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GameStation To Be Rebranded As GAME

GameStation stores throughout the UK are set to be rebranded to GAME, the company has confirmed. The announcement was made during the GAME Conference today. CEO Martyn Gibbs, previously said that the company is researching what gamers want from a specialist.

“The new GAME will combine the best of both brands. For example, the gamestation trade-in proposition, ‘We Won’t Be Beaten On Trade-In’, continues under the new unified brand and likewise the passionate and knowledgeable gamestation store teams stay with us and continue to provide outstanding support and advice for all gamers.”

“Our aim is to hold the UK’s biggest range of games, gaming gear and exclusive content whilst also ensuring that we are constantly evolving, listening to our customers and adapting our approach to really deliver for them. The above initiatives are only a snapshot of a whole host of exciting plans in the pipeline: new titles, formats, partnerships, digital initiatives. We forward to sharing them with our customers as soon as we can.”

– Game Retail boss Martyn Gibbs.

21 thoughts on “GameStation To Be Rebranded As GAME”

  1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

    Wasn’t GAME dead? BTW, that’s a horrible name, just be fucking original, and unless you capitalize GAME all the time, you can’t use the word ”game” in the same sentence (People might still confuse a capitalized GAME.).

    1. I think its a good name, its simple, all big video game stores have game in the name, gamestation, gamestop, and magazines like game informer, ect, just having it as GAME is good, straight to the point, and its what you do after you shop there, you game

      1. I don’t see what’s so wrong with the name GAME. Its simple and to the point – anyone who see’s it will most likely know its a video games store

  2. That’s stupid, the whole reason they kept them seperate when they bought GameStation was to appeal to a different audience. Since most people usually don’t know that brands like this are owned by the same company they can get more sales from people from one store who may dislike the other

  3. “CEO Martyn Gibbs, previously said that the company is researching what gamers want from a specialist”

    I can tell you that Mr. Gibbs, MAKE YOUR PRICES COMPARABLE WITH AMAZON!!!

  4. there a question here, want happens to the elite cards when the shop gets re-branded?, still at least i got my game card which i kept.
    any idea of when the re-brand takes place?

  5. Hmm I would sometimes favour Gamestation over GAME because I feel Gamestation’s prices are a little bit more cheaper, but now if they’re gonna be GAME, then they’ll probably be the considerably higher GAME prices. Hmm, oh well.

  6. huh you want to see what you can do for your customers? well for one DONT OVERPRICE! convert the fuckin us price and put that not just put the same and just turn it into £!!!

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