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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets A Mighty Impressive Review Score

Japanese gaming bible Famitsu has awarded Tekken Tag Tournament 2 an extremely impressive 39 out of 40 review score in its latest issue. The publications four reviewers individually awarded the game 10, 9, 10 and 10 scores, resulting in an overall score of 39. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is destined to launch on Wii U in the neat future.

35 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets A Mighty Impressive Review Score”

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  2. I think my worries on them working with Nintendo for ssb has almost gone, I know it’s a completely different fighter game but if they brought out this much quality I can see ssb will be great.

    1. I dont see why you had worries in the first place. You just meed to think what Namco brings to the game, a better structured online, more variety in the fighting mechanic (although it’ll stay the easy to learn/hard the master). They also have experience in working with better tech, then can cut out alot of the time in working out all the kinks in the system, plus a bigger team means a bigger game and shorter development time, which seems to be Nintendo plan for this gen.

      1. There is always a worry because even though Nintendo are more in control there is always a chance they could stray from a good working formula because an external dev does something different. Yes the online and everything I wasnt worried about, it’s the fact that Nintendo might have changed something because when consulting namco they might not of liked how something works.

        1. Bing Bang Bop!!! No there was never any need for worry. Sakurai was in charge from the start. He will make sure the game is a “perfect” fit as the next installment in the SSB franchise. Bop Bam Boom!!!

  3. I couldn’t take the waiting anymore… I really truly wanted this to be in my WiiU library but it looks to amazing…. I PRE-ORDERED FOR XBOX 360. D: It’s not even out and I couldn’t wait until the Wii U version. Just wondering, is anyone else going to try to wait?

    1. uhm yeah the game looks awesome no doubt but i can wait especially with all the unique features the wii u version will vs the other versions. If i were you id change the pre order or u will regret it.

    2. I know what you mean, i did the same with Darksiders 2, mainly because nothing else was released or was being released in the past 3 months -.-‘

    3. Bing Bang Bop!!! I am waiting LOL! Dont give a sh** about Xbox version. Rather wait for the better version than circum to the far LESS superior. Bop Bam BOOM!!!

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    1. No, it’s probably because Tekken is a Japanese thing and Japan has loved it for years and years. Maybe Famitsu is just a bit biased/racist.

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