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Basic Wii U Console Now Available To Pre-Order At Best Buy

Best Buy has reopened pre-orders for the Basic 8GB Wii U console in the United States. The console comes with 8GB of storage and a GamePad but doesn’t include Nintendo Land. The console is available to pre-order now for $299.99.

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52 thoughts on “Basic Wii U Console Now Available To Pre-Order At Best Buy”

    1. Sorry to bust your bobble. You forgot about taxes. Goverment want their share. If you really want the deluxe, just save up until you have enought money. Don’t buy with regret.

      1. yes you could wait save up the money or sell basic on ebay and upgrade too the delux version people sell consoles on ebay all the time

        1. Nah, I’m holding out. I do want the Hite because it matches my collection:

          N64- Black
          Wii U-???

          But the black is just a better deal. I wish there was both colors for both versions

  1. I just thought of something. What if Nintendo is holding back some Wii U’s from being pre-ordered for launch day so they would instead go on shelves for black friday?

  2. Soon they’ll have more consoles to pre order. See how much of a success it was? They’re not gonna let the stocks down after that!

  3. Wait. Why exactly should I pre-order? Id rather wait for black friday, or buy it used then a price that’s going to make me regret buying a wii u.

  4. I’m curious, has Nintendo mentioned or implied if there was any (user friendly) way to upgrade the basic console with 32GB internal memory down the line? Or is it stuck that way with the only method to boost it being a D.I.Y method with perhaps spare parts available online?

    1. It supports Hard drives any size , and SD cards and those little USB butt plugs .

      You cannot DIY like you could with the ps3 because the wiiu doesnt have a HDD inside it , it’s just a 32GB SD card :S aka flash memory .

      I Bet on the advert for wiiu , it will show people plugging in Hard drives or something or just a mention of it .

      1. I know it supports external HDDs, but the option to actually expand what’s INSIDE is what I’m fishing for since I don’t usually opt for “inferior” hardware SKUs unless upgrading is fairly simple and doesn’t void the warranty like the other systems.

        And no, it’s not a SD card, it’s literally 32MB of flash memory embedded inside of it. SD cards are different. The 3DS has about 2GB of internal memory for example, without a SD card.

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