Nintendo has announced that an additional Wii U GamePad sold alone costs 13,440 yen, which is around £107. The news was revealed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during the Wii U hardware themed Nintendo Direct conference.



  1. “Very expensive”? If you honestly thought it’d be less then you’re off your rocker. We all knew it’d be a fair bit and, to be honest, £100 isn’t anywhere near as bad as I feared.


            • I can tell right away that you have absolutely no clue about what you’re talking about.

              I’ll say it again:

              Do tell how these materials comprise the bulk of the price.


              • I’m afraid, sir, you don’t get it: the controller is not just the sum-total of its parts, the costs for R&D, overhead, shipping, staffing, etc. etc. have to be recouped somewhere. (I suppose in your benighted world that corps also do not pass the cost of taxes onto the consumer, too, right? Because they’re supposed to eat them, right? I also assume games are a rip-off, too, because there’s no R&D (read: development) done and that since they’re charging you 60x the cost of a disc and box, that you’re also paying a “Nintendo premium”.)

                The point is: it doesn’t matter what the components cost because you have *no idea* what those other, associated, costs are. You can scream ’til you’re blue in the face that nobody gets it, but the only person that doesn’t get it is you, as you fixate *solely* on cost of goods.

                And you can scream you’re getting ripped off or there’s a price premium (which, of course, is an extremely elastic concept since as, via your flimsy ‘argument’, you’d state that a pack of gum that costs a penny to manufacture is a rip-off at a “price premium” of 50 cents a pack), but since you have *no idea* what any of those other costs are, you’re just pulling it out of thin air.


                  • And yet so relevant. Raw materials? Probably not more than $40… I don’t know if they got some functionality into a combined chip, but there’s wireless, gyroscope, accelorometer (which need mechanical parts too) nfc, sound, decoder, video controller, controller, touchscreen… which all need chips (unless, as said, if they combined functionality… which they probably did). but as soon as things like ECM said come into play, it gets a lot more expensive. The secretaries have to get paid too. this is called “general expenses” in accounting and a part of these always go into every single product that is manufactured. so you pay your 20 cent worth of secretaries, 20 cent worth of cleaners, etc with every product you buy. these costs are usually not directly attachable to the product you are buying so they are generally applied, the two categories this falls in is administration costs and distribution costs. then there are costs which can be directly applied: materials and manufacturing. the materials, while being a good amount of cost, only amount to being ONE cost source of FOUR.


                  • I give up. You refuse to acknowledge the simple fact that costs of retail (or any) products are not determined solely by raw materials. Not only are you clueless, but you double-down on your stupidity with every, successive, post, and try to play it off as being knowledgeable when you clearly know absolutely nothing about product development, be it video games, bubble gum, or automobiles..

                    Go back to your troll hole where you take an isolated example (just cost of goods) and wall it off from all other considerations in order to win an argument that doesn’t exist in the *real world*. In the *real world* product pricing is not determined solely by cost of goods. Period. So saying over and over how important cost of goods are in determining whether something is a rip off is a non sequitur of epic proportions.

                    Christ, why do I even argue with clueless, fanboy, teenagers (God, I hope you’re a teenager)? Oh, right: I like pointing out myopic idiocy at every possible opportunity–thank you for being today’s willing example.


      • Yes, but then you need to pay for shipping and distribution costs, and then shops need to pay their own costs, such as wages and keeping the shop maintained. On top of this, every one involved still has to make a profit to stay in business, hence the high price.


  2. Every wiiu console comes with a gamepad . And it basical;y only needs ONE per console.

    I for sure am not buying 2 lol . My friends can bring their Gamepad round if they want to play using 2 gamepads. but the pro controller ad wii motion plus with nunchuck are for easier multi player.

    COD 2 gamepads NO screen etc etc etc


  3. They’re slowly turning into Apple. Paying premiums for devices that ultimately contain nothing worth the price on the inside.

    8GB/32GB, yeah because the digital downloads won’t zap that into nothing fast enough anyway.

    Also, more shitty out accessories that should have been packaged (the vertical stand and GamePad stand).

    This thing continues to show how much it isn’t worth a day 1 buy. The fanboys are actually happy about this, lol.


  4. Big fucking ripoff , its just a fat piece of plastic with a DS touch sceen and it dosnt even have a CPU in it which means it just STREAMS the game from the console …BIG RIPOFF .. it should only cost $60


  5. Who the fuck DIDNT see this coming? Holy fuck cmon guys! Nintendo wasn’t even sure about selling them separately last year because of COST! It’ll go down eventually, but fuck a $130 controller. I’m gonna take care of my shit! Breaking that motherfucker is NOT A OPTION :O


  6. Not surprised the controller is that expensive, its pretty hi-tech after all. I’m gonna do my best to make sure mine doesn’t get damaged at all..would be so pi**ed if I had to buy a new one because I broke the original:S


  7. Android tablets = 200 plus
    Ipad= 500 plus
    Wiiu pad= 120
    Yeah its fucking expensive all right…
    And i like how trolls are bitching that its expensive but when they know that they are gonna have to pay up the ass for the other next gen consoles but yet this is expensive ?? Fucking hypocrites


  8. I knew it was going to be expensive. But it’s a non issue at this point. No game supports 2 UPads right now and 2 is the maximum amount 1 console can support. So in most cases, if you ever find yourself having to buy a UPad separately, you’ll most likely only have to do it once. Leave luck to heaven.


  9. Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Can’t stop laughing! I love Nintendo and all but the Wii U is going to cost Nintendo a huge amount in losses. The controller is worth $175. The system bundle is $300. So the Wii U system hardware is only worth $125? You’ve got to be kidding me. Thats not even with cords and cables included.

    The Wii bundle is currently $150. The cost of controllers is $50. So, not counting cords, Wii hardware is worth $100.

    There is no way that you can get me to believe for a second that the highly upgraded and probably expensive hardware of the Wii U is only $25 more than the Wii. I’m not sure how much loss is expected with the sale of each system but it will be HUGE.


  10. I absolutely LOVE how this is the only article with notable trolling because “the standalone gamepad is going to be expensive” is the only thing these desperate losers have cling to after how good that last Nintendo Direct was.

    Meanwhile, 720 is going to be all about Kinect and PS4 isn’t even going to happen.



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