Nintendo To Continue Selling Wii For ‘Quite Some Time’ After Wii U Launches

According to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii has sold about 40 million units in the U.S. alone. Although Wii U will launch in a couple of months, Fils-Aime says Nintendo plans to continue selling the six-year-old Wii for ‘quite some time.’

“We will continue to sell the Wii. As we sit here today, in the US the Wii has sold about 40 million units. We believe that there continues to be an opportunity with Wii. Yes, these are late, late adopters. And yes, price points are important. But we do believe there’s still opportunity for the Wii, and we will continue to sell Wii side-by-side for some period of time.”

“I’m responsible for Canada and Latin America as well. We think there’s opportunity in both of those markets, especially Latin America. You can reach price points, you can reach consumers that candidly we won’t be able to reach with the Wii U. That’s gonna continue to be an opportunity.”

“Lastly, on the global base, certainly there are markets in Eastern Europe. There are a number of other markets where if Wii has an attractive price point, it’ll do well. So, we will continue to be in the Wii business for quite some time.”



    1. THIS. These bastards come her eand sell their consols and restrict all the services like netflix (3DS) refusing to give what we pay for. We are not poor bitches who cannot afford to pay for the Wii U, even if it will arrive overpriced at a 50% – 70% as usual


  1. A lot of remote parts of the world sell older consoles long after they’ve been replaced by better technology. I expect it to sell for maybe 3 years further. PS@ still moves thousands of units in Japan every week. Leave luck to heaven.


    1. The PS2 selling as well as it did for so long was freaking amazing. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see a console selling that long ever again, gaming has just become too expensive a hobby for a lot of people these days.

      That being said, the Wii will probably still be selling okay for a while.


  2. It’s not about what Nintendo wants, it’s about what people want. And I don’t think many people will want the Wii in a few months. So, to be honest, I highly doubt that the Wii will survive for too long after the release of the WiiU.


  3. the success of the Ps2 are its library and the games which came after the PS3 came out as well as Sony’s business model to remove Ps1 and Ps2 compatibility with PS3 and have them on digital content. Pandora tower is one who can pretend to maintain the Wii’ sell.

    Also bear in mind the Wii u compare to the Wii is not Game Cube compatible. This is one market the Wii should aim at in the future. Don’t forget the success of the Wii has been built on casual gamers, you still want to keep them happy. one may say the NGC game will be available on download.

    One should ask him/herself if most of the people are ready to pay the same game twice, I know I did not want to pay for my PSone game twice even for £1 or more. I also wanted to add that I certainly did not pay again my NES, SNES,Master System,neo geo or N64 games on Wii shop (same go for my Ps one game).


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