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Best Buy Now Taking Wii U Pre-Orders

You’ll be pleased to know that you can now pre-order Wii U from Best Buy. Pricing begins at $299.99 for the Basic White Model which has 8GB of storage, or, $349.99 for the Black Premium Model which comes with 32GB of storage and comes bundled with a copy of Nintendo Land. The Wii U launches on November 18th in North America.

62 thoughts on “Best Buy Now Taking Wii U Pre-Orders”

    1. I cancelled my order with Gamestop and ordered through Best Buy. The reason is because Gamestop only had shipping, no in-store pick-up. There were a couple things that folded into that decision. Because it’s releasing on a Sunday, I don’t know if I’ll get it in the mail before or after, and I want to know for sure if I’m getting it. Also, it was $18 cheaper to go through Best Buy because I didn’t have to pay for shipping, since I can pick it up in store.

      I pre-ordered the black Wii U package with New Super Mario Bros. U. I want to get another game, but I’m waiting for the confirmed list of launch titles. But we know for sure about NSMBU.

      1. Yus, you can do it online, There should be a way were you can set it so you can pick it up from a certain location, or you could get it shipped to your house on launch day and pay the rest then. I’m not completely sure about the system but you can most def preorder online.

  1. Gonna try to pre-order the Black Premium within the next week. From what I’ve seen, this is going to be the best thing since sliced bread.!

    1. if your preordering from game stop do it fast y gaestop was only alowing 15 preorder thank god i was the first one to pre order it lawls

  2. Guy’s,please answer.For nintendo tv,are you going to need a tv cable systems like optimum of fios?Because I convinced my friend to get a wii u but he doesn’t have cable service because he doesn’t like tv since it takes a toll on your brain but has a tv for consoles and he would like it if wii u could do that.

    1. Why would you need a cable service? It would be just like watching a video off of youtube, except it’s better quality and depending on what it is you may have to rent it.

    2. From what I understand, nintendo TVii is basically a congregation of whatever you pay to watch normally. So if you had cable, netflix, and hulu, these would all appear on Nintendo TVii. in my case I don’t have any of those things so i don’t think Nintendo TVii will really do anything for me (which is fine because I’m buying the wii u to play games).

      If you’re friend doesn’t like watching TV, why would he care about Nintendo TVii working?

      1. Well he likes to watch tv occasionally,like on his he goes on the computer,but he doesn’t like to have an actual tv to pay for and if he watches tv a lot than he is gonna use it a lot

  3. I wait for it’s release than per-order, it better this way if you want to attend the special even just like there was for the Nintendo 3DS

  4. Already pre ordered at gamestop this morning. Ordered the premium bundle, only had to put 25 bucks down..will pre order some games from best buy once the game list becomes available of what is coming out on game launch

  5. Just preordered it. $375 at best buy. Pick it up at launch. It says I’ll be charged total amount, just wondering if it will charge today or within days of launch. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I’ll reserve from GameStop tomorrow and then amazon

      1. First time I pre order from Best Buy, Thank for clearing that up. You wouldnt happen to know if Amazon does the same do you?

  6. Guys just wondering, games cant be that much storage, right? Im not getting AC:3 or Mass effect (maybe) but COD BO2, pikmin, epic mickey, nsmbu, etc. 500 GB can cover it right? Because it would be hard getting a premium wii u by Christmas and i can probably use those extra bucks for maybe a game, screen protector, etc.

    So 500GB instead of 1000 GB (terabyte) is enough, right?

      1. He might download them instead, it was confirmed that all launch games are available for download, anyways, you’ll probably need an external harddrive anyway since retail games are pretty big, especially if they take full use of the disc space.

    1. I have a 320GB PS3 (For the games you couldn’t play on Nintendo system). I rarely download anything all my games are bought physically, I haven’t even used 50 GBs yet. I have it for a year… It just depends if you download a bunch of crap. 1 Terrabyte is plenty.

      1. Thats what im saying, i would probably get everything digital i can, but slowly. Ex/ i save up $50 a month so thats 1 game per month. NSMBU must be 1gb the most, other games shouldnt be that high either. And instead of getting 1000+ GB’s i can just get 500 (half) and use the other $ for a screen protector or something. IDK what u think?

        1. Yea, I agree with screen protector especially if you have younger siblings or cousins that like to mess with stuff. You might not even need 500 it just depends on how much stuff you get, but go with 500 therefore you won’t need to invest in another HD for a while.

      2. hi there i have use 10 gb out of 80 gb soo 16 gb is enough for ps3 only god of war and final fantasy 13 wii has 1,300 free blocks 3ds used only 4 gb out of 8 gb xbox 360 has 2.9 gb free out of 4 gb i have a comadore 64 i can get buy with very small storage capacity while xbox 720 have 2 models a 8 gb ssd and a 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drive 250 gb ps3 ultra slime 16 gb ssd ps4 has a 20 gb ssd or a 100 gb ssd

    1. IKR. Nintendo realized that 90% of their fans would go with deluxe, I mean your paying $50 more for stuff that would come up to maybe $80-120….

    1. You should kind of rephrase that, for a minute I was going to yell at you. “Great news, now if only Amazon would get on board.” If I wasn’t paying attention I would not have realize that you were talking about the article. I would have been like, HOW DAFUQ IS THAT GREAT NEWS -_-?

        1. amazon also never sold the Nintendo 3DS XL either. I had to buy mine from amazon is selling it but for much more than in stores

  7. I don’t know if anyone thought of this buuuuuut…. If I were u I would just buy the black premium BECAUSE it is 32 gb (instead if 8) comes with Nintendo Land (50 bucks by itself) and charging stations (maybe 20 bucks each). If u think about it that’s an AMAZING deal. Way bigger size and 80 bucks of accessories for 50 dollars more :)

    1. I want the black one, however I can’t see myself sending 50 dollars for a color and 16 gigs more of space when a 30 dollar SD or USB can give me that space plus the 8 gigs. The stands are very pointless in my mind unless that is you’re only gaming system in your house, and Nintendo Land seems very dull and not worth 50 dollars in my mind. So in truth, this is Nintendo just trying to get people to fiend out and buy what you don’t need.

      I’ll be spending 300 for the white. Now if only I can find out if Best Buy will take a 5 dollar put down or will I have to spend more.

  8. Going to go down and preorder my deluxe version today at EB games as its now avaialbe in Canada to preorder at store as of today. It did say limmited supplies so I want to be there right when the store opens and get my copy orderd and pay it off durring the upcoming weeks (working full time is beautiful like that). Gotta pay off my pokemon white 2 preorder as well lol. I was mulling it over all yesterday and I decided that I would go ahead and get one at launch because getting a console on launch day does have that special feeling.

  9. Goddammit! I need to wait until the end of October to pre – order the Premium Wii U along with the wii controllers and Super mario bros. U! you guys are lucky :(

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