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Here’s The First Picture Of Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

Nintendo released the first image of the Nintendo 3DS XL’s Circle Pad Pro, which adds a second circle pad and two buttons to the handheld. In the picture above, the handheld on the left is the Nintendo 3DS XL, and the one on the right is the original Nintendo 3DS. Both Circle Pad Pros are similar in design, and they look nothing like Nyko’s sleek Power Grip Pro.

117 thoughts on “Here’s The First Picture Of Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro”

  1. now it just looks werid. couldnt have they just made the second circle pad a small clip near the four buttons instead of making it a shell around the whole botton section?

          1. So you’re trying to devalidate my argument by (accurately) saying I support Nintendo? I fail to see the logic, my point still stands, only a handful of games support the add-on and they can all be played without it.

            1. ~Nintendo apologist~

              Lack of single analog when the device is trying to have full 3D games. What a load of shit. Looks like they didn’t get the memo that second analog matters.

              1. The device is trying to be a good system for video games, you can’t blame the device if devs want to make games on it that would work better with a second stick. Nintendo even gave them the second stick as an option if they really wanted it. Though I have played games that have CPP comparability, and played them just fine without it.

                1. Nintendo are mediocre hardware designers, this has been true for virtually every system they’ve designed after the SNES. They have not released a single piece of hardware since that didn’t, in some way or another, have a completely boneheaded move for either the consumer, or the developers.

                  N64? Stuck to clunky cartridges and rather difficult (INTENTIONALLY) to develop for.
                  Virtual Boy? …Yeah.
                  Gamecube? Mediocre mini-dvd format that once again, gimped major third party support and the lack of online support is yet another factor.
                  Wii? Underpowered hardware that required downscaling or outright different games. Also, 40mb cap on the digital store making it an absolute HELL for the developers who tried.
                  3DS? Single analog, dated specs, still using friend codes, bad ergonomics.
                  GBA? No backlight.
                  GBA SP? No headphone jack.
                  GB Micro? GB/GBC compatibility GONE.
                  Wii U? No Ethernet, No Blu Ray, No built in HDD, seemingly once again underpowered, no optical out, I’m sure other faults will eventually surface.

                  They bank on the user buying accessories to patch their faults. Guess what? Almost every device listed with a major fault has tried to release something to remedy that.

                  Nintendo are really boneheaded hardware manufacturers. Don’t know what more to tell you.

                  1. Forgot the DS, which might as well did not even have an OS. The graphics were also horrific and 3D games almost always looked like pure doodoo sauce. Kinda reminds me of the Saturn, only Saturn was broken in virtually every way that mattered.

                    1. Go to play with your Xbox… ahem.. with your underpowered PC. No no, sorry, PC has more games. And graphically better. So, who needs Xbox?? For what? Halo and Forza? and then? Nothing. All multiplatform (and underpowered) games.
                      Wii? Unique games. Even without HD.

                    2. Are you speaking bad about the DS ???? it’s probably the best console of all time . Its ahead of the ps2 was in 7 years . The graphics were fine for their time and It has this never ending library of amazing games .

                      dig all you want at these console , but once you take a dig at the DS ???? you lose all credibility and you make your self even more of a butthurt troll .

                      the psp was a heap of shit – you could hear the fucking disc spinning whilst you or on the bus – if you blew them they broke – sony failed and tried to invent UMD movies which was just a huge FLOP – only had a small amount of good games on the system .

                      DS >>>>>>>>>>>>>psp .
                      3ds >>>>>>>>>>>>> vita

                  2. No headphone jack on the GBA SP
                    Oh fuck what are developers going to do without that

                    Anyway, please tell me how Sony and Microsoft make platforms that are perfect for developers, with no flaws

                      1. “They have not released a single piece of hardware since that didn’t, in some way or another, have a completely boneheaded move for either the consumer, or the developers.”
                        How is not having headphones “a completely boneheaded move for either the consumer or developers” Most consumers don’t really give a single fuck and developers sure aren’t hindered by that either.

        1. the main reason that i think they couldnt put the circle pad on the xl is the additional shoulder buttons. put a second circlepad AND two more shoulder buttons would make the thing way to big. i think that’s something that A LOT of people dont even think about, and it’s very true. i wouldn’t want a system that is that thick just so it would have additional controls that barely any games even support in the first place.

      1. It also adds a ZL and ZR button, and it has to be comfortable to hold, that’s why it’s a whole unit rather than a small clip on.

      2. The reason they couldn’t put another stick on it was for battery life, memory, etc. They didn’t have enough room to stick another on it.

          1. Again, that’s a stupid move because it’s forcing original 3ds owners to upgrade if developers start using the second circle pad, which is a really stupid move as anyone with a brain would know

    1. Wow…what a gigantic load of fucking fail.

      Rather than just building in the goddamn Circle Pad (because apparently Nintendo sucks at engineering), they’re trying to sell this? I seriously cannot fucking believe it. This system isn’t even portable anymore at that point.

      1. 1. It would remove space for the bigger battery the XL needs to support larger screens for the same length of time (or indeed longer).
        2. Building in an extra circle pad would alienate users of the original 3DS who don’t own a circle pad pro, like myself.
        3. Only a handful of games even support the add-on, and it’s 100% optional.

        1. Excuses, the 3DS is a poorly designed piece of crap. There is absolutely no argument that can be used for this. Nintendo chose to not to include second analog into the design. Sony however, designed a handheld that wouldn’t be littered with shit peripherals that warp you straight back into the 90s like this.

          1. I forgot to mention, the Circle Pad Pro adds two more shoulder buttons so that’s impractical to add from a design standpoint too.
            So all my perfectly reasoned examples of why a built in 2nd circle pad are “excuses”? Proper battery life is an excuse? A lack of support from games is an excuse? The design change alienating original users is an excuse? Really? An excuse would be “they didn’t have time to add it”. Design practicalities and actual usage of the add-on are not excuses.

            1. Lack of support is because developers can’t count on every game using it. The result has been nothing but shit controls in games that would be grateful for a second pad built in.

              You’ve made nothing but sad and nearly irrelevant excuses. Early adopters know the risks, so why screw over longtime support for the minority? Yeah, that makes plenty of sense. Deal with failures with dumb peripherals. Wonder how much early Wii owners enjoy being forced to get MotionPlus for a certain major title.

          2. Both Console have there faults, as does every console out there. There is no such thing as a *perfect* console.

            What you fail to mention is the way Vita is making you spend WAY more then you should. Vita fails to include a Memory card, thus you must buy a proprietary card. Proprietary games I completely understand but when it comes to memory the user should have the say, it is rather, as you put it, 90’s of them to make it proprietary and then on top of it not even include a 2gb or 4gb card with the system.

            Going back to the 3DS for a second though. Lets take example a consumer like me who has lived by Handhelds, they have offered me some of my favorite games in life. I actually wouldn’t have bought the 3DSXL is it came with a 2nd circle pad for the fact that I don’t play the Games that need it. Other then the fact that it would require being a thicker console because of the extra shoulder buttons. If you want to play certain games then yes it’s EASIER to play them with the extra control but not necessary. The control would have no use to me, just as I feel the Touchscreen on the Vita isn’t necessary, there are games that utilize it as a main form of control but they aren’t very good, otherwise its use is fairly gimmicky, just like the *OMG* 3D in the 3DS.

            Every console has its purpose, and consumers that it is aiming to sell to. You just arent one of them. Why spend your time trolling on a Nintendo site when you easily just go sit and play a game in your own little corner. Your not really convincing anyone to sell their 3DS’s or other Nintendo systems by stating certain limitations of their consoles when you aren’t even going to go into the other offerings out there. Considering Nintendo has been doing the console thing since the 80’s and are still making the money today, obviously they’re doing something right otherwise they would have gone the way of SEGA years ago.

      2. Building in the circle pad would be a massive dick move because developers would start making games using it, meaning regular 3ds owners would have to either upgrade or use the fucking circle pad pro at all times, meaning it wouldn’t be portable. Are you fucking stupid?

      3. You do realise that they can’t include it because it will encourage developers to use both sticks and alienate the regular 3DS owners unless they buy the circle pro add on right? Oh wait, you’re Aeolus, you’re just some little fanbitch who hates on anything Nintendo.

    2. HOLY SHIT… It. looks. the same… only bigger… hu?… I was expecting something better…. oh well at least the games that use the Circle Pad Pro can now work better on the 3DS XL

    3. Isn’t the 3DS supposed to be portable…? The 3DS XL with that addon will be like carrying a Wii everywhere with you. Just not as bricky.

      *please take into account I am exaggerating, don’t flame me*

      1. Thats true but the games that use it are best played when you can concentrate, not on a train bumping around xD plus, people have bags :p

    4. Nintendo are a bunch of idiots , why couldn’t they just add another circle pad built in the XL? Money whoring at its finest :)

          1. So because the guy you replied to actually makes sense and isn’t just bashing Nintendo because he’s not as butthurt as you, he’s a Nintendrone?

            I want you trolls to stay.

          2. Yay Nessy! You finally had correct grammar for once! All you needed was a full stop at the end and people wouldn’t think you’re a moron anymore! I’m so proud of my brother! :’)

    5. Who cares, a funnier news is that I read in a swe news site that Microshit trolls and Sorny slaves are so pissed off at Nintendo for making Bayonetta 2 exclusive and they are threatning Nintendo by saying ” I’m gonna kill you!” or “I will commit suicide!” loooool
      Yeah really mature of you boys.

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      1. It looks sleeker than the original one IMO. Less like a rectangular chunk of plastic with a circle pad and shoulder buttons on it.

        1. You are really adamant on tearing anybody down who is fine with the 3DS having one stick, aren’t you? If I’m not mistaken, this behavior is the same behavior that trolls exhibit.

          1. Nobody should be fine with it. The same mistaken Sony did, and Nintendo goes right ahead and does the same thing. Absolutely incredible business decision.

            Stop settling for less, and demand the best.

              1. They do if many people seemed to point it out and made full articles for it.

                So yes, I’m very fucking well implying that, while you’re greentexting without greentext.

    7. i feel like it was too late for the circle pad pro the moment the system was released

      especially as a first party peripheral

      1. You have every right to be. I have no idea how Nintendo thought it was a good idea to design a new handheld with single analog and think it was a good idea in the long run.

        1. Dumb mistake, yeah. Devs can’t even focus on making new games that make use of a second analog stick since not everyone can use it. That’s why I’m sort of against the idea of the releasing peripherals like this, even if it’s what the fans want. Of course… the logical thing would be to let 3rd parties take care of that, but I think there would be too many people getting on Nintendo’s dick for not releasing a version of their own. I dunno.

          Either way it was a stupid move. Live and learn, I guess.

    8. Like you defend the vita. Vita does not have game it will down the road like the psp. Crap sony has dissapointed me tgs was horrible for the vita . A wii game(muramasa). A 3ds game(senran kagura) . A monster hunter clone that also on psp with a higher install base.Ridiculous.

      1. To be fair, the “Monster Hunter clone” is probably going to be a good game.
        I do agree with Muramasa, that’s an old game (that I happen to love!).
        No idea what that other one is.

        TGS was sort of disappointing to me too, as a Vita owner.
        But it was great for PSP owners, haha.

      2. Disturbing how you come up with an argument that’s completely irrelevant to the discussion on hand here.

        There’s a difference between gimped hardware and software that doesn’t release fast enough. I know it’s hard for you to comprehend that.

        1. I’d rather software than hardware any day
          whether it’s “gimped” or not, having games is the most important thing.

    9. No excuses. Your Gimped hardware is selling of the shelve. It so bad 3ds and vita are sharing games (spy hunter). Senran kagura(and its sequel) a game that was a one shot hit on the 3ds going to the vita . No game the quality of kid icarus which the best handheld game this year

    10. eurocom uk my bro works there

      im in the uk , a family member works for eurocom (007 wii developers) he just this minute told me wiiu gpu is a customized version of AMD 4670 @ 45nm with 32 mb edram @ 800mhz

      thats dead on guys “”dead on”” 320 stream processors also original AMD 4670 was 55nm and 750mhz or 600mhz

      off topic but 100% real

    11. The wiiU’s gpu must be:AMD radeon:R700 (codenamed) 55nm.
      That meens that wiiU will have a current gen graphics Gpu which has been created at 2008.They should had put in it the 5000HD series and not 4000HD.Now it’s up to luck

    12. Nintendo: “because you arent holding enough already in your hands with the 3DS XL here is a pointless extender where next to nothing in games support”

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    14. I don’t understand why they just don’t integrate it into their handhelds. There are so many things that annoy me about Nintendo.

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