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Reggie Says Wii U Supply Chain Is Solid

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has tried to dampen down any fears that the Wii U will be extremely hard to come by this Christmas by saying that the supply chain for the console is extremely solid. Reggie believes that they have got the situation in hand, and that the consoles will be readily available for consumers to purchase later this year.

“We’ve learned a lot of lessons from the launch of the DS, the launch of Wii and the launch of 3DS. And our supply chain is solid. My job is to work with retailers, work with other business partners to create demand for the product, and have the consumer get excited. And I think we’re well on the way to doing that.”

77 thoughts on “Reggie Says Wii U Supply Chain Is Solid”

  1. If you say so Mr. Reggie.

    *suddenly remembers all of the stores that were and possibly still are sold out on the basic and deluxe WiiU’s*

    1. Well, it’s to keep supply up for the Wii U and make it nigh on impossible to buy multiples and sell them for nearly a grand when stock is dry.

  2. If he was doing his work so sell, it wouldn’t be sold out so quickly, they’re losing a lot of sales
    No company wants to sell out, it’s not as much of a sign of success as it’s a sign of missing opportunities
    Except if you’re trying to create demand believing that will lead to further sales

    1. Maybe they purposely gave the stores less for your reason but also to be sure that they would be available later in the year.

    2. You are an idiot. Companies want to sale out. They are not losing sales… They only release a certain amount on launch because if they put them all out on launch day or put them all up for pre-orders no one would be able to get them for black friday or chirstmas. I have 20,000 units to give out globally. I’m only going to let maybe 10,000-15,000 of them be up for pre-order and launch. I still have units being made even during this process. So after launch I have 50,000 units I can put on shelves world wide. A launch is more of a hype creator. Many people will not be able to get certain products on their launch day, this creates hype.

      1. You sir do know your stuff, you should be a business man. We do only ship a certain amount of units on launch because of the fact we want some to be available for holidays afterward. A launch is like a hype creator and a grand opening, if you will. I can’t reveal how many units are going to be shipped but your comment has some depth and truth to it. We at Nintendo have nothing to announce as of right now though.

  3. Not enough Nintendo. Get fucking 100,000 more premium bundles at gamestop!

    Seriously, atleast tell us if the premium is a limited edition or not. Im so fucking confused, I dont want the basic bundle, i want a shiny new black Wii U! O_O

    1. Some people are expected to much. I mean they are already have manufacturing problems, Do you want the Wii U to come on November 18th 2012? or February 18th 2013? If they try to produce more rapidly then something will go wrong and they will have to fix them pushing the launch date <<<<<<<<. Black products take longer to make, most black products are actually painted and have to have special material and such like anti-scratching layers.

      1. False, wouldn’t it be black parts molded from black plastic? I have good examples to back me up. Inside of a polar white DS lite, it’s white, whereas a black DS lite is black on the inside. And Legos.

        1. I can assure you that we have enough Wii U units made to last till the end of the launch window. However depending on your location it may be harder to get one of these units. I can also say that some Nintendo products have been made with paint rather than black plastic because some materials don’t come in black. Most of them today do use black plastic, however some things can’t just be plastic for quality’s sake.

    1. They cant, the games are still probably in development and the producers and directors dont want to unveil it yet. Maybe a Nintendo Direct Again before launch? O_O

    1. Easily the most brilliant comment ever posted on the website. You, sir, have just won the internet. We will all now abide to cyber-rules of your discretion.

    1. That’s on the movie “Baseketball” when they win the cup. One announcer says to the other “You’re excited?! Feel these nipples.” Lol……I don’t know how I remember that movie…

    1. I will try to make that possible. Think about it like this my friend. Analyst say we can make up to 1.5 million units a month, we could be making more or less but we at Nintendo have nothing to announce right now so I can’t say how many. Anyway, if we announced the price this month, that would be 1.5 (Sept.) + 1.5 (Oct.) .5( Early Nov.) That would be 3.5 million already, again it could be more or less.

      1. First Dark Pit, then Shegeru Myamoto, then Sataura Iwata, and now Reggie “My Body Is Ready” Fils-Aime!? Welcome to mynintendonews the snacks are to your left. But who was Dark Pit??

  4. 3ds vita
    Round one:controls-tie (circle pad pro makes 3ds tie.Even though you have to pay 20 more dollars and few games support,it would balance out and the vita would still cost more)
    Round 2:features-3ds(it already has two games in it.It has 3d,3ds sound where you can put music on.It supports 3d video playback,the eshop offers a lot and a couple of videos on it,and much more
    Round 3-graphics-vita(don’t have to explain)
    Round 4-games-3ds(don’t have to explain)
    Round 5-advancement from predecessor-3ds
    Round six:innovation-3ds (3d without graphics,nuff said)
    Round seven:multitask-vita
    3ds:4,vita:2,tie:1 3ds wins.Feel free to change and respond(even you trolls).

  5. the wii u could get all the apps android and ios has and make it better all they have to do is put them on the eshop for the same price and there good thats my option

  6. As my friend Reggie as said on the launch day will be enough Wii U, both Basic and Deluxe, for those who didn’t preordered. As president of Nintendo I can say there will be a Wii U for ‘You’ and if you couldn’t predered don’t have to worry as we learned from the Wii and 3DS launch and we wont be making the same mistakes again in the launch of the Wii U. So be patient and buy one from a second hand for a lot more in desperation to get one at launch. There will be a Wii U for everyone. Thank you!

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