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Wii U Premium Console Comes With Console And Controller Stand

The Wii U Premium bundle will come with a console and GamePad stand when it launches alongside the basic Home Type Wii U console in Japan on December 8th. You will be able to purchase the GamePad stand separately. The GamePad charging stand will cost 1,870 yen.

79 thoughts on “Wii U Premium Console Comes With Console And Controller Stand”

  1. Is there any possibility of existing a bundle with WiiU + New Super Mario Bros U + Wii remote somewhere other than Japan? That should be a must buy…

        1. I got a feeling to why the Wii U does not have huge specs is due to Game pad. and if game pad is just over 100 the Console must actually be pretty cheap itself.

      1. Same here too. so worth paying the extra 40 quid for :). If you think about prices the Wii U must be really cheap so i see next year they will sell the Wii U without game pads if they Sell loads of Wii U cause it will be hundred quid cheaper.

    1. Wow you are just so cool and edgy with your distaste at Nintendo!

      You and I both know you’re going to own it by next christmas

      Be honest with yourself

      1. lol I kinds liked it. this is only Japan news so it might just come with out console anyway. japan never had wii sports with their wii so I would expect a lot of different stuff compared to where they got this news from

    1. But will it all end in a crash?

      This is the question we console gamers face and dread with each passing generation – when will the bubble of closed box entertainment collapse in on itself and drag all of us down kicking and screaming?

      It may not be this generation, but there is certainly an interesting fog gathering over the console industry as of late…

          1. if it wasnt for the gamepad the Wii U console would probably be crazy cheap so they could of spent that 100 on making it a mega machine but they choose to give us better gaming with still great graphics cause mario bros U looked pretty darn good.

            1. Haters gonna hate, and consumers gonna consume.

              We shall still be purchasing this and one other HD console of this generation – being a multiplatform gamer, it would be a disservice to ones self to miss the games that won’t make it to wii u, nor to the platform we shall choose that is NOT the Wii U.

    1. ” They call this a “premium”? Some pieces of plastic with a loyalty program tacked on?”

      Thank you, you just proved how pathetic your life really is, dedicating your free time on website dedicated to something you hate and bitching about a “piece of plastic”. Kids these days, to much time on their hands. Don’t drugs and stay in school.

      Shine on you crazy diamond.

  2. iv worked out the disc load speed its 2.5 x faster than ps3s bluray i bet some of that ram is also a disc cacth like gamecube for even faster loading say 4 x ps3 it would only need 32mb or so to do that i hope so

      1. God yeah. maybe in future Nintendo will start with doing their own external hard rives that are fast and specially for the Wii U and cause of the whole premium gives you cheaper to download stuff. I see them doing like psp did and install like a tiny bit of the disc just to improve loading times not sit there and install the whole disc like xbox does

        1. Oh god psp games with install was the best invention ever, i hated the loading times on psp. Thankfully they improved on them so much on the ps vita.

        2. they already do its called solid state storage = flash flash drives load vastly faster than out dated harddrives both 8gb and 32gb storage are flash drives

          watch or read up on flash vs harddrive for ps3 and up to date computers with flash drive os support THE FLASH SUPPORT OT FLASH DRIVE REPLACMENT FOR HDD

          is a massive speed improvment the flash of wiiu is much faster than ps3s harddrive and the disc system is also much faster loading

    1. uhh….yeah he’s already posted a story about that lol, and also. theres a little tab at the home screen of this site that says “contact” so you can just tell him about stuff on there rather than blindly hopeing that he sees your comment lol

  3. The Premium pack looks awfully disappointing. It’s only worth it if you’re into doing a LOT of digital purchases. That extra 24Gb and some pieces of plastic is not worth the extra 5000Yen. They should bundle a game or some demos.

    Basic is the way to go. 32GB SDs are only around $20. Also, I got some extra SD cards and old HDDs lying around, all I’d need to buy is a $5-10 HDD IDE/SATA-to-USB case/cable. Forget the stands, I can make my own.

      1. How isn’t it? I mean I’ll still get one, but 32GB HDD? Really? I’m looking to do tons more digital downloads and would have loved a bigger HDD.


                The SD card is removal, EXPANDABLE FLASH MEMORY CARDS. Wii U is using INTERNAL, YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

          1. Also a 32GB SD card retails for about $20 and less, so you’re actually proving how much it wouldn’t be worth it if that was the case.

    1. Not a bad Idea.
      Nice thinking.
      Maybe I’ll do the same!
      10% off is like a Gamestop discount. I.E. It sucks. Nintendo still has some lessons to learn, that we don’t like Paying fucking retail for digital games.
      – can’t take my game over to a friends.
      – can’t trade it.
      – No savings passed to the consumer.

      Make it 20% Nintendo, then I’ll think about it.
      Guess I still have some time to decide if I want to go premium or not. Regardless, I’m getting one.

  4. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    Everyone remember that you can use other memory cards in the Wii U. Use a 2-Terabyte one and you are set.

  5. you guys do realize that the 3ds was sold at $70 more in japan than in the us at launch right? so basically, japans price doesn’t really matter if you don’t live in japan lol

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