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Nintendo Announces Wii U Showcase Tour

Nintendo UK will be touring the country with its revolutionary new home console, giving thousands of people the chance to experience gaming like no other ahead of the console’s launch on the 30th November. Kicking off in London on the 27th September, the Wii U showcase tour will visit a range of shopping centres, gaming expos and events across the UK.

The tour is the perfect place to get hands-on with some of the pre-release Wii U titles and experience first-hand how the new Wii U GamePad controller with 6.2-inch touch screen affects both single and multiplayer games. Visitors will get a real feel for what the Wii U has to offer this Christmas with world famous Nintendo franchises like Mario and brand new Wii U exclusives including Nintendo Land and Ubisoft’s ZombiU available to trial.

As an extra treat, Nintendo favourites Mario and Luigi will be on hand to welcome Nintendo fans on the day, plus there will be a whole host of Wii U challenges to complete and fantastic prizes to be won! There’ll also be a chance to sample upcoming Nintendo 3DS XL titles before they launch, including the latest Pokémon and Mario adventures. The new Nintendo 3DS XL features a 90% bigger screen offering an even more immersive entertainment experience for all the family.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Wii U Showcase Tour”

  1. I’ll be leaving London tomorrow to head to Kent where I’ll be studying in University. If only this tour thing was earlier lol…Hmm maybe I’ll be able to travel there.

  2. First, Nintendo had The Wii U Experience tour in select locations around the United States… and NOW, the Big N has The Wii U Showcase Tour in the United Kingdom. I wonder if they’ll have a Wii U tour in their home country of Japan…?

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