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Nintendo Doesn’t Plan To Reduce Wii U Price For Years

According to President Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo America, Nintendo doesn’t believe in pricing a product and then reducing its price after a short time. Nintendo had to slash Nintendo 3DS’ price in 2011, which was a “very painful proposition” for the company. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, Fils-Aime thinks the Wii U is priced right, and because the Wii was priced at $249.99 for about three and a half years, he expects Wii U’s price to remain the same for a while.

“The way that we approach consumer value is we want to make sure we give the consumer a lot for what they pay, and when you look at that basic model you get the innovation in the GamePad (and all of the gaming options that presents), you get Miiverse in terms of a gaming community, you get Nintendo TVii, you get video chat… all of that is included in the base proposition. We think $299 is a really strong value, and it’s a value that’s going to be strong for a long time.”

“That gets into another one of our pricing philosophies; we don’t believe in pricing a product and then having to reduce the price some short time later. When we had to do that for 3DS, it was a very painful proposition for us. And what we did with the Wii at $249 and leaving it there for, I think, about three and a half years is very much consistent with our pricing philosophy.”

“In terms of profitability, we don’t comment on our internal byproduct P&L, but as a philosophy, we believe in making money on our hardware, even if it’s small amounts of money at the start. We don’t believe in losing a lot of money on hardware. I brought up 3DS – after the price cut, we were losing money on 3DS hardware and that’s what led to our posting our first operating loss ever as a public company.”

244 thoughts on “Nintendo Doesn’t Plan To Reduce Wii U Price For Years”

      1. Well, I would agree with you..if i get to pay only 300€ for a fancy deluxe pack like in US…But i think is unfair that everybody has to pay more then in America, for a system that delivers its complete experience (i’m talking about Nintendo TVii) nowhere else! It’s quite difficult for someone in Europe, dealing with an unprecedented economic crysis, to buy a deluxe edition for the equivalent to 400$…or the basic set (wich is clearly overpriced comparing) for the equivalent of 350$! I really love nintendo and wanted to play Wii U from day-1…but without a price cut i can’t even afford a basic set, and the extra effort to buy it would leave me without money to buy a single game…for a very long time.

        1. The Deluxe Set is $350 here.

          Anyway, they do that because they know the U.S. is the largest market. But I agree with you, pricing should be equivalent worldwide for the same product.

          1. In the UK basic is £250 and delixe £300 . its fairly priced and you cannot complain about regional price differences . Thats just the way it is , if some one from the UK OR EU wants to complain about the low and cheap price of the wiiu maybe they should think back to the £550 ps3 launch . and what the price of the upcoming ps4 and 720 will be .

            1. As I said in my OP, the price for the Wii U does not need to be reduced. I agree it is fairly priced for the product.

              That said: We do not and can not know what the price of the next gen systems from Microsoft or Sony will be, so let’s not go off topic target other systems with negativity and assume to know what the future will hold.

        2. Don’t forget to take taxes into consideration. Sales tax isn’t calculated into the price here in the US. So the Deluxe version is actually going to end up costing us $380, depending on where you live of course.

    1. Wait, let me elaborate on that a little. I was one of the people that bought a 3DS day one. Yeah they made up for the price cut on day one but I still feel like a made poor consumer choice. I already pre-ordered the deluxe edition once again taking the gamble of buying a system day one. Hopefully this system will do really well like the Wii to where they don’t have to cut the price really early.

      1. decreasing the price of entertainment electronics over time is absolutely common and i don’t see the big issue Oo
        usually if you buy a system brand new (be it a TV a graphics card or whatever) you should be prepared that it will be cheaper a couple months later.. nobody complaining there, everyone knows that especially computer hardware decreases in value over time… i don’t see the big issue with this and i’m bummed that nintendo are going to stick to that business plan… i can understand why nintendo would want to pursue this as it will net them higher income.. but why consumers would actually welcome this is absolutely beyond me

      1. Pre-orders are not conclusive of success.

        So can’t tell if stupid or dimwitted fanboy who doesn’t realize this happens to nearly every console.

        1. That’s cool that you can quote Colin Sebastian. It’s too bad that people were skeptical six years ago with the Wii and that was the best selling console of it’s generation. But go ahead and talk crap all you want. In the end everyone knows that you will be wrong and you will have nothing better to do but to go to a Nintendo news site and try to irritate people because you have no life and this is the only form of attention that you have received in your entire pathetic life.

              1. 1UP

                When ever people bring up the fact that he spends more time on a website about something he hates, than people here b/c the like it, it’s a complete shut down from it

        2. ^ Of course it concludes success. You pre-order and then you buy. If all the versions of Wii U are selling out everywhere the world, then that gives me a big clue that the console is going to do pretty well.

          In face Aeolus, why are you here still? You’ve no interest in Nintendo at all, and you simply down them all the time. You really need to get your facts right before posting rubbish like this.

          1. “Of course it concludes success”.

            Meanwhile there’s an article right on this site from professionals who know what they’re talking about explaining exactly how it isn’t. Therefore I’m not going to bother with Nintendorks trying to tell me otherwise.

            1. Hey buddy, it seems as if you work here. Maybe if you gettin’ PAID to draw attention I hope? Is this how you enjoy wasting your time by holding a grudge on Nintendo? They are making money and keeping people happy, you should congratulate that :) You know that negativity is bad for your health right? Hope my advice can help a little :)

            2. it may not conclude success, but it does predict healthy sales at least in the beginning of it being on sale. look at it this way, diablo 3 had a ton of preorders, yet everyone self rightous douchebag (like yourself) was talking about it as if it would be the biggest piece of shit on the planet, turns out, it still sold a ton regardless, and was (in my opinion) an awesome game. while something like the ps vita, had next to no preorders and sold next to no units. most of the time, you can accurately PREDICT the success of a product by looking at the preorders, but you cant really conclude anything.

              1. The Vita sold out of pre-orders in Japan. Get your facts straight and do your research before making an idiot out of yourself.

                1. i meant to say the vita pre orders were good but it didnt sell very many. my bad. and i could say the same thing to you before anything you type on here. but you seem to love making an idiot out of yourself, since you’re following a news forum solely about a company you despise. that reminds me, why do you still go on this site?

        3. That’s what anti-nintendo analysts and competition tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

          Will WiiU become like the Vita?
          We’ll see in just over a month.
          (US=Nov 18th!!)

  1. Honestly, $300 is decent for a home console. I don’t see why that anyone would think changing it is a good idea, especially since it is a next-gen system.

      1. The Wii U is good enough to run Native 1080p with a fair amount of ease. From what anyone with eyes can see, 1080p, 60 frames-per-second will pretty much be the standard for the 8th generation of home consoles. The most significant things that the follow-ups for Sony and Microsoft can do is being able to play split-screen with both players going at 60fps.

        1. No it won’t be, and you’re a monumental idiot if you think that will be the “standard” in the next generation. Not even close.

          You’ll continue to see 30fps for a very, very long time.

          1. At the most, a year and a half on the Wii U. Black Ops 2 already has native 1080p 60fps on Wii U. From what I understand, no 7th generation console can do this.

            1. …Dude.

              PS3 launched with a game running in that very resolution and FPS–Ridge Racer 7, there’s also a number of other titles doing the same thing throughout its lifetime too.

              By the way, CoD has been 60fps on the HD platforms since CoD 4.

                  1. That can be debatable because I’ve seen the game and son… it looks like it has be upscaled from 720p.

                    PS3 only upscales, the Wii U is native 1080p.

                    1. cool story

                      so tell us all why only 2-3 Wii U games are actually 1080p native and the majority are 720p

                      more importantly why the ones that are 1080p happen to be simplistic titles like Scribblenauts and Toki Tori

                    2. Tell us why your on this site gamer.Do you honestly prefer nintendo to sony?Because I see that your comments are only responses to responses to aeolus,never to him directly.

              1. Hehe, Riiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaaacerrrrrr.

                Back to the argument. I have no doubt that the game was stretched and fiddled with to give a pseudo 1080p resolution. This is the case for all 7th gen games as their graphics cards can’t do 1080p without some kind of sacrifice to other visual elements.

                By the way, were these CoD also pseudo 1080p on those releases. It is the combination of native 1080p and 60fps that will be standard 8th gen, as in both happening at the same time.

                1. You have “no doubt”, are you fucking kidding me? The game is a confirmed 1920×1080 resolution with no anti-aliasing. Do your research and stop relying on “doubt” and this strawman argument. In fact, this will help you out:

                  By the way, what the HELL is “pseudo” 1080p? You’re either running the textures natively, or the entire game is upscaled from some other method. Please try to figure out what you’re talking about first.

                  1. i have to side with you on this. either it’s 1080 or it’s not. you can easily tell the difference just by looking at the resolution. it’s not rocket science.

                  2. Pseudo means fake in case you didn’t know. I was using the word to point out that it is up-scaled 1080p, as in not real. Also, you point out that anti-aliasing has to be sacrificed to reach that resolution; so thanks for reinforcing my point for me.

                    Also, the website you posted was a forum. They aren’t exactly the most accurate sources of information. For all any of us know, those could be the resolutions after being up-scaled rather than before.

                    1. Except you never had a point to begin with, you were suggesting that RR7 was “pseudo 1080p”, which it most definitely is not.

                      Like I said before, you’re either 1080p, or you’re being upscaled otherwise, in no logical way would they be calling an upscaled game full HD, or posting the information as such.

                      If you’re seriously implying that Beyond3D (not the exact forum I posted; the main source of those lists) is not “accurate” and filled with “resolutions after being up-scaled”, then I think you need to seek professional help, that’s a giant and well-renowned tech site beyond just gaming. Alternatively, you could go embarrass yourself and post this very comment on the forums, I’d love to see what follows.

                      But what’s disturbing is your belief that there will be a “standard” of 1080p @60fps in the next gen. Well, you’re going to be in for a ruuuuuuuuuuuuuddddde awakening, bub.

      2. Exacttly! you finaly see it, is not about power is about fun :3
        and thats why microsoft/sony are in a big trouble they need a new way to play instead focusing on graphics, your coment says all thank you :P

  2. Then they’ll just get demolished. If Nintendo honestly believes $300-350 is going to get them anywhere longer for more than two years (even that’s a stretch), they will be in for a rude awakening.

    Expect a price drop next year. Sounds like a load of PR nonsense to prevent spooking early adopters.

    1. You think that way because you’re a drone and you dislike Nintendo. The Wii U has got inside your head. Very Sad. If I didn’t like Nintendo I wouldn’t be on one of their sites because it’s NOT NORMAL!

          1. Oh look, a -clever-poster attempting to be witty and completely ignoring what the slang usage of the word is. Haven’t seen this before!

            1. technically, a faggot is a bundle of sticks. however, i think every native english speaker in the world probably understands what you’re really saying, or at the very least has a decent idea.

    2. Yup Nintendo is doomed….like always…Seriously say something that someone who has more then 1 brain cell can say. Thats right you aren’t able to are you. Nintendo has been #1 every single gen except with the Wii. They become #1 again with the Wii U. Zelda HD, Metroid HD, Smash Bros HD, Star Fox HD, F-Zero HD, Miyamoto’s new IP HD. GOOD FREE ONLINE. That alone beats anything that will come out for the next 4 years.

        1. Meanwhile, in Sony headquarters

          “We need a new IP!!”

          “Hmmm….quirky platformer, or shooter?”

          True story.

          Plus, thanks to Borderlands 2, ever FPS/shooter game is shit now.

        2. and yet those 2o year old IPs still sell better than anything from sony. maybe they should have come up with something in the last 20 years, lol?

            1. and what does? quality is in the eye of the beholder, like art is. sales are sales. i’m just saying nintendo has sold more off those franchises than sony has with anything besides ff. and that from a nintendo console to begin with. i’m not a sony hater or a nintendo lover, i’m just saying, is all. it takes creativity to reimagine IPs the way nintendo does, you gotta give em credit where it’s due.

              1. I have to ask people like you this question:

                In what way are these “sales” helping or contributing to your experience in these games? Please tell me. How does how much “x” sells possibly helping you or accomplishing anything? Maybe if it’s a multiplayer only game, which if it sells like shit, you won’t get much players online. But besides that, someone answer this.

                Apple can sell hundreds of millions iPhones, does that make it a good product?
                Justin Bieber can sell millions as well, does that make him a good musician?
                GM is perhaps the top of the other automakers when it comes to sales, does that make them good ones?

                Anything and I mean ANYTHING can sell given the right circumstances. Marketing, pricing, market it’s aimed at and brand identity.

                1. all true. i’m just saying plenty of people still think the IPs are relevant. you kinda skipped over the part where I said in two sentences the same thing you ranted over 3 paragraphs with.

                  1. People who THINK so, yes. But I personally don’t feel they are, especially with games in similar genres delivering similar or perhaps better experiences.

                    1. …and this is where i say “to each their own”. “diversity is the spice of life”, and all that.

            2. Super Mario series, highest selling Mario franchise, lowest scoring average for this franchise: 75%. Lowest scoring Zelda game not included re-released titles: 86‰. Lowest scoring metroid without a re-release 78%. Lowest scoring Mario kart 82%. Lowest scoring pikmin without re-release 84%.

              Pretty safe to say that pretty much all their best selling franchises are quality titles. Source:

              1. Lol, you forgot about their other IPs such as Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Croc and even Crash and Spyro got fed up being a Playstation exclusive and moved onto multiply platforms such as the Gameboy, Wii, 3DS and Xbox 360

              1. In what shape or form is that “losing an IP”? What does the team have to do with the IP?

                Do you know what intellectual property is to begin with?

                  1. It’s okay, you can pretend to make points all you want when you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. I won’t tell anyone how stupid you are. Promise.

              1. Spyro and Crash were never Sony IPs.

                Jak & Daxter went nowhere and even had a collection recently.

                Ratchet & Clank has a new title (Full Frontal Assault) coming this year.

                Try again.

                1. Spryo and Crash could have moved to the N64 but they didn’t because Sony actually did own the rights at the time.

                  The collectors edition does not count as a NEW game so really you failed on that one

                  Ratchet & Clanks new title is almost unheard of now since people like Sony have forgotten about them because Sony has even bothered with them in a long time which means that they could soon lose the rights.

                  Anymore questions.

                  Also, I noticed you didn’t respond to the Hex and Croc ones, how comes? Oh yes because they where a Sony IP that then sooner disappeared because Sony is horrible at keeping their IPS.

                  1. – I do not know why you continue to bring up Spyro and Crash in an argument about IPs. Publishing a game =/= you should be owning the rights to it. With that logic, every publisher for games not developed in their house should belong to them.

                    – Irrelevant. The IP is alive and not “lost”, try again.

                    – Refer to my previous statement.

                    – Croc is not a Sony IP either. “Hex”? Don’t know (or probably don’t care about) what the hell that is.

                    Either you start educating yourself, or I’m not going to bother with excessive stupidity, which is precisely what you’re doing right now. Seems nobody in the comments section right now actually knows what an intellectual property is.

                    1. aside from the first 3 titles, spyro is multi-platform. the same thing for crash. neither one really was ever owned by sony, but i expect exclusivity deals for the first trilogy were in effect. perhaps sony should have tried harder to keep it exclusive. *shrugs* not a big deal to me.

    3. That’s weird, I couldn’t reply to your comment above. Oh well, I’ll continue down here.

      What I find hard to believe is that you find true 1080p @60fps as an impossible standard for the 8th generation of home consoles when it has already been set by the Wii U. Also, I gave that list a good look through. All the ‘true’ 1080p games were either a racing game, a sports game, or a puzzler. This made one thing clear to me. I am closer to being right than you are. Environments pass by in racing games very quickly; so fast in fact, only some of the most well trained human eyes can pick up on where AA, shading, or textures were sacrificed for the sake of maintaining the 1080p. In sports games, a good portion of the environment can be pre-rendered, and are usually uniform. This removes a need for a lot of textures. I hope I don’t even have to explain Puzzle games.

      If a game has to make significant sacrifices to AA, textures, or shading in order to maintain 1080p @60fps, then it is not native. That is how I’ve been defining native 1080p from the very start. I’ll say that these games look great, but they all have a way to be up-scale or to avoid down-scaling by sacrificing something that most wouldn’t even notice the lack of.

    1. To make it clear? Alot of people who bought the 3DS at its original price were a bit peeved to find they reduced the price not a year later. This way people can buy it knowin they got a good deal for years to come

        1. Tbh if i bought a 3DS then the price went down by that much not long after i wouldve been a little pissed. Although i wish i did so i could get those GBA games :|

          1. i was a little upset, but then i got all the gba classic like zelda and mario and donkey kong and fire emblem and so on for free, and i’m not really upset anymore. nintendo is smart, they didn’t alienate their early adopters.

            1. I wish theyd put them on the store already -.- not like they need to code it or anything, theyre already on Nintendos database from when the ambassador thing started

      1. I was really pissed, because the price dropped before they had any real games out, eShop was a joke, and I was just using it for DS games.

        Bad memories, and why I use the screen name, “Jaded.” I was PISSED. I had wanted RE Revelations, which wasn’t released for ages after. I got Mercenaries instead.

        Seeing how I get ZombiU and AC3 (and Nintendo Land) on Day 1, I’m hoping Nintendo learned their lesson.

      2. I wasn’t. I didn’t pay money for my 3DS because I had traded in so much merchandise at Gamestop towards my 3DS preorder that I paid off the system and a game. Didn’t matter much to me because they were games I no longer played and the preorder bonus was nice to say the least along with the Power Up Rewards Pro Membership.

  3. The price is fine for what it is, you are getting a next gen system… of course that may change when Sony and MS show off there NG console too but I doubt we will see anything huge over the Wii U specs IMHO.

  4. I’m extremely fine with the actual prices of the Wii U (Basic and Deluxe Sets). And the customers who have pre-purchased the U are definitely getting their money’s worth for a 3-in-1 console– Gaming/Social/Entertainment system.

  5. The price is perfect imo. The basic model only costs $50 more than the Wii did when it launched. Nintendo was smart to wait on making a powerful HD console until the technology was cheaper. Heck, I got a full 1080p 32″ HD TV to get ready for the Wii U and it only cost like $500 (we only paid $400 because it was a Black Friday deal). Compare that to the price a 1080p HD TV was in 2005/2006 when the 360/PS3 came out. Probably over $1,000.

    1. i wouldnt say perfect. Perfect would have been if the basic was bundled with a game. The wii was bundled with wii sports in north america….a fairer comparison would be to the deluxe model…so its more like 100 dollars more

    2. I bought a Vizio 42″ 1080p 120Hz TV off of Tiger Direct recently for my Wii U and PS3 for $400. The only reason why it was so cheap was because it was a factory refurb. But technology is becoming more affordable as the years go on and I think Nintendo has a real winner of a console on their hands. It shows they have the support and the innovation on their side to make this upcoming generation with the PS4/720 a very exciting one indeed.

  6. $428 here in AUS for the Premium, that’s not bad for a brand new console, considering the PS3 was $998 here on launch and the current one is $400 and that’s almost 6 years old. Nothing against Sony or MS (I actually own all consoles and play them mostly about the same each)

      1. Source where they said SPECIFICALLY that wiiu is half as powerful as ps3.If you don’t answer within 5hrs(I know that you come here a lot),then I will call bs.

      2. Throwing the term “fanboy” around, aren’t you? I don’t praise Nintendo and criticize Sony all the time. I can do vice-versa as well. I can criticize Nintendo for lack of quality 3rd party software for Wii, and praise Sony for the abundance of quality 1st and 3rd party titles. I believe the moron is you. Morons. *facepalm*

        1. Yeah, and give a source of that claim you made. If you don’t, you’re even more a moron. Try and retain your dignity, moron.

  7. The price is perfect where it’s at. It puts them in a position to make a lot money at the start and if necessary they can cut the price when the competition drops their pieces of hardware if they so desire. We’ll have to wait and see. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. Dont expect it to, its a great price, i doubt they’ll even change it when the ps4 and 720 come out.

    Not that it matters with me seein as in getting it day 1 xD

  9. Yeah the 3DS also wasn’t getting a price srop but sony announced the vita price, and nintendo drop the price faster than a hooker in her 50s.

    So don’t patronize us nintendo.

      1. Look I hope bayonetta does extremely well as an exclusive, cause it didn’t do so well as a multiplat.

        And no I’m not mad, I’ma just wait for that eventual price drop till I get my WiiU (unless smash comes before and is not as sluggish as brawl)

    1. I thought it was because they were bairly selling at that price? Either way though, your reason does make plenty of sense.

      1. That had something to do with it as well, but we needed games for almost 5 months,but in june sony announces the vita, and in july nintendo announces the price drop.

    2. Yeah but the thing is the 720 and ps4 wont be the same price, they’ll be more. Microsoft can afford selling at a loss, but Sony? Not a chance, unless their marketing staff are really that stupid.

      The WiiU MAY drop in price, by 2014, but oterwise theres no reason to.

      Plus the 3DS was overpriced overall, and the price dropped not just because of the Vita, but because of its sales, because Nintendo has always been about value, and the original price wasnt, so they had to take a loss.

      1. Actually nintendo did nothing (regarding the price) while we were gameless for months. Even some EU stores dropped the price willingly. After sony announce the vita nintendo announce the price drop (now I’m not saying it was a bad thing for nintendo, it was the smartest move nintendo did regarding the 3DS, but as a consumir I felt betrayed) so I’m taking nintendos word with a grain of salt from now on.

        Specialy Reggies, he seems to be out of the loop most of the time.

  10. I have a legitimate question for.Aeolus. I understand you dislike nintendo and that’s okay. I’m not sure what your console or brand of.choice is. But in reality that doesn’t really matter. You have your personal preference and that’s fantastic. I am glad that you enjoy gaming. So here’s my question. Why do you spend so much time being so negative in these comments? Genuinely I want to know. Surely us nintendo fans are aware of nintendo’s past shortcomings and are willing to have a reasonable discussion about it if you were wanting that. It seems however that you don’t wish to have discussion. So then that makes me wonder why you consistently spend so much time talking about things you hate. Wouldn’t your time be better suited talking about the things you love in a community that focuses on those things? I understand the concept of trolling and if that’s what you consider yourself doing that’s fine. But, really there was better ways to spend life than being cynical about something that was designed to be fun.

        1. Well because you are an idiot. People don’t like you because you act like such a hard laid but in the end you probably get beaten up at work/college/school or even out in the streets and you are using the internet to vent your frustration out on Nintendo fans and see the “All-mighty” xbox 360 and PS3 as your only friends.

          We all know you are weak and helpless at actually fighting but fighting over the internet isn’t going to prove it, also, saying that you are a hacker isn’t a legit way of making people scared of you.

          Now I have a few more things to say…

          I just loved and tolerated the SHIT out of you… have a nice day.

          1. You’ll “probably” lose that assumption in a bet, kiddo.

            That or you’re summing yourself up, which I wouldn’t be surprised. Nintendorks like to hide their inferiority with useless remarks.

            1. Mmhm, you keep telling yourself that

              Oh and by the way… why are you still here? do you get off to people fighting back and winning?

            2. seriously, man do you have issues? the hate coming off you is visible from here. take a chill pill and disagree in a reasonable manner. personal insults make no one look good.

              1. “the hate coming off you is visible from here”

                Can you teach me how to look at people through text too? This is an amazing ability, you should consider a seat on Oprah.

                1. no, man, i can read what you write. that’s the visible part, the text, not these days, they need everything explained to them.

              2. He has a small penis compared to me, we should kill him like a pack of wolves which raised me in the wild. They used to kill the weaker ones like Aeolus here. I have now unadopted him from our worldly family.

        2. I don’t know why anyone responds to Aelous. Maybe if we stop taking to him he will go away. And if he just continues to talk to himself, we will know just how big of a loser he is. He’s still a loser now don’t get me wrong but we will just see how much of one he really is.

      1. It wasn’t a fanboy question. It was a human question. I’m sorry you are so angry in your life that you feel the need to do this

  11. Reggie said in an interview along time ago. People waiting to get a Wii U when a Price Drop happens will be waiting ALONG TIME. Wii didnt get one for 3 years. Wii U wont get one for 3-4 years.

  12. everyone seems to be arguing over hardware. that’s dumb. success is for a console is usually determined by software offerings in the eyes of the consumer. for example (don’t freak out) the vita is a very impressive gaming machine, but has had little success to date due to almost no progress on the software front. software offerings were why i picked the xbox 360 over the wii and ps3, and super smash bros. and zelda are why i’m getting the wii u now. yes, hardware is important, but really, the games themselves are what determines a system’s value.

      1. yes, the software offerings for the 360 (when i purchased it in 08) were much better than the other 2 consoles for what I was looking for. *shrugs* i like what i like, i guess, and that’s why i’mswapping back to ninteno for the first time since the n64.

  13. Why is that faker “Aeolus” using my name just so he can make fun of the Wii U?

    I love Nintendo and I would do anything to get my hands on a Mario game. I don’t mind other platforms either because I have all 3 (PS3, Xbox 360 & Wii) and a Gaming PC.

    Faker Aeolus is nothing more than a faker, calling people english food and cigarettes.

      1. my theory is that one is the twin of the other, raised separately since birth, and now they meet on the interwebz and type words at each other in mortal combat. *gasp*

            1. Its a reference to MK, as in the last words the person he replied to said “mortal Combat”

              Please read before making an ass of yourself

  14. truthfully….i hope this turns out to just be PR talk….i personally am not getting a wiiu day one because i cant find any games that i deem worth me personally purchasing the wiiu from jump….it would be nice to know that when i decide to pick it up a year from now..that it wont be quite as expensive..

    its a tad on the high side now….not by much…but its mainly because there are no killer apps right now.

    if there is no price drop…hopefully a good bundle…..but if another system is released next year by microsoft or sony (doubtful)…they are going to need a price drop for sure

      1. you’re pretty butthurt all the time. But whatever, it’s good that you come on this site MULTIPLE TIMES EVERY DAY to get mad at others and try to troll them. makes me feel a lot better about myself as a person. (:

      1. yeah there are plenty nice games….but for me personally. I feel like i would want a triple A effort from nintendo or even a triple A exclusive from a third party…..they got nice games…but some of them i could just as easily get on either the ps3 or 360…without purchasing an entirely new console…im just gonna wait till we get a legitimate mario entry (3d)…or starfox…zelda..smashbros….or if nintendo and capcom get smart…nintendo vs capcom….something on the level those games would be at…..something triple A..something killer app, that i would need to get a wiiu for

        aside from that…i can see the wii’s library appealing to a ton of people so far..especially when you factor in the tablet specific enhancements brought on by the controller…..but im still waiting on “my game” whatever that will eventually be……keyword..eventually….its just a matter of time

    1. Agreed.
      And we know xBox will be soo much lower when their new system comes out.

      Wait and get a Sony. It will be cheap, and blow away the competition.

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  16. Nintendo is a business at the end of the day and they want to be profitable. Looking at it that way I think its perfectly reasonable that they don’t want to drop the price soon after launch. For a brand new product such as the Wii U I think the price is pretty reasonable. I’ll probably be buying mine in December or January

  17. Assuming that the PS4 and next Xbox will be more expensive, there’s no reason to drop the price. If they aren’t, then Nintendo might have to rethink that.

    1. that really depends on what they offer…..whats the hardware….how more advanced is it…how much more does it cost….and are the games shown generating enough hype to make people want to purchase

      if its an extra 150 to 200 bucks but is like 6 to 8 times more powerful, people are going to see value in that…so it all depends on what these guys end up offering when those systems come around

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