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Club Nintendo Receives Second Checkup From Dr. Mario

WiiWare’s iteration of Dr. Mario, Dr. Mario Online Rx, is a Club Nintendo reward for a limited time. The action puzzle game usually needs 1000 Wii Points ($10) to download, but Club Nintendo members can grab a Dr. Mario Online Rx download ticket for a mere 100 coins until October 14th.

19 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Receives Second Checkup From Dr. Mario”

    1. You guys can use your coins for points cards. Man i want this game, fast racing league but im saving up for Wii U :(

    2. Don’t complain. You guys get WAAY better prizes than we do. All we get is like, one shirt, and small things like school folders or Japanese fans and leftover DS and Wii accessories. Still better than areas without a Club Nintendo, but why the embarrassingly lame prizes? :(

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