank you very much. =)

            3. “but it saddens me to see Sony actually putting out some really innovative IPs”

              Yep because the new ripoff of Super Smash Bros. is totally innovative

            1. Dude, fuck off, seriously.
              You keep trolling people, why?
              Nobody was insulting Nintendo, and even if they did, it’s fucking gay to be angry because of that.
              Stop being a fanboy who hates everybody who doesn’t like every Nintendo game, it’s getting old.
              Try not judging people by the games they like, but by which standards they use to judge a game.

              1. You have no idea who the fuck you’re talking to. Either you’re kissing Ness’ ass for bashing Nintendo and it’s games and consoles or just to put things easier in life– SHUT THE FUCK UP!

                1. You’re the exact opposite of Ness, which is equally annoying.
                  I love Nintendo, so that renders your argument invalid. Face it, in this very case Ness didn’t say anything bad, but because it’s him you still reply the same way – which is unfair.
                  I don’t care what things he said earlier, in THIS DISCUSSION he didn’t act like a dick, so you shouldn’t either.

                  The swearing at the end was totally unnecessary too and didn’t cause your comment to be taken more seriously :’)

                  I’m not bashing any console, just bashing fanboys, which you appear to be (at least in this discussion), and before saying ”SHUT THE FUCK UP!!1!” remember that you can still change your ways :)

                  Bye <3<3<3

                    1. Haha! You just know you were wrong yet you still continue but this time without any argument :””)
                      Just admit when somebody is superior in having discussions (with relevant arguments) than you :P

                      Calling me an asskisser while I’m just stating facts :”’)

                      1. UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

                        Why won’t you ever give a normal argument in stead of continuing to say ”have fun sucking ass/dick” and such.
                        How do you expect people to take you seriosly when you NEVER bring a good argument, but keep trying to insult people?
                        How about you respond to my actual points and THEN say my words are bullshit?
                        No fool, YOU are the one who already lost.
                        Bad day sir!

                        1. Arguments you made to this day: zero.
                          How can you think you’re right about anything :P You never said anything to outsmart anyone.
                          YOU LOSE <3

            2. I see what you’re saying, however I have to disagree with the idea they ‘have been lacking in the video game department for years’. Just because they haven’t unleashed a whole lot of new IPs doesn’t mean they haven’t innovated with their existing ones.
              Also I’d like to point out that Sony doesn’t actually develop games… they PUBLISH them but those IPs you listed are developed by other companies.

        1. Dude, I thought we were so in-sync in the ”NSMB2 Misses out on #1 spot” article <3 But this is bullshit. 3D Mario games are some of the very best games among all platforms (including PC), so this isn't right at all.
          Hope you come back to your senses again soon :)


      3. Oh my god, a 3D Mario? No way! Hey, get this, I heard that Nintedo is also developing a new Zelda game for the WiiU! I know right, how unexpected!!!

        1. I don’t see the implication where he says it’s unexpected. Just that it’s currently being worked on and has a tentative release for 2013.

          1. I just mean, why even bother reporting on such obvious news when it’s still just a rumour? Of course a new 3D Mario is headed for WiiU, you don’t need to report that someone said there is. If they had details on the game itself, by all means! But just that it’s in development and it might be released sometime next year? Hardly news worthy…
            That’s the one issue I have with this site, they make stories out of any tiny thing they can.

            1. It’s a shame that this news was formulated so very poorly. If the title would have been: ”3D Mario Wii U game to be released next year”, or something like that. This way they focus the article on the fact that it may come next year (news) instead of stating that a new 3D Mario game is in the works for the Wii U (incredibly obvious).

              It’s not very interesting either way, but one of them does qualify as news, while the other doesn’t

      4. It’s no surprise that they’re working on it. I believe we can count on 2 major 3D Mario games like on the Wii with Galaxy 1&2. If it is released next year, we can count on it being towards the end of the year as these games aren’t developed in a few months.

        1. Don’t count on it, Nintendo only really makes one 3D Mario per platform, they just made 2 on the Wii because the space theme had so much potential, they brought all kinds of unused and new ideas into Galaxy 2. It’s unlikely that’ll happen again.

            1. Not necessarily. SNES was INSANELY successful, but there was only one Mario title on it. Yoshi’s Island doesn’t count, as it’s a spinoff, and it’s not really “Super Mario World,” Nintendo of America gave it that title. In Japan, it was just “Super Mario: Yoshi’s Island.” Nintendo have said it themselves anyways, they “usually only make one 3D Mario per console,” but again, because Galaxy took place in space, that inspired SO many new ideas, so they created a new game. Keep in mind, these games take long to make…it’s not just “Let’s make another one because it sold well.” I mean, Mario 64 sold well, they wanted to make a sequel, but it ultimately did not happen.

              1. I know they take a long time, but the Wii has been more successful that any of Nintendo’s other home console, more successful than even the NES and SNES. I know Galaxy received a sequel because there were new ideas, but it was also because the fanbase was larger than ever before so it would sell more.

                1. The Wii was successful because of New Super Mario Bros., Wii Fit and Wii Sports, not games like Super Mario Galaxy, sad to say. If they wanted to make another Mario title to make more money, they’d just make another NSMB game. NSMB Wii sold 26.26 million copies, Galaxy 1 sold 10.68 million, Galaxy 2 sold 6.72 million.

                  Yeah, I don’t think they’d just make a sequel to “make more money”…you also have to understand that it costs money to MAKE the games, and the 3D Marios have much bigger budgets than the 2D ones (quite obviously), so considering they make even LESS money on the 3D games which cost more, that silly “they’ll make a sequel to make more money” reasoning doesn’t make any sense.

                  1. I never said that was the only reason, but it was a large part of it. There was no reason to make a sequel for Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Sunshine on their consoles because the consoles themselves sold very low. The Wii however, has sold almost 100 million, meaning that there was a larger market for purchasing the game. Of course the fact that there was a lot of things to add for the sequel because it was set in space is part of the reason, but there is the matter that there was a bigger market on the Wii than the Gamecube or Nintendo 64, so they could sell more copies.

                    I’m not arguing your point, I’m just saying that the larger the market on a console, the more likely there is to make more games for it.

      5. They really need to stagger the release of Mario games over the life of the Wii U and 3DS, there have been way too many 3DS Mario games released or announced in just a year and a half. If there are too many on one console, as new ones are released people are less impressed, also I’m sure they’d make more in the long run if they waited for each game to run it’s course in terms of sales before announcing or releasing the next.

      6. Can’t wait. I haven’t seen a great 3D Mario game in a long time… well not too long because Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Galaxy where amazing.

        I hope its either something like Super Mario Sunshine or something like Mario Galaxy

      7. PLEASE YES! I’d like to see a true sequel to SM64 sometime but Galaxy 3 would be fantastic. The Galaxies were just made for the Wii U’s graphics! Galaxy 1&2 compilation with bonus levels and comets as DLC? Count me in!

        1. O…M…G a sequel 2 one of the best games on the N64 ON THE WII U i think id scream for Joy but it will probably either be a sunshine sequel or galaxy 3 (which i really wouldn’t mind a new galaxy or even a sequel 2 sunshine)

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      9. i want a couple of NEW ip’s before a new mario game i cant buy them all its just the same thing over and over mario games should be like out once every year not 3 games in 14 months zelda or metriod dont do this they should take time and make a fantastic mario game not the same thing but with gold stuff.

        1. You’ll be waiting forever, that “game” was just a tech demo. You wanna play that game? Play Pikmin and Mario Galaxy, those are the two main games that used the tech from it.

        1. Why would it not be 3rd person? O.o
          And I maintain an open world Mario wouldn’t work properly. It just doesn’t fit with the style of the series. If anything I’d like a bigger hub world with more to find in it, like Peach’s Castle in 64. Galaxy didn’t have that same sort of hub and that disappointed me a lot.

          1. I’m starting to think you have Open World and Sandbox confused. Open World simply means you have the freedwill to do as you wish in a well crafted environment fit for exploration, Mario 64 and Sunshine both had this in small scale, they were open hub worlds.

            1. Ahh, no, see I was thinking more along the lines of say Skyrim where the entire world is available from the get-go, is part of one big map, and the world remains the same as you play through… if you mean a large hub with freedom to enter whatever sub-world you like, akin to Peach’s Castle but bigger and more accessible right away, yeah, I’d be up for that.

      10. Fuck yeah, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Just please no more space bullshit. Those games are good, but two is enough. Now we need something new and a little less linear. Hopefully we get something a little similar to SM64 or Sunshine.

      11. Whaaat? A Mario game is in development for Nintendo’s new system?! How… How is this possible? I mean, Mario games NEVER EVER appear on Nintendo’s systems! Is this… The end of the world? /sarcasm
        Seriously? How is this supposed to be taken seriously as “news”?

      12. Super Mario U-nivers !!! It Will combine all the Thèmes from all the Past Mario !!! À new révolution just like Mario 64 Did !!! Nintendo please do it …

      13. Wouldn’t the graphics just look the same as Mario Galaxy…but upscaled to HD?

        I mean, how much more can they advance Mario’s graphics? Better mustache hair physics? Fine detail overalls? Scales on Yoshi? Or maybe just another art style altogether.

        1. Not happening. Yes, the first two were great, and yes, they were successful. But they need to know when to quit. And I think with Galaxy 3, that’d be too much. Galaxy 2 was made because they just had a lot of unused Galaxy 1 ideas that didn’t make the cut, and they even said a third game is VERY unlikely, so don’t bother asking.

          Plus, a NEW 3D Mario would be nice, not just another variation of an old concept.

      14. Wasn’t this the guy who suggested Retro were making a Metroid and Star Fox crossover? I’m not sure his reliable sources are that reliable.

        Then again, it’s not like this should be surprising anyone if it is true, there’s been at least one 3D Mario game on all main consoles from the Nintendo 64 onwards, and I’d definitely guess Nintendo is working on a Wii U one at this moment. You don’t need ‘insider sources’ to figure that one out.

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      16. Thank you for sharing your interest in this story and yes, however obvious as it might be, at least it’s better “knowing” that a 3D Mario game is in development for Wii U and not just “assuming” that it’s happening. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn more, but at least some news is good news for now.

      17. Sunshine, Galaxy and Galaxy 2 were all great games. They were innovative, entertaining, and to an extent challenging. With that said, they were also built around a gimmick. While the gravity element was a very interesting concept that made the games fun to play, to me it did not suit Mario. It would have been a great engine for perhaps a new original character. I think in the past few years Nintendo has strayed too far from capturing the true essence of these games in favor of radical changes. Mario with a waterjet pack or in space, Link as a werewolf, and even Link on a train. The same goes for the control scheme; while it is fun in some games to have gameplay dictated by motion, the most practical use for it are the new “casual” games, which seems to be becoming a bigger focus for Nintendo every day. Don’t get me wrong, I think these casual games have their place, as well as the games mentioned earlier, but not that they should necessarily be such a large area of focus. After all, the casual gamers are looking for something to play for fifteen minutes while they are waiting on the school bus, and will lose interest a whole lot quicker than the people who have been enthusiasticly playing these games for their entire lives. We are not the crowd to alienate. Moving on, my favorite Mario game of all time is still Super Mario 64. It did not have any changes that were over the top, other than the 3D style, the levels were incredibly well designed, the soundtrack was fantastic, and the overall feel of the game was amazing. If Nintendo released a sequel to that or a new game in that style, I would happily sell my kidney so that I could buy it. I am not against change, but I am against change that strays so far that the original concepts that made the games great in the first place are lost. Maybe I’m too nostalgic, but my two cents.

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