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Wii Virtual Console & WiiWare Are Not Playable On Wii U GamePad

The Wii U console will support Wii software, including physical Wii games, Virtual Console titles, and WiiWare. However, Nintendo of America has confirmed that you cannot play those games on the Wii U GamePad; you can play them with a Wii Remote or Classic Controller as they can connect to Wii U.

This is similar to Wii’s backward compatibility – Nintendo GameCube games are playable on most Wii consoles but do not work with any of Wii’s controllers. Remember, Nintendo GameCube Game Discs are not compatible with Wii U.

85 thoughts on “Wii Virtual Console & WiiWare Are Not Playable On Wii U GamePad”

      1. hi there i dont belive it the fist thing i will try out on wii u is wii ware and wii vertual console on the wii u game pad if i get it working then this information is old out dated and wrong i will report back on the november 18 preordered wii u delux

    1. no because , only wii required motion controls,,, virtual games require classic gamepads…. i really they allow us to play virtual console games on touchpad

  1. The WiiWare thing is reasonable but I can’t understand the reasoning behind the Virtual Console games. Surely the buttons could just be remapped?

      1. wait dont jump too conculsion i will try ocarina of time on game pad whene i get my delux wii u preoerdered

  2. I’m not messed up about it at all. I don’t see it wouldn’t be on there, and it doesn’t say that it won’t be available to play on the gamepad in the future.

  3. Goddamn it Nintendo, support fucking backwards compatibility! It’s one of the few strengths that you guys have. Why the hell would you want to punish your user base by not allowing backwards compatibility? Don’t punish your fans for being loyal. I don’t see how complicated it would be to allow for GC playback on the Wii U. This is just lazy development and really hard to defend. I’m going to wait on the Wii U.

    1. That would make the console more expensive -_- also the GC games are gonna be available on Wii U’s virtual console. Maybe HD versions :D

          1. HD is being defined as 720p or 1080p resolutions here, I believe.
            Besides increasing the polygon count doesn’t always make a game look better. Look at Rayman 3 HD, It still looks pretty much the same

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  5. Very disappointing, I was looking forward to playing Wind Waker away from the TV! But maybe if Gamecube games can be purchased through the eShop, the story will be different there; who knows

    1. I feel bad too man…but you know what, if everyone complains to Nintendo during their surveys about adding a patch, I bet they’ll listen. Damn I had a collection of games waitin’ to be played on that pad too. It’s aiight business is business, we gotta play our part in the suggestion box.

    2. last year one of their employees (i think Amber McCollum) said that some of the Gamecube games will be available for download on Wii U, but no one has mentinoed it since, so I am hoping someone (probably me) will send Nintendo an email asking about this.

  6. Wiiware titles fair enough, but virtual console titles is a shame. Would have been awesome playing FF6, Sin and Punishment and Secret of Mana on that controllers screen whilst watching something else on TV. Would’nt be so bad if the same virtual console was on the 3DS, but it’s not.

    1. I had Xbox once and I have to say they have good games too and so does PS3. But never again will I buy an Xbox to get charged out the ass for everything and also risk Red Rings. See it’s good to learn from mistakes and not be a closed minded fanboy while they continue to rape yo ass.

    1. Already failed? It impressed Patcher, I’ve never seen him impressed with one of Nintendo’s newer releases. Plus the price is pretty darn good for what it is. The only thing that I haven’t liked so far is that it doesn’t support USB 3.0! Apart from that, it looks pretty darn good for what it is.

      (Yes trolls, I know it isn’t going to be next gen as the other consoles, but I don’t care, I like all consoles.)



        1. hi there yeah eletric bill gose up on next gen xbox 12 core cpr 5 gb ddr5 ram a 10,000 rpm voloci-raptor hdd do you know that voloci-raptor hdd uses 7.77 watts average max 16 watts

  7. Bit off topic here, but has anyone seen the 360/ps3 fanboy meltdowns about bayonetta 2 on neogaf and twitter? both hilarious and sad at the same time.

    1. They are bervous because now Nintendo’s console is powerfull enough to stand next generation and most of people buy(s) Nintendo consoles or BOTH NINTENDO,PS AND XXXBOX.

    2. I can’t blame them. I was a strict Nintendo person when Castlevania: LoS came out, and I was unsatisfied with the fact that it wasn’t for the Wii.

      1. Well, I think if one supports it, the other will as well. They’re essentially the same, other than that big-ass screen in the middle and a few extra GamePad features.

      2. Mapping controls isn’t all that hard to do. Besides, the buttons are basically the same. It’s about the same as getting the 3DS to play DS games.

  8. I get why with WiiWare, but Virtual Console games? Well, I guess I’ll have to get a classic controller, or the Pro controller if that works. I’ve always used my GameCube controller for it, but that’s really not an option now.

  9. Unlike Wii Virtual Console games, Wii U Virtual Console games purchased directly from the console may be remapped to be able to play them on the gamepad, I hope that would be true, so maybe you can repurchased them for free to overwriten the older ones.

  10. Compatible with the Classic Controller?

    Is Nintendo talking about the Wii Classic Controller or the Wii U Pro controller? Because I thought Wii U will not have plug in sockets for GC controllers, so HOW is the Wii CC supposed to connect with Wii U?

    1. You Don’t plug in the Classic Controller,or the Classic Controller Pro into the Wii Console,you plug the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro into the Wii Remote just like you would with a nunchuck,do some research and look at the device BEFORE you COMMENT!

  11. Of course not. Because that would be COOL. SO OF COURSE NINTENDO WOULDNT MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

    More fail. Wow this fucking console is shit now. Started out great, then they actually released info. Now it’s a heaping pile of disappointing shit.


    Those old 320P-480P games look aweful on a 1080P full size TV and would actually look nicer on the built in 480P Wii U screen cause of 1:1 pixel match. Plus I would love to slip my Wii U in my backpack to play SNES and N64 on the go at freinds and relative’s house if they don’t have a free TV. They should put SNES on the 3DS Virtual Cosole then so it can be played on the go.

  13. Ok… got to say this was one of the reason i wanted a Wii U in the first place… Now i got to say its not that great if the “play on the table, if the TV is not free” stuff is half bullshit. Becose so far, how many games are gona be playable without a TV (Exept COD and Nintendo World)?

  14. What happened to that initial “play on tablet if the TV is taken” line Nintendo gave us when this was first announced? We don’t want to play just New Super Mario Bros U on the tablet while the tv is taken… we want to play the older Virtual Console games WE HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED. Seriously Nintendo, HOW do you miss this simple step? When the WiiU was announced every gamer was thinking “oh wow I can now watch tv/lay in bed/sit on porch/etc and play old NES and SNES titles streamed to the WiiU tablet… THAT’S AMAZING!” Then now it comes out that we CAN’T do that after all? EPIC FAIL! So disappointed. Nintendo you took the lazy way out with this stuff, and you better get it fixed to make your audience happy. It took Sony a while to get PS1 classics on the Vita, but they did it. So hopefully you guys will do the same.

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