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Dragon Quest X Has 300,000 Subscribers In Japan

Nihon Securities Journal has revealed that Square Enix’s massively multiplayer online role playing game Dragon Quest X for Wii has about 300,000 subscribers. Each of the subscribers to the game pay 1,000 yen per month to play Dragon Quest X online. By comparison, Square Enix’s other massively multiplayer online role playing game, Final Fantasy XI, peaked at about 600,000 subscribers.

20 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Has 300,000 Subscribers In Japan”

  1. This looks so familiar to Dragon Quest 8. That was my favourite game of the series and I’ve been waiting for a sequel or another game made by level-5 and Dragonball artists so thank you Nintendo. Now when will this be available in the USA? Why don’t you just release the games with Japanese voice acting and English subtitles?

  2. umm i dont wana bash this game but dragon quest is kinda boring and stupid but hey if people want it best of luck to you guys ill be pretty amazed if sqare and enix bring back the illusion of giga..that was and still to this day is my favorit rpg from japan and its not fuckin turn base battle

  3. I thoght the game would have done better. It’s understandable though because of Japan’s economy. Hopefully this game will become more popular.

    1. Actually its a bad thing, DQ is a bigger franchize in the east than in the west, and it has less subscribers than FF14. And FF14 is doing bad.

      This whole subscription thing turned a lot of people off.

    1. Not really. Remember, this game is so far only in Japan, whereas Final Fantasy XI was available in all regions. And for all we know, most people might be simply waiting for the Wii U version.

    1. nice try but no, DQ9 has sold over 5 Million units worldwide, and has sold less than 2 Million in the States and Europe combined. it Sold 2.3Million units in 2 days alone in Japan. So what does that tell you?

      its ok, to like a company, but dont bs the people, cause less than 1/3 of a Million in 2 months for DQ means bad news. specially when its on a console thats sold over 90 million units.

      1. Your choice of username accurately describes your use of logic.

        DQX is an MMO, MMO’s generally have lower sales. Case in point, FFXI is an MMO, and is the lowest selling mainline FF, BUT it is the most successful financially because of the subscription fees.

        You’re also comparing sales to subscription numbers. DQX as quoted has around 300,000 subscribers, but that’s from just under 600,000 sales in Japan so far.

        In comparison, FFXI shipped less than 200,000 in Japan on the PS2.

        1. (Insert my user name here) you do realize that FF11 is a complete different case right? The game wasn’t realese to one console, it was relleased on the Ps2, 360, AND pc. Yes it was succesfull, but because of the 2+ Million subscribers they had towards the ends of 2009.

          Square enix was sweating bullets because they were bearly breaking even with FF1, read the history behind it, and try again.

          1. Ignoring the fact that you’re still comparing global numbers to Japan only numbers, and that DQX still has its Wii U release coming up…

            2+million active characters =/= 2+million subscribers. It’s subscriber peak is listed in this damn article as 600k (and that’s global). Although I have other data which suggests only 500k.

            Here, have this graph of MMO subscription rates.

            You can see quite easily where DQX falls in with ~300k subs.

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