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Gameboy Advance Games Finally Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop?

Nintendo Europe has apparently uploaded three Gameboy Advance games onto their press server. The games which have been uploaded are Super Mario Ball, Mario Golf: Advance Tour, and Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga. These box-arts could have been mistakenly put up early in preparation for the European Nintendo Direct presentation which is taking place on Thursday. We shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out.

129 thoughts on “Gameboy Advance Games Finally Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop?”


      2. I recently got a brand new copy of Mario power tenis on GBA of club Nintendo ^_^ (irrelivant) . But I hope this is true , I will download so god damn many GBA games :).
        I just got my little message from Satoru shibata telling me to watch ND on he 4th . Nintendo FTW.

          1. Hey !!! do you think its possible Those GBA games are on their website becuase they are putting them in club Nintendo ?? I just got Mario power tennis , maybe (unlikely) its just them saying , ”we found boxes in our warehouse of old GBA games , and we’re putting them on Club Nintendo”.

            My copy of Power tennis GBA is the old 2005 box no club Nintendo edition . I think they must have a ware house full of old sealed stuff , so unfair :(.

            1. Nope. We just get Game & Watch collection for DS. I already have them both, in fact I have everything off my club nintendo. My stars are just growing like crazy now xD Hopefully we get something good soon for once.

              1. Australia rules ! The best thing they
                had recently on EU club nintendo was
                Kid icarus uprising AR cards . I ordered
                12 packs there and then , lol :)

                1. Haha yeah we had them too. Gone now :( I think they need to offer more rewards though. I’m starting to get double ups now xD

                  1. You jave a 3ds friend code jellybean ?

                    mine is 1289-8932-1209 .

                    MK7 England to Australia ?
                    Now you’re playing with serious power !!!

                    1. Mineis4639-9857-3386.AnyoneelsethatwantstosharehastotellmesoIcanalsoaddyou(sorry ism usinm

                    2. I have one, but I’m at work at the moment ^_^ I’ll check later tonight though and get back to you :3

    1. Wow, if they put that game on the eShop I’ll love them for all eternity. That game looks too awesome to be played on an emulator.

          1. Go to the site Metroid Recon. It shows you where all the keys are and any expansions you missed. I highly recommend you have all beam ammo expansions, missile expansions, and energy tanks for the final boss.

      1. I doubt they’ll release Fusion because it was an Ambassador gift and they’ve said they don’t plan on giving those games to the general public. Honestly I hope they don’t.

  1. I really hope this is true. I’ll buy all the GBA games i want, but never got (minus the ambassador ones, since i wasn’t an early adopter)

    1. I hope they release the pokemon GBA games on there. I don’t see why they haven’t yet. They’d make a god damn fortune.

      1. They won’t because the games are essentially incomplete without the other of the pair (Pokemon are missing from each version), even if they released the third in the set of games instead they’d still have to find a way to replace the events that handed out legendaries, and they’d have to overhaul the code to make basic things like trading, battling with friends, even day/night functionality, possible.

        1. The Wii Virtual Console version of Street Fighter II was updated to have online play, so I don’t see why they can’t slightly tweak the originals to use wireless to trade.

          They’d probably have an easier time with FRLG and Emerald though; trick the game that the wireless adaptor is in.


      1. Bravely Default (3DS) – 10/9/9/10
        Rocksmith (PS3/360) – 9/9/9/9
        F1 2012 (PS3/360) – 8/9/8/9
        Project X Zone (3DS) – 8/9/9/8
        Tokitowa (PS3) – 9/8/8/7
        Hello Kitty To Issho! Block Crash Z (3DS) – 6/6/6/6

        Hey MNN!!! bravely default scored 38/40 in famitsu !!!!

        And Monster Hunter Ultimate is FullHD 1080p

          1. Dear lord , its the best looking collectors edition
            ever lol . I think it will , and it will probably
            be a game that square enix will want to advertise
            and promote so they can keep making sequel after
            sequel after sequel . This could very well be their
            big new RPG . Infact thats exactly what it is.

          2. Pfft, we probably won’t get that. We never get awesome stuff like that. And we probably won’t even get the cool black case either because NOA wants all their products to be “clean and white.” Just like NSMB2 didn’t get a golden box in the west like it did in Japan.

  3. Honestly i was very young to even know what a gameboy was back then! So i think the only gba games i would want a pokemon. (ruby/saphirre)

    1. Get Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission. The BEST games on the GBA. And don’t even think I’m joking about this either.

  4. *le throwing out many demands* I want Metroid Fusion and Mario Tennis: Power Tour!!! Oh, and Zelda: Minish Cap!! Did I mention Mario Kart: Super Circuit? Also Mario Vs. Donkey Kong :D
    I also want the Sonic Advance games :3

    1. Fusion, Minish Cap, Super Circuit, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong are all games that were released to 3DS Ambassadors. Chances are very high that when GBA games are released to the public these games will also be released.

      1. Most likely, i mean its already been coded onto the store xD i dont fet why they havent put them on already, they literally just have to make it available.

        1. Because then all us ambassadors would feel totally ripped off because Nintendo promised they had no plans to release them to the public. At the moment they feel like a special gift given especially to us. If they go public that gift won’t be so special anymore.

    1. Wind waker, melee, paper mario ttyd, sonic mega collection, megaman x collection, ultimate spiderman. Id be indefinitely ecstatic if they put those games on the eshop

  5. YES! Please! Eshop is incredibly boring at the moment, and there are a ton of great gba titles, so games like golden sun, and pokemon would be awesome to buy on the eshop.

    1. Pokemon doesn’t sound like it’d happen. Reason: Connecting with others is a major part of the game, at least according to the developers. Trade Evos, Version Exclusives. No worries, the inevitable Hoenn remakes should be out by 2014.

      1. I know :( I’m probably getting my hopes up by wanting it so badly lol. I do hope when they do the remakes though that it’s for the 3DS. With PMD3 style graphics.

      2. If they redid some code, they could allow wireless and possibly streetpass(for secret hideouts). But it’s mostly up to the developer. I’m personally not sure if it’s even possible, though.

        1. Possible, but very time consuming and expensive. They’d be expensive games if they did come out. I don’t really get why people are so keen on playing old Pokemon games when the new ones are essentially the same experience.

  6. Great, now I don’t have to get out my old rotting DS Lite to play Superstar Saga. Seriously, that thing’s top screen doesn’t even work. Nor does the right direction on the D-Pad. I think L and R are weak too.

  7. While this would be awesome, how often will they add GBA games to the eShop? It’s rare enough that we get a new Game Boy Color game, let alone one that’s actually good.

    1. Id be fine with like 1 a month or something. I have ps3, 3DS and soon WiiU games too buy, so they’ll be there if the market is dead or if ive got a little spare cash.
      Im more curious of the price…


  8. If this is true then I want Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission, Mario and Luigi, Minish Cap, and Pokemon (probably not).

  9. Nintendo has REALY been screwing up on the eshop when it comes to VC games. Give us GBA games, there’s no reason not to! Just put them on there and you make money! Simple as that, no joke.

    1. Not simple as that at all. It takes recoding, emulating, touching up to make things like sleeping when the 3DS is closed possible… Not simple.

  10. Minish Cap, Emerald version, Metroid fusion and Zero Mission, Advance Wars, and why has nobody mentioned The Lost Age yet!!!???

    1. The silver one on the bottom right is the tribal edition. My sis has one of those (but it’s with me now.) Umm I’m not sure about the silver one above the pikachu one, but it kind of looks like a Kingdom Hearts logo…maybe it came out with chain of memories? As for the black and red one, I dunno!

      1. thank you was kinda thinking of the same about the kingdom hearts just the rez is to low to tell I want to say the upper left is a the world ends with you gameboy but that makes no sense oh well

  11. Hope this is true, although I have to wonder why they included Super Mario Ball. Still, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga on eShop? That’d be win.

    As would hopefully making the GBA games ambassadors got available to purchase.

  12. Hope it’s true, I really hope they put Zero Mission, I always wanted to play that one. And hopefully, Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Firered and Leafgreen, that one is a pipe dream but I can dream right? Hopefully F-Zero GP Legend, I have the actual game I got for 10 bucks new last year but I rather have it on the 3DS, and while we’re at it, the GBA version of Super Mario World since SMW is my favorite 2d Mario game.

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