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Grid 2 Port Could Come To Wii U Along With Other Codemasters Games

Grid 2 Associate Producer Iain Smith has revealed that a Wii U version of Codemasters forthcoming racer Grid 2 shouldn’t be ruled out. Talking to gaming publication Joystiq, Smith said that there’s also a number of other titles that the developer is currently working on that could be ported across to Wii U. Smith says nothing should be completely ruled out, which suggests that they will be looking closely at how well the Wii U performs this Fall before making any definitive decisions.

“There’s every opportunity at some point down the line” for the racer to come to Wii U.

“It’s not being ruled out certainly, and certainly [that applies] across all Codemasters titles. Some platforms are more appropriate for certain types of games, but we just have to make decisions as and when they’re appropriate. We can’t say too much more at the moment.”

85 thoughts on “Grid 2 Port Could Come To Wii U Along With Other Codemasters Games”

  1. Make it so. The first GRID was great done want to have to give money to M$ or Pony when it can go to Nintendo. I’m talking about the license fee folks not the whole price paid for the game

  2. Not much for racing games but if this comes to Wii U along with Project CARS, there’ll be two awesome racing games on Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. WOW I hate how these western dev like to see a console sales before they put there games on it. They are pulling a EA move, trying to test the console will garbage games. JP dev are very different.
    why do you think vita is failing for? because western are not making games until it sells more hardware and Sony only rely on 3rd party, so the vita is going nowhere.

    1. No, just don’t want to bother with Nintendo consoles. Since Nintendo gamers don’t buy stuff like this compared to other consoles. That’s a known fact.

        1. Right. Tell us all how core games sell on Nintendo consoles compared to the other systems.

          Don’t be an idiot, Nintendo fans just by what they recognize. Third party efforts are almost wasted on them. That’s why the majority seem to be playing it safe with ports or titles that likely don’t have much of a budget behind them.

            1. This is relevant to my point, how? It’s amazing you can’t argue otherwise. Because it’s the truth. Third party core titles do not sell on Nintendo hardware.

                1. You may have been talking about VITA game sales, but he wasn’t. He was talking about Nintendo and 3rd party support and then you brought in the VITA which was completely irrelevant. You sir are an idiot.

                    1. No I support common sense. Hardcore games will not sell as well as you think they will on Nintendo’s consoles. The only reason why I buy Nintendo is for their 1st party stuff. 3rd party I’ll either play on my PC or PS3.

                      1. thats true but you got to understand that 3rd party think that nintendo fans will buy anything like there stupid not to see whats going on, look at EA they pull a middle finger to Nintendo fans buy releasing a mass affect trilogy on other console minus the wii u. EA expect you to buy it they don’t care if its good or not they just want you to buy it.

                  1. In no shape or form were you legitimately using the goddamn Vita as an example. You were trying to use it as an excuse, the handheld market is NOT the console market you stupid piece of shit.

                    The discussion is third party support and core title sales on Nintendo CONSOLES. So start trying to argue in favor of sales, because no amount of Wii sales turned that shitty third party support into gold. It was always shit, from start to finish. For the developers who tried with their core games *Madworld and The Conduit*, they did not sell anything worth a crap. Wasted efforts because the majority of Nintendo fans don’t buy anything but first party titles. The proof is all here, right in your face:


                    In the top 10: ALL CASUAL/FIRST PARTY TITLES.
                    In the top 20: SAME THING.
                    In the top 30: SAME THING.
                    In the top 40: Two titles. Both were mediocre.
                    In the top 50: Two ports and one popular title (in Japan).

                    My point has been proven effortlessly. I don’t think I even need to bring up the DS/3DS titles in the case of the handheld market, because it is undoubtedly the SAME scenario.

                    1. ” the handheld market is NOT the console market you stupid piece of shit.”
                      that right there show that how dumb you are to believe that vita will beat 3ds because it a “handheld console experience”~quote aeolus.

                      1. The Vita beats the 3DS where it matters. Quality third party support comprised of core titles and games meant for people who actually want to play games and not titles best suited for digital downloads. WHOOPS, sorry if that hurt your feelings too, fanboy.

                        1. “The Vita beats the 3DS where it matters.” From what I’ve seen in the charts, the 3DS have sold 184,297 units worldwide compared to a hit-by-an-iceberg portable known as the PSVitanic have sold 35,301 units worldwide. “Quality third party support comprised of core titles and games meant for people who actually want to play games…” Resident Evil: Revelations is a perfect example, Meg. For now… FOCUS ON THIS FUCKING TOPIC, SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!

                        2. ignoring the truth buy saying that, i know i would be butthurt too if the vita has barely any support ,but in real life that what happens when a retard like Sony try to put the vita in the wrong market.

                        3. Resident Evil Revelations? That title hasn’t even hit 700k copies sold on a handheld that has sold 19 million units worldwide. New Super Mario Rehash however, has exceeded that. Gee, I wonder why.

                          Thanks though, you continue to prove my point.

                 Notice how most are first party/casual titles or series that you guys can’t even play since they’re overseas anyway, while the rest aren’t breaking into the millions on something that has sold so much.

                 Notice how the majority are core titles that are actually getting somewhere on a unit that hasn’t hit the 3 million mark yet. Many of which are third party.

                          Third party core titles do not sell on Nintendo hardware. Indisputable fact.

                        4. butthurt much, wish sony console has that position, sleeping dog was the only few game that was top 10 but in long run it suck due to glitches.

                            1. boo hoo look everyone im aeolus im really a hardcore gamer that play real games, even though im on a Nintendo site 24/7 saying i quote”play game on the vita” but i choose to bash Nintendo because im jealous that Nintendo get all this support but all i got is a rock as a console that got because im a sony fanboy.

                              1. Wow meg,if that is the best that you have then you and that hairy mudflap ass of yours is finished.It is the sony trolls that start getting mad and start trolling the site.We aren’t trolling because this is a nintendo site!Of course you are going to see a couple of drones.Same with other places.

                    2. Because we[Nintendo fans] know what going on in the industry. if they like to piss us off by putting garbage games on the wii, we won’t buy it, proving fact.

                      1. You guys don’t know shit. You only know Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Pokemon and any other nonsense coming from first party. If you guys knew anything, you’d get impressive third party support. No such thing has happened since the SNES. Hope you can figure out why.

                        1. lol funny that you mention “You guys don’t know shit” all you do in this site is mention shit , talk about shit, play with shit, even praise for shit.
                          you don’t care if the source you get is real or not you just care that is get bash.

                          1. Nice not achieving anything with this post. The truth hurts, I know.

                            Nintendo will never get “quality” third party support until their consumers get weaned off of the same IPs over and over again. This nonsense happens every start of a new generation for them, and dies down into nothing halfway through it or even earlier.

                            1. “The truth hurts, I know.”
                              what truth? all your comments you made are all false, yeah Sony drone it really is butt hurt when Nintendo has a more powerful console than ps3 it really hurt, tell you what prove to me that beyoneta 2 on ps3 is better than wii u ver…oh wait.

                              1. You’re trying so hard it must be hurting you right now. I don’t see in what way does Sony care about a console that is barely more powerful almost 6 years later.

                                I also don’t see why they should care about a single title completely irrelevant to them that didn’t actually sell well or do well on the PS3 to begin with.

                                    1. You do know that you are contradicting yourself,right?You are saying that wii u is slightly more powerful but in other posts you say it is weaker?This is why you have no credibility.

                                    2. Thanks SO much for shainrg your story and for shainrg all of your photography knowledge. I feel so honored to have met you, learned from you, and become friends with you. Looking forward to watching all the I know Illuminate will grow to become! Wonderful job, my friend!!

                                  1. Well of course the Wii U would have to be more powerful than the PS3 … it would be kinda sad if it wasn’t better than 7 year old technology … even then the CPU is worse (Which is pathetic on Nintendo’s side).

                                          1. I’m sorry, is it a crime to be on this website? I never once said I hated Nintendo. I come here for news on their first party games and hardware. Just because I agree with some of Aeolus’ points doesn’t mean I hate Nintendo. I just despise fanboys (from ALL companies).

                        2. ”Some platforms are more appropriate for certain types of games” I don’t like how that sounds, they are speaking the same way that people did with the Wii, they mean that the wii u is a casual console, they don’t take the Wii U seriously. Fuck Codemasters then.

                              1. Also, if you think it’s superior because of a touch screen controller with asymmetric gameplay, then you’re an idiot. Has anyone said that they’re even going to incorporate that yet? No? Well then.

                                  1. No not really. Just surprised at how idiotic fanboys are. And the fact you can’t hold an arguement if your life depended on it.

                        3. I’m a big fan of the DiRT series so I would love to see them on Wii U. If I remember correctly, I think I remember codemasters initially “announced” a Wii U game when it was very first revealed. If you look at some of the very first preview trailers I’m almost positive I saw a clip from a dirt game…

                        4. Good to see that third party companies are still keeping their eyes set squarely on Nintendo and their progress, despite the whining of a minority of little bitch trolls who are still deluded enough to think that all it takes for a game to be good is sparkly graphics and super tech. the wii u version will sell just fine if they make it, because multiplatform gamers who owned more than one system last gen will see that the wii u can offer up good third party experiences too. now watch the trolls swarm to try and downplay any and every post about third party games on the wii u.

                          1. I’m certainly no troll (Fanboys just like to label me with it because I believe in common sense) but I believe Nintendo still hasn’t got enough support from 3rd parties. No offence, but they’re all ports that most of the gaming community would of already played. I don’t believe Nintendo will muster up the support they need (mainly due to the wii being weak as all shit, loved the controls though) but then again, I’ll be happy if they prove me wrong.

                            1. Well I am no fanboy,I think you will find me more mature then nintendo fanboys(there aren’t many on the site but occasionally you see one.The only problem is that they feed the trolls TOO much.).I think that people are judging the wii u too early.Look at ps3 and xbox launch games.They look terrible and there wasn’t a big quantity of them.The wii u ones look great and there are over 50 in the launch window.Right now it is getting a couple of ports but it is amazing that they already have great exclusives(zombie u,rayman 3d etc.).So the trolls are being hypocrites about it.

                        5. Well if by “some point down the line” he means 3 months later after ps360, count me out! This isn’t 2001 it shouldn’t be that long. Plus it makes the system look bad. I wanna see cross platform title launch on the same day so I can go to the midnight launches!

                          1. Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the perfect example of using Cross Platform play for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The same will happen when Nintendo/Namco-Bandai’s Super Smash Bros. title will be releasing soon.

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