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New Super Mario Bros 2 Has Sold Over A Million Copies In Japan

New Super Mario Bros 2 has now sold over one million copies in Japan alone. This staggering figure doesn’t even take into account digital copies – which would have seen the game surpass this figure a few weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how the game fared in North America when we get August’s NPD figures.



      1. 900,000 Vitas in Japan ? Are you fucking insane ?
        And what the hell does the Vita have to do with this topic anyway ? Right, absolutely nothing.
        Just another proof that you fanboys are basically horny for talking bad other companies, trying to make them look bad in every second of your life. Sad.


    1. Excellent ? How is this ‘excellent’ ? This is Super Mario we are talking about, the most known game series of Nintendo, especially in Japan.
      A few million 3DSs have been sold in Japan so far, and only 1 million of them bought the game. That definitely is not ‘excellent’. Just take a look at Pokemon Black/White 2, it sold nearly 2 million copies in just TWO DAYS. That’s what I call ‘excellent’.
      This means nothing else than Super Mario losing popularity. And that shouldn’t be too awesome for Nintendo.


      1. 1. Pokemon is specially designed for the Japanese market – and Mario is suited for the Western market, not Japanese.

        2. There’s over 32 million DS, DS lites, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, and 3DSXLs in Japan. So 2 million isn’t actually as good as you think.


    1. Mario games are always top quality the worst mario game is still vastly better than most other games out there in the same catagory( platforming, side scrolling). At least mario tries to be unique COD is the same game everytime. And that sells 10X more than mario


      1. No, it is not. That’s a load of horseshit and you know it. Call me up when the entire NSMB series can stand up to Rayman Origins, because I guaranfuckingtee you they do not.


      2. No …it is an opinion. Whenever we say our opinions,you get all mad and say we are fanboys.Then whenever you say your opinions ,you state them as fact.I am not saying you´re a hypocrite,but that´s kind of what you´re doing right now.


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