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Wii U Struggles To Build Buzz Against The iPhone 5

Gaming publication Games Industry International took to the internet to see just how big the buzz was on social media and technology blogs for both the iPhone 5 and Wii U. Judging from the results which were posted on the website it would appear that the Wii U conference was vastly overshadowed by the iPhone 5 conference on the 12th September.

“Retail sales are down considerably (at least as seen through NPD). The consoles are long in the tooth. And there hasn’t been a surprise breakaway blockbuster for some time. Call of Duty is still a huge seller, but those numbers are never a surprise now. Those are the sorts of things that ping the radar of many mainstream outlets.”

“If the Wii U proves to be as groundbreaking as the Wii, we’ll likely see another surge of coverage. But so far, the general reaction from investors and the general public to the system has been a collective shoulder shrug. Many people see it simply as a Wii HD (which underscores the marketing problem Nintendo faces). Also, Nintendo has done virtually nothing to market it, withholding key details until just recently. So there hasn’t been anything to write about.”

– Freelance journalist Chris Morris (who has covered games for CNN, Forbes, Variety, and more)

163 thoughts on “Wii U Struggles To Build Buzz Against The iPhone 5”

      1. Something always in the way. Why can’t they just let the Wii U drive in peace, if it’s not an old lady crossing the street is a retard named peter griffin running after a ball, in the street. Tomorrow there will be a little girl crossing the street, the Wii U will swerve but never crash!


        Well cod and skyrim even angry bird are on guiness world records destorying embarrising spanking and humaliting nintendo. Besides once ouya comes out things might start getting hotter. As new info says ouya will sync and be able to share files and cross play just like smartglass

        1. skyrim, angry birds, cod = software
          apples and oranges
          about ouya cross play: if it’s based on wlan it will be pretty much useless for gaming other than displaying stats and maybe a map or inventory.. latency will be too big for anything else
          just like smartglass

        2. who cares about OUYA !, i have my PC to do things which OUYA does, sharing files ? come on man ! we have piratebay, Megaupload2 and shits… There is no hype in Ouya.

    1. We Nintendo fans are so stupid! We have failed to realize that every single time Nintendo gets bashed in some kind of way they do great in sales. Therefore let the bashing continue, we will continue to defend Nintendo, but lets not forget those haters are really the supporters in a way.

        1. One I don’t own a Wii, Sold it like a year ago because the games were cheesy… It’s a known fact that every male will wank at least one point in there life, unless there gay… So you sir are a faggot!

        1. PS3AndXbox360FanboysinaNutShell


          And i don’t these dicks in the butt jokes at all.

    1. Honestly… I FUCKING LOVE what you did there. Bravo, Encore, Encore. I will join in with this statement: “SUCK MY DICK AND FUCK YOU APPLE, but I do love some of your products keep up the good work, hey… WTF I HATE YOU WITH YOUR OVER PRICED CRAP!”

        1. Nintendo power is DEAD and bunch of queers cry! No one can take that away from me Im dying a happy man.If nintendo dies well thats the extra icing onda cake

  1. Sorry… I’m getting the new iPhone before I get the Wii U. But it’s only because I can only afford one of them right now and my current phone is 3 years old.

  2. When will people learn…


    Geebus, get your tech straight, informers.

    1. As you said, it’s a “phone with games”… which makes it a gaming platform. There are many, many games for iOS and more come in every day. Some are free, some are $0.99, some are $10+. They are games, and there are quite a number of quality titles.

      I think “handheld computers with phones” is a more apt description.

  3. I honestly don’t understand this. At least the iPhone 4 hype made sense, they added quite a few things. The iPhone 5 is simply smaller with few hardware upgrades. The Wii U is a new system with better hardware than we’ve seen yet in a console, and it has it’s controller that, from a technical standpoint, could be the iPhone 5. Yes, the Wii U IS an HD Wii, but the PS3 is basically an HD PS2, and the Xbox 360 an HD Xbox. All new systems are upgrades of it’s predecessor, it doesn’t make sense to make fun of it for that in the Wii U’s case when no one did for the PS3 when it was announced.

      1. It got a bit thinner, they (Apple) thinks it’s the thinnest smart phone, my droid razr says “Hell Nah”. I advise letting the Hell roll off of your tongue and adding an emphasis to Nah…

    1. I absolutely loathe both Apple and their consumers. At this point I think anything Apple pumps out will sell astronomically well so long as it iterates the number following the name. There is no justifiable reason to support the iPhone5 and yet the preorders sell out after only an hour. Seriously, why? Its extremely pathetic.

  4. Ya, of course the iphone 5 will have more buzz. Like it or not, a cell phone is what you have in your pocket at all times, and it’s much more important, and to a wider variety of people. Regardless, this is unimportant because they are both quite different and the WiiU seems to have enough buzz to sell out regardless.

  5. Well this is true, nobody I know gives a shit about the Wii-U. You guys are Nintendo Fanboys, so of course you will all buy it and pre-order. But general public doesn’t give a flying shit. Call of Duty and iPhones will most likely sell way better. It’s just how the world works.

      1. Yes we can compare, the iPhone will sell much more.
        Call of Duty is marketed to the hardcore audience. The hardcore audience sees no appeal in the WiiU.

        1. Yeh , you can see the future right ?? there is a load of hardcore games out for wiiu at launch , so don’t be calling anybody’s shot yet.

          Obviously the iphone will sell more than probably any console ever , because its a phone . its a different thing . not comparable , you tard .

          1. No, no there isn’t. I go to high-school right now. Nobody gives a shit about the WiiU. They pass it off and still play their X-Box’s. It’s more of “jock/hardcore” appeal. They all
            say it looks gimmicky. “jock/hardcore” gamers are very
            closed minded. So sales willl not be in favor of Nintendo this time.

            1. I can promise you most “jock/hardcore” gamers have never touched a JRPG or a 1st party Nintendo game in over ten years. Because of lack of appeal. It’s a giant
              touchscreen controller. That plays WiiSports and Nintendoland. Oh boy.

            2. I can say the same thing about my high school, but that’s still invalid when trying to represent the whole US population. Your high school is not representative of the whole US population’s interest or uninterest of Wii U. Take random people from the country and you’ll have a better sample of the whole nation.

        2. He realizes that, withe the gamepad you feel like your more in the game; one might say more immersed. Hardcore gamers want to feel as if they are in the game surround sound, recoil etc. With the gamepad you are controlling more than you can on any other console, therefore hardcore gamers with jump on that. The Wii U has no commercials yet, therefore not many people will know of it’s existence…

      1. After seeing all these comments, and how the website is called “mynintendonews” I can safely assume you are all fanboys of Nintendo.

          1. I am not a iPhone fanboy, I don’t own one. I was just simply pointing out the obvious. I thought it was clear that iPhones will sell more. The WiiU doesn’t appeal to the hardcore, and the casual audience won’t be pulled in because it isn’t marketed to them or the fact of the price.

            1. NUGGA PULEASE!!!!!! stop acting like you know the future , the wiiu ISNT OUT YET , and the pre orders are ultimate for a games console ATM , ULTIMATE .

              The wiiu is trying to be both Hardcore and casual , so lets see what happens. you keep thinking your BS , I am going to predict this = It will definately outsell the 720 and ps4 , worldwide , by a distance .

              1. You are acting like a Nintendo fanboy, and or a immature kid. You are being hypocritical by saying it will outsell even though you told me to stop
                predicting the sales. You have next to no evidence.
                You are basically going off on a tangent saying
                “hurr nintendo r the bezt. fuk the other systems.
                its hardcore because… fuk u thats why.” Seriously.

    1. Some Americans can be total brainless morons. You are probably 2nd grade red neck right. Why are you hurt a Japanese company is spanking xbox in its home court idiot. COD is on every Nintendo platform, morons my goodness you need to be saved.



          1. @Zood – You’re already a Wii U troll, so I won’t bother with you. The only reason I typed in capitals is so EVERY non-american hater can realize what I’m saying. However, and most obviously, people like you will continue to be ignorant.

            Have fun living in your fantasy world where you think where you come from is superior than any other place.

  6. LOL. Give it like, 3 to 4 months after the iPhone5’s launch, & the hype for it will start dwindling down, just like all of their other products.

  7. The Iphone is a phone and the wiiu is a console . Phones are more of a necessity than consoles are , hence them probably selling a LOT more .

    you cannot compare a push bike to a car , and you cannot compare an iphone to a wiiu .

    Iphone has more buzz than any console ever by far atm . The wiiu has an exceptionaly high buzz for a console . nuff said .

    1. It’s logical comments like this that restore some of my faith in humanity. Yoda would like to give you a Mountain Dew for that.

    2. if there were no stupid people we wont be having wars, famine etc.
      in the internet we have proof that stupid people do exists those are the ones that compares phones to consoles.

  8. So what this article is stating is that the phone industry is bigger than the video game industry.
    Thanks for the tip.
    If the Wii U is selling out all over the nation already, then Nintendo does not have a problem. Nor does the video game market. If Nintendo reported it’s first loss ever, and it was the same year that they launched a console and a handheld that are both more ambitious than any other console in history, then they have nothing to worry about.

  9. The iPhone 5 has been much more heavily advertised than the Wii U, that’s something to definitely keep in mind. The 32 gig Wii Us have already sold out in many stores nationwide in the United States (via preorders).

    I know that there is definitely hype for both the iPhone 5 and Wii U, but we are also talking about two different things:
    A phone versus a console. (Even though you can somewhat ‘game’ on phones now as well.)

    I know that near the end of the article it was mentioned that Nintendo has done virtually nothing to market it, which goes along with what I said in the beginning of this particular post. I do definitely feel that the Wii U will be more advertised later.

    However, I am not worried about the Wii U’s ‘buzz’ to say the least. I also think of it this way: You can take a phone anywhere, you can’t take a console everywhere (unless it is a handheld), so there is even more of a reason for there to be more ‘buzz’ for the iPhone outside of the advertising differences.

    Anyways, that’s just my two cents. Hope everyone enjoys their Wii Us and iPhone 5s. :D

    1. As for more popular, the iPhone. But as for which of them is capable of bringing us new forms of entertainment, be it alone or with friends, of course it’ll be the Wii U! They’re two different markets, the sales of one doesn’t alter the other. As you said, one is dedicated to gaming, and the other isn’t. If I want to play games, I’m not going to buy an iPhone, I’m going to buy a game console. I only download content for my cell phone if it’s free, you think I’m going to buy small games with inferior quality to game consoles when I can buy a next gen HD and innovative platform?! I wish gamers would write columns about the gaming industry, not know-it-all trolls who don’t know the difference between a game console and a cell phone!

      1. It’s like comparing a stove to a microwave…. They are for different uses. A stove is more of a necessity…I mean, you can’t make scrambled eggs on a microwave, you can’t bake a cake on the microwave, u can’t make cookies on a microwave, you can’t cook tortillas or fajitas on a microwave, you can’t make beef stew on a microwave…etc…etc. get where I’m going with this? Of course people would buy more stoves cause they are a necessity…i know weird comparison but it’s the same as comparing a dedicated gaming system to a phone.

    1. The phone is slimmer, screen is larger and Siri is now a hoe that talks dirty to you when you initiate a dirty convo! (for all the lonely Halo loving nerds that get no pussy and for all the Sony fanboys that think little Big planet is hardcore)

    1. I think the WiiU might be last in the console race this time, seeing that the “hardcore” audience and the “jocks” are turned off by the system; also the fact that it isn’t as hyped as the Wii with older people. Your thoughts on this?

        1. Exactly… The only reason why the Wii U will come in last, which it won’t in certain categories is because Nintendo is a strictly game only company. Therefore Sony & Microsoft can afford to produce powerhouses because they have money coming in from different industries. However Nintendo will manage to stay up in sales for 1 reason: First Party Titles. True with all these clones some people may go for the Google Play and IOS Titles, but Nintendo games N away are funner with a given.

  10. Ok, this Chris Morris is a freelance writer for business publications and he actually wonders why a new Apple product (a phone, at that) has built more “buzz” than a video game console?! Really? The circles that he runs in are catered to by one of the best performing stocks on the exchange, right now. They are soon releasing a new iteration of their most popular product. Of course there is major buzz about it. Since when has there not been major buzz about the new iPhone (any of them)? This guy is truly over-reaching with this. Maybe it was his way of getting people that would never read his work to at least know his name. Very bad attempt, though.

  11. People forget that Nintendo makes game consoles while apple makes mobile cellphones! iPhones don’t compete with gaming consoles! Also, the pre sales tell much more about how the Wii U is overshadowed by Apple’s toy, don’t you think?

    1. I find it funny. Iphone cost more than Wii U. The only reason why at least 75% of the people that have Iphones and will have the Iphone 5 is because you don’t have to pay full price for a phone with a contract. If the Wii U had a contract that made it $99.99 I pretty damn sure it would have been sold out in 30 mins world wide.

  12. I thought that the iphone 5 brought some predictable enhancements making it a worthy, but not revolutionary, step above the iphone 4s. What I thought was big were the new ipods. They totally amped up their power and made them resemble the old choose-your-favorite-color ipods of the glory days. I can really see them taking off, but with all the mouth wattering competition the iphone 5 is getting I can’t see it doing that well. Just my two cents.

  13. So predictable and so sad. It annoys me how much people are captivated by new iPhone iterations as the changes are staggered so much…Nintendo probably didn’t give this much thought but Apple didn’t give a lot of notice before announcing they’re iPhone 5 so it was an unfortunate coincidence. On top of that, the Wii U was announced last year, all that’s new is the price and release date so it wasn’t even a competition, there would always be more hype around the new iPhone

      1. It basically is. Don’t defend a bullshit company thats added the bare mininum to their jext model phone less than a year after the next, and expects people to pay a ludicrous price.

        1. Let’s see A6 SoC built from the ground up with 1GB RAM, PowerVR SGX543MP4+, enhanced wireless, 4G LTE.

          Yeah, all they did was make a slightly bigger screen. You’re an idiotic Nintendroid, lol.

            1. There just getting 4G LTE? Damn Apple is behind the times, I’ve been enjoying that for a while now. Also, the iPhone 5 doesn’t look that appealing, shame too, I was looking to go to Apple.

              1. It’s called playing it safe rather than jumping on a bandwagon. But if you had any business smarts, you would have known that. :)

                    1. And you get annoyed when people assume things about your life? Hypocrisy at its finest.

                      *Cue rehashed insult/comeback from Aeolus*

      2. And besides, THEYRE 2 DIFFERENT MARKETS! Thats like if i brought out a new chocolate bar the same time as the Dark Knight Rises, and someone said, “that chockate bars not getting as much attention as the Dark Knight”. No shit, they’re 2 different things. Im the GAMING COMMUNITY, the WiiU is starting a buzz, right next to Borderlands 2. Look at the fucking preorders. Its been less than a week and most place have RUN OUT. In less than a fucking week. The problem is, the media is fucking stupid, and they think if it runs on electricity, its all the same shit. The iPhone 5 is a PHONE. Everyone ones a phone, its bound to get more attention than any games console.

  14. Why in the hells name does they compare a video games console with an handy??? Thee are 2 totally different makets and have nothing to do with each other!!! These Magazines are so stupid!!!

  15. its a phone i have a phone it works i buy new phone when it brakes down. simple thing to understand, there is nothing fun to do on an iphone as well as that i blank refuse to pay more than £90 for a phone all u need is text and to be able to call someone the rest is just companies trying to make there phone look better than the others. i buy a console as it is fun playing it unlike some angry birds style game or a Mario rip off

  16. Thats funny because I am not buying a Iphone 5 nor do I know anything about it and I don’t know of anybody who planes on buying one to. And I can say I haven’t engaged in any conversation about the phone too. So unless your one of the mindless fucks that buy a phone every year I don’t see this being relevant.

  17. 1. The two products have just about nothing in common, comparing them is pointless.
    2. The iPhone 5 appeals to everyone, the Wii U appeals to gamers…

  18. Yea… that is what happens when something basically sells out of pre-orders. You kinda can’t have an increase in sales when there are no more units to sell.

  19. Comparing a home console to something as ubiquitous as a cell phone is a bad starting point. Two different markets. As far as I heard, people were disappointed with the Apple conference. The Nintendo conference was big hit, though. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Exactly. Different markets.

      It’s like saying that people generate more buzz on tweeter about cars over skateboards… Omigosh, 7 trillion tweets a millisecond ’bout the new car!

      People need to understand that one is for convenience, another one is for fun. Of course one will always be more famous than the other, simply because more and more people need the convenience these days. Whereas not everybody can afford the fun. That is why someone’s grandmother is more inclined to know what is a iPhone 5 or soon 6 over a Wii U. >.<

  20. “Withholding key details until just recently”

    Meanwhile they announce the iPhone 5 a month before it comes out.

    That seems like a lot less notice.

    Fucking morons, they have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about.

  21. iphone is so dumb, there will be a better one next year. The Wii U waited years to be announced, and they say mario is the milked franchise.

  22. They are still two different markets. You can’t legitimately compare the two. And even though I am an Apple guy cuz I have a Mac and edit all my movies and reviews with iMovie and use other Apple software, I’m proud to say I still have a flip phone. It’s been out dated for a good 6 years or so but I still use flip phones. My phone is my phone. My game system is my game system.

  23. Eh. Ig bein all secretive did kinda work against them, though the pre-orders show that the WiiU is well on its way to bein just as successful if not more successful than its parent, the Wii

  24. I don’t give two fucks and three hundred middle fingers for the new Iphone. I already have a Ipod touch and soon enough I’ll have a Macbook (but only for college’s purposes only). Iphone is just the fat and shaking version of the Ipod touch.

    Still buying the Wii U because Mobile Tablets and phones can’t destroy consoles.

  25. Hahahaha this made me laugh since Wii U is sold out already around the world.. Hahahaha serious these comments are hilarious.

  26. I gotta give Apple fanboys credit though. Some have been waiting in line since Thursday which means that they have been waiting in line for eight days. Not even my devotion to Nintendo could cause me to wait in line for eight days. Oh and why do people always compare Apple to Nintendo? They’re really not even in the same league and the failures/successes of one company should not even have that big of an impact on the other. I mean lets say hypothetically one company drove the other one out. What does the company have to gain by that? If Nintendo drove Apple out, it would help other phone and computer companies out more than it would Nintendo. If Apple drove Nintendo out, it would benefit Microsoft and Sony more.

  27. Uhm…. The Wii U has sold out in most retailers, spare the White basic set which is still available. But the iPhone 5 is coming out this month right? It’s no surprise people are more excited for that at the moment, it’s a closer thing than the Wii U. Though honestly, I don’t give a shit about it. It doesn’t sound any different than the first four. They barely add anything to it and they act like it’s a huge deal. Ah well, I really don’t care, I’m excited for the Wii U.

  28. Well obviously this was going to happen because only gamers and parents are focusing on the Wii U whereas Apple has a much larger audience to cater to, I can guarantee that a majority of the people who will buy the new iphone aren’t doing so for gaming capabilities. It isn’t really a fair comparison when the Wii U has been designed for video games but the iphone focuses on other features. Just because both systems can play games doesn’t make them the same thing.

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