Nintendo: “The Wii U [GamePad] Is Not A Tablet”

President Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo America says the Wii U GamePad is not a tablet; Wii U delivers a two-screen experience, thanks to its controller. Instead of calling it a tablet, Fils-Aime refers to the Wii U GamePad as a controller with a built in screen that allows Nintendo to create multiplayer games that provide different experiences for players. The Wii U GamePad can seemingly “do a lot of things that a tablet can’t do.”

The Wii U is basically a tablet. Is that Nintendo’s answer to the competitive mobile market?

“The Wii U is not a tablet. It’s a two-screen experience. And so you have this unique GamePad that gives you a different way to have a gaming experience. We’ve got a range of different examples that we can show you. It’s everything from the three of us can be playing the game, and I’m using the GamePad to maybe try and attack you with a space ship. We’ve got an attraction called Metroid where literally I’m playing against the two of you, using a space ship trying to shoot you, you’re shooting up on the ground, so we’re playing the same game but having a fundamentally different experience and that all happens with the GamePad. So it’s a controller with this screen built in that allows us to create content that shows different ways to play together but have fundamentally different experiences.”

But if you’re saying everyone is your competitor in entertainment, then why not just turn that second screen into a general-purpose device like a tablet?

“Through our GamePad you’ll be able to surf the Internet — it comes with an Internet browser. You’ll be able to watch video content on it. So it will do many things that a stand-alone tablet can do, but in addition, because it’s connected and it’s integrated, our second screen can do a lot of things that a tablet can’t do.”



      1. I remember someone i know saying something like this once “Nintendo ripped apple off! They made the ipad BETTAR!”


  1. It looks like a tablet, but it’s not. You can’t take that Gamepad anywhere you want. First and foremost, it’s a controller. I said this before on a similar article, but some idiot assumed I was saying it’s a tablet. Idiots and their lack of reading skills.


  2. so everything slate with a screen is a tablet? smh

    don’t be so narrow minded.. it’s a controller, tied to the wii U console.. not stand alone like a tablet.. what part of controller can’t this interviewer didn’t get?


  3. This has been my thought since I first saw it. Honestly, the tablet controller has had so many improvements since the first announcement. I’m happy that they have the specific streaming services and internet, but tablets will never have the level of in-game involvement that the Gamepad does.


    1. all the wii u needs is at least a kindle fire browser and it will the product on the market imo as far as gaming the gamepad is better than any tablet or classic controller it has all their strengths none of weaknesses


  4. They’re trying to compare Wii U to the iPad, but it isn’t. Wii U is something new and some people don’t know what to make of it yet. They’ll understand soon enough. Leave luck to heaven.


      1. UMAD? haha you nothing better to say than that? shut up meg? LOL using a line from a unfunny show HOW ORIGINAL !! Hahah nice try nintenfag


    1. I know! Because it totally needs one… Wait…. Oh, it fucking doesn’t. I remember when you were at least analytical, now you’re just fucking dumb, and being a hater.


  5. “Ermergerd, they rip off ipad”
    Not, its a fucking controller. It MIGHT have similar apps and games that are similar to those seen on a ipad or tablet. Why is the world so stupid, that Reggie has to say this? -.-


  6. Quite right it’s a controller. There are a lot of things that this controller can do that a tablet cannot. For one there are actual physical sticks/buttons, tablets rely on software controls. Also the controller looks really good.

    A dual sense is great as you’re doing two things at once. It’s like playing on a giant DS. One screen you play on, the other you interact with.


    Bear Ralph > Nintendo
    Without him ninendo would not exist!
    As they were a failing company before gaming was in invented. if an american citizen did not invent gaming and was growing popular over the years then nintendo would have never seen the chance to success as a company.


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