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Here’s The Very First Trailer Of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon For Nintendo 3DS

The Pokémon Company has released the first trailer of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth for Nintendo 3DS. Notice the games’ Pokémon are 3D models rather than the 2D sprites in previous titles of the series for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance – imagine how the next core Pokémon games for Nintendo 3DS will look.

47 thoughts on “Here’s The Very First Trailer Of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon For Nintendo 3DS”

  1. People always look at me like I’m some kind of stupid when I tell them that the Mystery Dungeon series are my favorite Pokemon games. I cannot contain my excitement for this.

        1. ‘Pokemon Snap’ is my favourite Pokemon game currently out there, even though it was only Seven Hours long and actually a rather bland experience. It’s interesting how some of the Poke-spinoffs are actually so much more entertaining than the original series

  2. I only hope they let me be a Riolu for this installment. hes my favorite 1 stage pokemon. and i want a eevee as my partner or Ralts.

    1. you should see the sonic passion….

      man whats with people and animal fan fiction, makes me feel like these people are into bestiality.

  3. Alltogh i dont like mystery doungen 99F and I did’nt even get the pokemon this makes me excited for the main sereies 3ds debout

  4. I wonder if the dungeon crawling gameplay is a pointer of things to come in terms of visuals for the next main game in the series :)

    1. I don’t know if I could handle the main games looking like that. It took so long to get to a pseudo 3D look going, I don’t know if we’re ready for 3D just yet. :P

      In all seriousness, I think 3rd gen had the nicest looking graphics. Not the best graphics, just the best looking.

    1. Because it scans round things as dungeons, and you drop your Pokemon into them. You’re laughing because you will experiment this on a butthole.

  5. I’d still prefer for them to have the main series as sprites. Maybe start another spin-off series on home consoles that’s 3D, but I think they should stick with sprites for the next gen main series games.

    1. That’d look appalling on the 3DS, it’s capable of so much more and 2D sprites just wouldn’t pop right on the screen. Besides, since Diamond and Pearl things have been moving towards a fully 3D world, Black and White 2 look fantastic but they wouldn’t pass as 3DS games. Not to mention 3D models can look much more alive than 2D sprites can. BW got it right by having them move about but this can be done even better with 3D models.
      Though now I’m curious, why do you have this preference?

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  7. Ahhh this is so fucking awesome! I love the mystery dungeons, my favourite pokemon spinoff series! Blue rescue team is my favourite. Its great to see they moved away from sprites and made it for 3DS and I cant wait to see what it will be like! Im guessing a spring release for north america.

    1. It can fall into anything the 3DS camera thinks is round. A disc, a wheel, a watch (I have a square watch :C), a clock, a hole in your lined paper, a round window, some random circle that might show up on your TV, some round image in your computer that you drew so you can go inside a dungeon, your butthole…

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  9. From the looks of it, they kept all the mechanics the same, and just increased the graphics. Good call, honestly. It really makes me want to play it.

  10. Yes, I love Mystery Dungeon! I’ve been obsessed with it since I got Red Rescue Team ;w; And now you can walk into round things, haha, that’s adorable…

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