Not Enough Shaders were recently given the opportunity to question the developers behind Cloudberry Kingdom. One thing that becomes apparent in the interview is how easy Nintendo has been to work with. We already know that Nintendo has been actively looking for unique indie titles for the Wii U eShop, and the interview completely backs this up.

“We can only speak for Pwnee here, but Nintendo has been awesome to work with. Incredibly helpful, friendly, and really just great people all around. From the first day we pitched Cloudberry to Nintendo we’ve only had positive feedback and tons of support. Looking at the indie lineup for Nintendo I think they are really gunning for unique, innovative, and polished indie titles. If you’re an indie studio I definitely encourage you to consider WiiU as a platform.”

Thanks, Johnnyboy77



  1. And yet Sony and Microsoft (but mostly Microsoft) are terrible to work with. This is just proving that Nintendo has got what it takes to appeal everyone.

    Nintendo- 11,000,000,00
    Sony and Microsoft- 0


  2. This is incredibly good news. If this keeps up along with Steam the eShop could be the best online platform store. Let’s hope they make more awesome choices like holding sales the caliber of the Steam Summer sales.


  3. Guys, not to be a graphics whore, but yesterday I upgraded my TV to a 42″ High Def screen. (Got it for about $450, looks AMAZING.)

    Hooked up my Wii using component video, the best cables you can, and te Wii games eiter looked a little choppy, or blocked.

    In otherwards, WiiU couldn’t come too soon. I see why people are crying about the Wii’s graphics now. It looms pretty great, untill you blow it up on a big, high def screen, then it starts to suffer.

    I assume, and hope, that many of these indie developers are taking advantage of the upgraded High Res image WiiU can produce to preserve the quality of their games.

    I also hope WiiU can up-convert Wii games!


    • Fuck the iPod touch screen. Left me with 4 spelling errors and then crashed. If my iPod’s browser load speed wasn’t so fast, I’d throw it in a blender.


    • I know what you mean. I recently tried replaying FFVIII on a 32″ HDTV and I could have cried. “But it used to look so beautiful!”

      SD content on anything other than a SD CRT just looks awful, which is why so many people mock the Wii – it was an SD console released just as the developed world was beginning the transition to HD televisions, so early adopters everywhere were just taking one look at it and thinking “WTF is this? Muddy looking piece of &@£%!” rather than appreciating the games for the actual gameplay. Sadly, while graphics aren’t the be all and end all of gaming, once you’ve played something like Dead Space 2 it’s hard to find a PSX Resi 1 zombie all that scary. By that same rationale, having seen the footage of ZombiU, I found it hard to be scared of the zombies in the RE6 demo. Even though the RE6 player character models look way better (just from what footage I’ve seen), those zombies in ZombiU are damned sweet. In fact, the one clip with the female zombie in the dark (you know, the one they like to use as a jump scare at the end of most of the trailers :D) reminds me of REC. That can only be a good thing.

      Did I go off on a tangent? Oh yes I did :P


      • @PuAl
        “SD content on anything other than a SD CRT just looks awful” Sorry, have to kind of disagree with you there. I used to play my Wii with an RGB scart on an CRT TV and yes it looked much better than the composite cables. Now I use my RGB cable to play on a HD TV and it looks overall better than it did on the CRT.


        • Size probably plays a part as well. I kinda went overkill with 42″, when a 27 or 32 would have been fine.

          Smaller screens tend to reduce the “zig-zag” line issue sometimes.

          I’m ready for Nintendo HD content. I’ll be kicking with My 3DS until Nov 18th!!


    • I use a 32” 1080p TV ATM , and I agree even when using component cable it looks choppy .

      Have you set the wii to 480p 60HZ in the wii settings ???? that helps lol!!!

      But I find not sitting close to the TV or using a smaller TV makes the wii look better .


        • NP. The composite/component cable Allows for DRAMATICALLY enhanced colors on the wii . First thing you notice is wow , everything is vivid , bright and colorful . The resoloution gets a little bit better aswell :) . Basic SD wii setting are dull and choppy , 480p component is lots more colorfull and a little less chopy .


      • Well, I changed the formats to Widescreen and 480p.

        It did help, but not as much as I would have liked.

        I’m going to cross my fingers Skyward Sword get’s an HD release in a year or two!

        I will buy it again. I will buy any Zelda they release in HD, again. You’re welcome Nintendo. (All the other consoles are doing it afterall, so why the hell not?)


  4. I’ve always seen Nintendo as the company that likes to move the gaming industry forward, because they always try and make new ways in playing games, and now that they are helping independent developers it shows to me that they’re trying to prepare the next generation of game designers and developers.


  5. Hm. This gives me an idea. Maybe Sega should work with Ninten and remake Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 into the game it should’ve been with additional content, just like Team Ninja is doing with Ninja Gaiden 3 into Razor’s Edge


  6. It depends where you bgouht your Nintendo 3DS. If I can get that info I could tell you what is going on and how to get things sorted. I’m not sure what zip codes are like in the different areas they sell 3DSs but you should be able to find help in a tech store or online at the Nintendo support page. If that doesn’t help you can use their page to contact them and tell them exactly what’s going on. I did the best I could do, hope this helps, SUM1.


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