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Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 & More Retail Games Coming To Nintendo eShop For 3DS

Older retail Nintendo 3DS games are coming to the Japanese Nintendo eShop next month. On November 1st, consumers can download several retail games for 4,800 yen each from the online store, including Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Star Fox 64 3D, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario Tennis Open, and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The 3D Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna will also be available as a download, but will cost 3,800 yen.



  1. I already own Super Mario 3D Land and MK7 but I will be rebuying them just to have them digital instead of lugging carts around. Use to have OOT3D but I’ll probably go ahead and pick it up again too. I love digital and really hope moving forward that all of Nintendos releases come Day1 Digital as well.


    1. With HUGE and cheap SD cards everywhere you go , the 3ds is rareing to go digitally unlike the memory card fiasco going on at uncle sony .


      1. If Nintendo can realise that:

        A) Digital copies should be god damn cheaper than retail
        B) They release all there games from now on Digitally

        There digital service will increase big time. I loved the fact I downloaded NSMB2 before people who went retail ;D


      2. It’s already happening. Nintendo has already stated that ALL its games from NSMB2 on will be fully digital on release date. NSMB2, Art Academy and Crosswords Plus are the proof of it. All Wii U games from Nintendo will also be digital at launch.


    1. Same here, especially when a downloadable version of the retail game would essentially cost the same price, let along take a while to download and a lot of space on the SD card.


      1. 3DS carts are at max 512MB at the moment which shouldnt take more than 15 minutes to download on an average/slower home broadband connection. And SD cards are cheap. 64GB for $20 on Amazon and that would hold roughly 120 games.


      2. True . But arent 3ds game carts a lot bigger than 512mb ?? I swear some games are massively bigger than that , like kid icarus and resi rev…


      3. Wow, it really surprises me how much space these games actually use. I thought Mario Kart would be at least 1GB, but it’s lower. Shows how much the 3DS could actually do if there ever is a game that uses an 8GB cartridge.


  2. I personally prefer Physical copies, it makes me feel like I actually bought something thats mine forever(If properly taken cared of) and Not just something I can Erase into Obivion with a Push of a Button. (;


  3. I hope BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2, Shin Megamei Tensei Devil Survivor:Overclocked, and Code of Princess end up as digital downloads. It’s hard to find those games and I’m a little embarassed to buy Code of Princess.


  4. I have Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart 7 as physical games. I will probably download Starfox 64 3D though as it’s a pain to find new copies of that.


  5. I will sell oot and mk7 and download them. Those are games i am always switching out the cartridges for and will one day lose them. Better to have them secured and easily accessible on my 3ds. I did not want more physical copies so that stopped me from buying star fox and sm3dland. Now I have no excuse. Very Exciting news!!


  6. I have all of those in physical media except for Mario Tennis. This is making it tempting to get it. Still, I must keep it cool. Code of Princess and maybe Harvest Moon and Zero Escape are the only 3DS games I’m getting this year. Everything else will go to Wii U.


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