Wii U Coming To Europe On November 30th

Nintendo Europe has announced that Wii U will launch in Europe on November 30th. The pricing for the console will be determined by the retailers. Hopefully we won’t have too long to wait to find out.



      1. Just because america gets it first, America is not the best. Even better, America (as in USA) is hated by 90% of the other countries.
        Also, we in europe, for example, exclusively had the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition.


      2. Have to say I love being from the east coast, USA. Don’t worry Europe, you’ll get yours. A lil’ over 2 months should fly, but exams gonna kill me and might not have time to even mess with the Wii U.


  1. Aww man…I live in the UK. Well, if you need me around then you’ll find me salivating over Wii U gameplay vids before I get my unit then…


  2. FUck!! Do Nintendo not realise what happened with the 3ds XL?! The retailers in the UK charge extortionate prices! And we get it 12days later? What a slap in the balls


    1. Fucking right. But it’s Euro probably. Wii was $250 and 250€. But given that there are different taxes in the European countries, Nintendo and the retailers got varying revenues from the 350€. USA always has prices without taxes… 250€ in Germany would up to 210€ without taxes, which is 271 USD today. They got 20 additional Dollars from the European Wii buyers. One thing could offset this: European countries have more law-given rights for the people. In Germany there’s a 2 year time the bought thing can’t have a failure which was caused by production or it can be brought back and replaced instantly. Also there’s a law saying you can only try repairing things 3 times, after that you have to refund money.. Oh well, we will still always get the Dollar symbol scraped off and a Euro symbol written there, the number will be the same.


  3. At least Europe was first in line getting the Nintendo 3DS. Here in the United States… it’s our turn to be first to have the Wii U launched on November 18th!!!!!

    My bad on the FIRST pun, but we’re all worldwide gamers.


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