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Japanese Gamers Are Super Excited For Wii U

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that a proportion of gamers in Japan are looking forward to Wii U. The publication surveyed 1000 gamers in late September on the Famitsu website. Those surveyed were asked whether they would purchase Wii U on launch day. 45 percent of those who responded said yes, they would. Another 37 percent of those asked said they would buy one, but not on launch day. The main reasons gamers said they wanted one was due to the strong launch line up the system has which comprises of New Super Mario Bros U and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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152 thoughts on “Japanese Gamers Are Super Excited For Wii U”

    1. Hey sickr!!! I’ve stumbled across a proof video , that batman arkhum city on wiiu is FULL HD .

      The Warner bros /Nintendo REP clearly states ”for the first time , on a nintendo console , Batman is in FULL HD” . Why would we say this if its just upscaled or whatever ??

      If it was 720 upscaled he would just say ”Its HD on a nintendo console” .

        1. Its worth reporting , its like some guys personal video which has 0 exposure. But its the proof we have been looking for for BACAE

      1. Thank you for sharing this clip, Nintendward. Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition is truly the most definitive title for the Wii U! No doubt about it.

  1. Nintendo Wii U will be a console you must own period! Especially if you love games of all genres. Guaranteed success! Mark my words or my name’s not Miyamoto!

    1. That was mainly during the Gamecube days, where the system was consistently outsold by PS2. N64 also suffered some droughts.

      1. i find it sad that it further adds the stereotype that americans are dumb such as the dumbass’ who only care about graphics and not gameplay

            1. google translate helps :P

              first one said he hopes he can afford it.. second one basically said he hopes that aswell because it will be awesome

              i don’t understand why it’s so hard to speak english on an english newssite though

            2. Google translate sure is helpful. lol
              Carlos Hugo was just saying “If it is within my means, I’ll have the Wii U at launch day.”

    1. 1000 people is a fairly acurate survey . Although it was on Famitsu’s
      website so they’re all Nintendo tech nerds .

      Its not the best survey , 1000 people in the street is better .

      1. 1000 people can indeed be an accurate survey (most election estimates aren’t done with bigger survey groups than that and they tend to be pretty accurate)
        but for this the survey group has to be selected at random and as you pointed out that isn’t the case here
        so definitely a biased survey
        should have asked random people on the street.. i’m sure most people in japan will have heard of nintendo and know about their upcoming console

        1. Agreed , it would be interesting to see what japan thinks of wiiu on the street aswell , No doubt everybody’s talking about it and some sony fans dislike it and the majority of Nintendo fans are obbsessed with it .

    2. Yes. Something about sample sizes and statistical significance and some such shit, but yes, it’s a decent gauge as long as they sampled random gamers, and didn’t just grab 1000 people from a Nintendo direct or something.

        1. I’m just saying 1000 is a sufficient sample size given it is built from random, japanese gamers.

          Was it? Hell, I don’t know.

            1. With or without Famitsu’s survay, isn’t it pretty safe to say Japan is weighted towards Nintendo?

              Regarding the survey, it depends if it was a sample of their resderd

              1. *readers, if so, and if what you say is true about Famitsu subscribers is true, then the outcome was inevitable.also, there’s the “other” survey, which are the hardware sales in japan… We know how that’s going.

              2. Not really, it would have been better to make a survey a random people off the streets as suggested earlier. Not all of them may be interested in gaming, but they at least know about Nintendo and what they’re planning to release.

      1. Obviously not.

        Shampoo commercials… 56 out of 84 women agreed this is great. No advertising regulator bats an eyelid.

        1,000 is massive in comparison.

  2. I wish i could just hibermate untill a week before the wii u is launched. Nintendo has really out done themselves with the wii u and they should be proud. All of us loyal fans are always happy with what Nintendo has done. And on that day when you get the Wii U, you realize that shit didn’t just get real, it just got personal. :’)

    1. You’re right. 7th gen gaming is over and Nintendo is finished with their ‘casual’ image. The future of gaming is indeed bright.

        1. Weak trolls like that come here to piss off passionate fans just for a few jollies. The only way to beat them for real is to have a few jollies at their expense. The good trolls wouldn’t leave themselves as open as that guy did.

          1. aw cmon he’s mostly harmless
            i mean.. obvious troll is obvious.. and he’s brought that line for like the 10th time now^^

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        1. TROLL WHISPERER !!! sorry i miss typed it . its 1289-8932-1209 :) sorry bout that. I will add you in an hour or so , my 3ds is on charge .

                1. I tried before but it was one of those where it asks me to put your name in :S . Is it becuase you aint added mine then yet ?? I will add it soon as !!

                  1. Do you have Nintendo letter box or ‘Swapnote’ as you fancy ass americans call it ???

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                    Its like a little social gaming network . Its good , but miiverse looks set to a million times better.

            1. Hey Mike! I noticed we have a lot of the same interests in gaming. I’ll add you so please add me at 1891-1178-2185.

            1. Me too! (Sorry I forgot to post it before xD ) 1075-0748-5120

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      1. I tried playing mario kart 7 with you before,but I kept on getting disconnected :| .But I still have you.

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  5. New Super Mario Bros. U
    Monster Hunter Tri G (Ultimate in NA)
    Dragon Quest X
    of course they are. Nintendo already won over Japan

  6. ..the gaming giant has mii excited 2. and aiming to get 1 at launch. i do hope they keep niland & pikmin in fuckin launch window at least.

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  8. They’re excited? I just pre-ordered New Super Mario Bros. 2, Assassin’s Creed III, Darksiders II, Ninja Gaiden 3, Batman Arkham City-Armored Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, ZombiU, and Rayman Legends. I plan on getting Mass Effect 3, Scribblenaughts, Tekken Tag Tournamnet 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Pikmin 3 later. My wallet hates me but it’s going to have to get over it for my new love, the Wii U.

  9. Cant wait for my deluxe Wii U!!!! It comes out November 18th and My birthday is about 2 weeks away on December 6th. My mom and dad are giving it to me on my birthday along with 2 games, and then comes Christmas, game heaven for me hahaha :D. I’ll be 13 years old.

  10. zigfried von schroder

    Vell wiiu might sell well zis year but v8 till the ps4 und the 720 come out und destroy dat toy of yours

    1. Toy of ours?!?! Fuck you you little french son of a bitch get the fuck out! The Wii U will be the fucking boss and will always be Sony and Microsoft always copy Nintendo you dick. Sony with its retarded wand remote that nobody bought, and Microsoft with its Smartglass shit. Just like Jellybean said ” Theyre gonna destroy the wii U in specs but not sales” GET THE FUCK OUT.

  11. This isn’t really news, its more like common knowlege in my opinion, its japan and monster hunter is coming out.


  13. I just had to write a comment, you people who r saying things like “fuckin Japan” are missing the while pount of this survey. They polled ppl from Japan bc wait for it… Nintendo is from Japan! If u diss Japan u don’t realize that u r also dissing Nintendo. And just stop with the Sony and Microsoft hatred, I like the Wii but i also have a PS3 and XBOX, you fans treat Nintendo as a god that can do no wrong and just for the hateful comments about Sony and MS, I hope the Wii U flops! I’m sick of nintendo fans dissing the shit out of sony and MS. I’m not being mean, but u fans shouldn’t insult sony or microsoft and i know this is a nintendo site but u guys should have some decency.

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