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Nintendo Network Premium Announced


Nintendo has announced the introduction of Nintendo Network Premium which is a loyalty program for the Premium 32GB Wii U owners. Nintendo Network Premium gives 10% back on digital purchases. It is not a paid online service

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Network Premium Announced”

    1. yeah 2 ways too buy reward programs i guss ninteno likes giving best value best deal over microsoft and sony sony you need too buy a $100 vita card and games xbox 4 gb then shell out $120 for 250 gb hard drive and no reward program they make you pay 100% $60 per download games soo sony microsoft way over charge for downloading games

    1. Apart from the fact that the wiiu uses High density blu ray style discs , IS very well priced and is awesome.

      NOTHING WAS BAD about that nintendo direct NOTHING . everything was actualy kind of predictable………

      Listen buddy , i know you are freaking abou the price of gamepads !!! LOL!!!! but you only need 1 . and a few wii remotes and pro conrollers. then yo get your friends to bring their roound for dual gamepad multiplayer.

      The gamepad is not a ‘Controler’ so to speak . its a huge integral chunk of the console it’s self. pro controllers are standard controlers.

      I presume gamepads are just for spares and rich people…..

    1. Yes it does

      “Premium Set: Black Wii U Hardware, AC Adapter, Wii U GamePad, Game Pad AC Adapter, and HDMI Cable, Stand for System, Stand for GamePad, 32 GB internal storage
      Premium Set: 31,500 yen
      *Also includes Nintendo Network Premium loyalty program, where you get 10% back as points on your digital purchases.

      Basic Set: White Wii U Hardware, AC Adapter, Wii U GamePad, Game Pad AC Adapter, and HDMI Cable, 8GB internal storage
      Basic Set: 26,250 yen”

      1. Ehhhh. Whatevers. I’m still getting paid this week(not that it matters). Word to yo motha. Have a good day. PEACE!

        ⑨(I’m on something I just know it)

    1. “Nintendo Network Premium gives 10% back on digital purchases.”
      “10% back on digital purchases.”
      “digital purchases.”

      ⑨(Excuse my high behavior)

    1. hi there your right downloading all of your games will save you lots of money i hope you use the money for a lighting fast high speed internet soo you dont wait forever too download your game colection

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  2. This is a good little incentive to get people to buy the premium bundle. I’m looking to get that one. (Plus I want the black Wii U :P)

  3. Yay! now we have 2 online gaming networks where you don’t have to pay for your membership!

    -Nintendo Network

      1. playstation network too, other than plus. I wonder if you have to pay normally for premium? If so, hopefully it isn’t much.

  4. wish it was more of an ambassador thing to encourage downloads –give a taste and get addicted– also i just don’t see anything i haven’t downloaded already onto my wii and i seriously doubt they will give me retrograde discount.

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