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Sega Is Bringing 3DS Rhythm Thief To iOS

Sega has revealed that they are bringing the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Rhythm Thief to iOS. The game was revealed when Sega put up their TGS 2012 page which clearly stated that the game will be coming to iOS devices. The site is currently down at the moment.

79 thoughts on “Sega Is Bringing 3DS Rhythm Thief To iOS”

    1. ^ This. Per Installous. Good luck making money Sega. More people than you know have the pirate Repo installed.

      iOS has become more and more unstable.
      I was playing a few apps, but they kept crashing, the Dev’s kept patching, but the iOS mobile just isn’t keeping up. Too much RAM being used on Apple’s fucking sub-routines. I disabled most via iFile and Winscp, but the Dev’s are trying to put console games on devices that just can’t cut it.

      I got so fucking mad that my apps kept crashing, I quit and Game exclusively on my DS now. (3DS) I have a Day-1 Wii that is finally starting to break down (It’s not dead yet!) and I’ll just let it die. Why pay for a $90 repair when the WiiU is so close.

      Besides. I work. I exersice. I need to game on the go anyway. All I use my iPod 4G for now is to post to this blog, and step in troll shit.

        1. I’m using the iPod 4G. Camera. Retina. Same shit crashing problems.

          Hardware can’t handle robust gaming. No matter how many updates te Dev’s provide.

    1. it is . why the fuk is everything being put on IOS ?? its like developers are trying to kill the handheld market.
      its really really fuking annoying.

      there is a diference between phones and handhelds in my books. and there always will be .

  1. Haha wow! Them nintendo fanboys must really be getting buthurt about thier exclusives going to iOS where it will probaly sell more since almost everyone has a iDevice now adays.

          1. yeah im fanboy lol I played a Vita before and my older brother have one and I have no interest in it because it the same as my PS3 nothing new.
            Wii, 3DS, PC and PS3 is all I play on.

    1. Lol, yeah, whatever you say.
      You really think this is upsetting?

      It’s really a fuckin shame you have nothing better to do with your time than try to improve your self-esteem by acting ilke a macho ass on a Nintendo Blog.

      1. I stay here because of you people ;D I came here 2 years ago for 3DS articles but now I stay for you fine nintendo fanboys :)

        It was only a matter of time til one you fanboys got butthurt and you are the first.

        1. What the fuck are you talking about?
          You are making no sense at all. Butthurt? Over what? If you’re smoking crack, it’s going to become an expensive habit.

            1. Ok, since your smoking crack, which I won’t judge you for, let me explain my reply…

              I said, “Yeah, right, whatever you say.” What Bowser means by this is, if you’re going to make fun of us fanboys for having our games ported to iOS, at least wait for it to be a game we really care about.
              THEN, I’ll be hurt, and you can gloat.
              THIS game, I don’t give two flying fucks about being ported.

              1. Yes im clearly smoking crack just because you say I am and because your butthurt.

                If you dont care about the game then it doesent mean someone does. I know some fanboys would get buthurt regardlous of not caring about the game.

            1. And you love to call people “Butt-hurt,” even if they aren’t, just because you like using the word.

              I’m happy for your expanded vocabulary, but try using it more accurately.

    2. stfu bitch. if anything this threatens sony’s handheld market more than nintendo’s.

      nintendo has a ton if first parts exclusives which will never appear on IOS .

      people are just gunna play ipad instead of playing vita . that is all .

  2. Come on Sega, don’t port games for actual systems onto phones, I’d rather them put it on the Vita or something really

  3. The person above me is a fat cunt


    1. *insert fanboy saying it doesent have 3D*

      I bet half of them dont even play the games in 3D, its rather annoying after a while and the effects get meh since your used to it.

      1. It doesn’t have 3D. :]

        i use my 3D 90% of the time. Amazing how little one cares about not having HD graphics when the sense of depth is so amazing.

    2. It’s still a phone. The fact it’s getting ports rather than actual new titles is proof enough that the handheld market for Nintendo is not dead. And besides who uses their iphones to play games. Most people who won these are teens and parents who have no interest in actual gaming.
      And the iphone has ”better” specs because apple literally has shit else to do except put out the exact same product with a slightly better camera and the same features as the models before it.
      If you think people who have ios devices really give a crap about gaming then they would pick up a dedicated handheld with high budget games than the typical angry birds which you don’t even need to pay to play. Most certainly the 3DS is not dead when it’s having a lot of games releasing on it within the next six months.

      1. My little brother always wants to play games on my dads iPhone despite having a 3DS. I think its because games are $5 at most compared to $40 for a 3DS game.

        1. Games played on a phone can not deliver the same experience as that on a dedicated handheld. Technically yes it can but because the games on phones are so ridiculously cheap you won’t get the same experience as when you play it on the dedicated handheld. Playing games on a phone is nice to pass the time in a waiting room or on a bus where you don’t want to whip out your 3DS or Vita.
          But cell phones were not intended for games. It’s more or less like how the PC became involved with gaming even though the pc wasn’t originally designed for gaming. However since it’s a phone gaming isn’t a prime factor for when people want to buy the phone it’s more often or not a forget me not and a rather pointless feature.
          Yeah games on the iOS and Android are cheap but their inexpensive to create and are very short. Games on the phone are incredibly short and take little to no time to beat while dedicated handheld games take multiple sessions to beat. Phone gaming is a fad and it will go away when nothing new can be added to phones. While I have no problem with these games ie TWEWY, and now Rhythm Thief is being done to expand the fan base and without a doubt they aren’t going to be charged for $5 but rather the price of a retail game. Probably not the typical $30 to $40 but most certainly to $20. Both are great games but they are just ports to the iphone. TWEWY lost a great part of its mechanic to be ported to the iphone.
          But if you want to play these games on iOS devies more power to ya.

          1. Oh I have no intention to game in general on my phone, which is Samsung Galaxy S 3 for said reasons but it doesent mean I dont have games on it. My BF how ever has a Xperia Play and emulated the hell out of it and plays everything on it tossing his 3DS and Vita aside pretty much. He is just waiting for a DS emulator now. I myself have angry birds because I like it, I see it as the mario of now adays. Plus it was so free so why not download it lol. I also play all the old Pokemon games on it because mine are dead now (internal battery died). I own them legaly so I dont give a fuck about having a ROM version of them.

            I do not care for apple products, my old ass iPod touch does me fine for music and nothing more, but ill have to buy a new one since I have no space left on it….

            1. “It was free so why not download it” that alone is why the phone gaming market will never beat out the dedicated handhelds because you don’t have to pay for it. Plus Angry Birds the Mario of today? Do tell me what rock you’ve been living under because Angry birds is nothing compared to Mario. And it must be a shame to know that the Xperia play won’t have a DS emulator since it only has one screen. And I love how you bring up ROMs when I stated nothing about them. So I won’t carry out a conversation on a dead horse when I have better things to attend to.

              1. Probaly because I like angry birds? I call it the mario of today because of its popularity and the cult is has now adays kinda
                Like how mario got it in the 80s. I know the games are nothing alike but you can’t deny how popular it is. Aint nothing wrong with free shit either :P

                ROMs are everywhere, get used to it. Smart phones are perfect for them for handheld roms. The DS emulator already exsists but its not that fast. And the two screens are displayed on the phone screen.

              1. Nope its because its all old ass games that no one can find anymore and if you did find one your paying easily over $100 because people think its worth that much.

                He doesnt like all touch screen phones so he wanted one with buttons. He used to have a Ngage too that he emulated the hell out of it also.

    3. 3DS is dead… Hm. Thwn what the FUCK, do you call Vita?

      What a moron. Why don’t you try thinking before saying something stupid.

    4. 3ds is selling huge . and its already on track to surpass the DS which is the most successfull handheld of all time.

      so . the phone gaming market may grow . to the point where there is 500 million people playing there shitty little $5 iphone games.

      but it wont change the fact that there will still be 100 mill 3ds’s out there aswell . which has exclusie games that are full in length and have features wich arent available on the softcore ipad .

  4. @dark. Nice one. @Aeolus the 3ds is the game of the moment(untill wiiu) with an incredible growing library of games i see the 3ds surpasing the ds in greatness.

  5. Wow, people are porting games to a popular system? Who would have thought? Seriosly, pull yourselves together. Not even Microsoft fanboys would get this annoyed at iOS ports.

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    1. Turn that frown upside down your white for christ sakes you dont frown you destroy minorities than pay them repreations like you pimping hoes

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