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Amazon Lists Kid Icarus: Uprising For Wii U

Although Kid Icarus: Uprising lead designer Masahiro Sakurai confirmed he has no plans to make a sequel to his third-person shooter for Nintendo 3DS, he never said he wasn’t going to port the game to other platforms. Kid Icarus: Uprising would probably function well on Nintendo’s upcoming console, especially because of its controllers’ dual analog sticks, and is currently listing a Wii U version of the game.

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    1. Concidering Reggie said that there are “Unannounced Wii U Launch Window Games” I am going to believe this. After all the french have always been trustworthy (After all 01net, a French publishing site was the one who first knew about “Project Cafe”

  1. I highly doubt that this is real- barely anything revealed by retailers in this way ever is, but if it is true, this would be awesome. I do love the 3D though, so that might be a drawback.

    1. I can’t imagine a single control scheme that would be good both in the air and in the ground.
      I play with the stylus while in the air, and with the ABXY buttons while on the ground

        1. The controls for the 3DS version were OK, is just that I had to change it every time I moved from the air to the ground. And then again when starting a new stage. If I could simply choose a control scheme for each mode, it would be good enough :)

          And I couldn’t care less about Accomplishments and 3D.

    2. I don’t get this “bad controls” gripe, I love the game and I think the controls work just fine… if you stop complaining about them and adjust to and learn how to use them well, they work great.

  2. This isn’t going to happen. If it does though, I’ll gladly buy it again. I would love to play it on the big screen, in full HD with proper control.

            1. Kid Icarus’ controls were weird. Why didnt they bundle the circle pad pro in with it? dumb move by nintendo. they woulda sold a LOT of circle pads.

              1. You can’t play Kid Icarus using the Circle Pad Pro to move the reticle. It’s only for moving your character.I thought this has been answeredabout a hundred times, and still people complain..

    1. Really? It’s one of my favorite games now that I’ve beaten it. The story was great, it had a lot of content, the dialog was clever and the graphics were gorgeous.

      1. When did I believe that? Show me when.

        Or are you just reinforcing my previous comment and listen to a bunch of posers? Nice proving my point.

              1. You’re implying I give an ounce of a fuck what kind of respect I have out of you. Trust me, you’re not even on my radar when I comment here. So consider yourself lucky to even have a reply out of me, you insignificant little shit.

                1. Awww. Someone has a superiority complex, don’t they? How cute. That explains a lot, I’m surprised I never saw it before.

  3. I think a Kid Icarus Uprising 2 could/should be on Wii U, but not a port of the 3DS. I can’t see it selling well unless they make it cheap. Rebuying the same game for a few upgrades?

      1. Prime Trilogy? That’s different, that was $80 for 3 full games. So yeah, it was cheap.
        Also I hadn’t played any of them before so ABSOLUTE STEAL for me.

        1. No I was just saying that companies re-release titles all the with few upgrades, and Metroid Prime Trilogy (which was not a bad deal 3 critically acclaimed titles with the awesome Wii Remote control, updated visuals, and a few bonuses for 50 bucks when it 1st came out) is a collection of 3 games that were re-released.

  4. I beg of you Masashiro Sakurai, please make this into a game for the Wii U with additional content, new stages, more characters to play as, and an additional story. That’d be beyond epic

  5. We at Nintendo aim to create a fantastic new home console with many games. Kid Icarus may be ported to the Wii U or there may be an upgraded or entirely new version for the Wii U. The fans shall have to wait and see! However I am placing the lethal Nintendo death curse on Amazon for revealing such vital information that may or may not be true

    1. It’s a mock box art dude. Chill. Really just chill. The world didn’t end the past ⑨00 games this has happened to.

          1. The Wii U was already announced to support optional 3D features long ago. So I assume you’ve been living under a rock till now.

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  7. Cool but too much 3DS ports coming to Wii U may make it seem underpowered. Mutant Mudds, Mighty Switch Force, and possibly Kid Icarus Uprising.

    1. And i like the current controls, but they could make dual analogue another option along with the stylus. Plus, the name is perfect.

      Kid Icarus: “U”prising!

  8. Whether or not this actually happens, it’s a great idea. There’s much more for the hand to grip than on the 3DS, and with something to hold the Gamepad up (stand/charging dock) the player can use the stylus/analog stick/shoulder button scheme without having to worry about it slipping away.

    I’m fairly certain the right analog stick would once again be used for lefties, so don’t hold your breath about dual-analog.

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  10. If it’s true, it’ll be awesome. A second stick for better control built in, the possibility of new levels and weapons, and maybe even the ability to synch up with the online of the 3DS version!

  11. While the game would look nice in HD, id miss the 3D, this game looked great in 3D and id feel bad to have it gone. It would also benefit from the bigger screen. And they also better add analog stick control as an option. And no tacked on gimmicky motion controls, unless they allow you to point with the wii remote, I don’t want to have to shake the gamepad every 5 seconds. Also IF they do it, it needs to be able to play online or wireless with the 3DS version. But I highly doubt this is true at all though.

  12. I’ll admit this sounds awesome, as I loved the 3DS game. My thing is though is how they would handle it. It’s not enough to just upgrade the graphics and have that be the only change. I think they need to expand the amount of content on the game, so it can have something the 3DS doesn’t have.

    I heard that Sakurai said in an interview that Uprising originally was going to have 30 chapters. If that’s the case, they should try to implement those back in. I’d still like to see a chapter where Viridi is fought (she’s the only major goddess who isn’t fought).

      1. That’s true, although perhaps it could be right after the Thunder Temple chapter and end with Pit convincing her to lay off on the humans for a while or something like that. It just would have been nice to see her more involved. I’d like to see how she would fight compared to the other gods.

  13. I agree, new content would be a big selling point to folks who already own the 3DS version. To those who think it’s a lame idea, don’t buy it =) Stupid ideas still sell. Look at the Angry Birds Trilogy.

  14. OMG! This would be amazing! I was just thinking how it was disapointing that Kid Icarus got a low score on the 3DS specifically for it’s awkward controls. On the Wii U with HD graphics better controls and AWESOME online multiplayer(the best part!) The game would easily score a 10/10: Masterpiece.

  15. Doubt it’s true but hope it is – haven’t picked up 3DS version yet (I know, I know) so would definitely get on Wii U :)

  16. I don’t see this game benefiting from a port at all.
    1. It’s built around a handheld experience. Chapters are short, it’s a pick up and play kind of game, not a sit on the couch for a few hours and play kind of game.
    2. I was only released just this year for 3DS, how do you justify that? How does anyone even want that? I’d buy a sequel because it would have completely different content, but a port/HD remake? This soon? Why not just replay the game you already have?
    3. The 3D, most people don’t realise, actually plays an important role in the game. Your aiming reticule is drawn to the depth it can fire at, that’s how you tell if an enemy is out of range or not. The WiiU version would lack this, and I wouldn’t be able to stand it personally.
    4. If they were going to port it they would keep the touch screen aiming. Sakurai has stated many times why they chose that option over dual-stick and they would not change it for the WiiU.
    5. The game is already so complete and full as it is, it wouldn’t benefit from extra content at all because there’s already so much there.

    Don’t get me wrong, LOVE this game, one of the best handheld games of the year for me, I just don’t think it warrants or needs a WiiU port and it’d be disappointing to see such a move from Nintendo, unless they could seriously convince me otherwise.

    Not that the source/story actually has any credibility, anyway. :P

    1. While I can understand your points, you have to understand that putting the game as a port for the Wii U could be a good idea. There are many reasons why like, fixing the screwy controls, updating graphics, utilizing the Wii U’s online capabilities. Utilizing 3DS to Wii U connectivity, giving those a chance to play the game who either couldnt buy the game for 3DS at the time or did not want it maybe because it was on the 3DS in the firsg place and would be willing to buy it for Wii U. I dont see te 3D being a big deal as I dont use the 3D at allfor any game on my 3DS. I use it for cutscenes and that is 100% it… So it can go both ways as why TO and why NOT to port the game to Wii U.

      1. See, I’m totally fine with the controls, they work great for me. The graphics are brilliant as they are, and I don’t play a game for graphics anyway. Wii U’s online capabilities are thus far largely unknown, though I can’t see the game getting any better from them, I play it online regularly and enjoy the experience just fine.
        Just because some people haven’t played the game on 3DS doesn’t mean they should release it on Wii U for those people, I personally would feel totally ripped off if they released a remake within a year of original release.
        Which is my main problem with it. If this were 4-5 years down the line I’d probably be all for it, and buy it myself. But this soon? I’d be very disappointed.

  17. I’d prefer a brand new game, especially since it would pretty much make the 3ds version obsolete having a version with more features and hd graphics

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  20. Um… The development team broke up some time ago, just a little while after the game was made. Unless the Wii U and 3DS versions were being made at the same time–or unless they got a whole new team for this–I don’t see how that’s possible.

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