If you’re looking to secure yourself some cheap Wii U games before the console launches in North America on November 18th then Newegg is offering $12 off all video game pre-orders for games that cost $49.99 and over. All you’ll need to do is enter this promotional code EMCJNNH224. Be warned the code expires on October 4th, so be sure to get those pre-orders in quickly.



  1. I have never ordered from newegg before how reliable are they? The total so far for 5 games came out to be 226 and some change.(Damn California sales tax!!) I added in the Sonic transformed racing game not sure if its worth getting that game otherwise I can take it out


  2. 1)Preordered at Gamestop.
    2)I live one block from GS.
    3)Broke from preordering: A basic +$300, ZombiU, blops II, and Scribblenauts.
    4)I want my shit ON LAUNCH DAY.


  3. Im being told you can only use this coupon ONE time per address..so I cant buy multiple games with it(Buying one game at a time and using the coupon each time)


  4. went ahead and ordered two games..the lady on the newegg chat said I could order 2 games per coupon and get 24 bucks back, but it only showed up as 12 dollars saved total so she said once the order ships(or before it ships) I will get the additional 12 dollars back on my account


    • This is what the offer says:

      “Up to a maximum discount of $12.00 per order. No minimum purchase required: promo codes may only be used once per order but can be used multiple times per account.”

      I think the lady you talked to is wrong.


      • went ahead and signed up for the email system..also canceled my previous order and just ordered 1 game at a time and got 12 bucks off of each game hope it works..so thats a total of 3 orders made


          • awesome glad I got it all sorted out..went ahead and ordered three games individually(Mario, Epic Mickey 2, and Scribblenauts Unlimited) each game cost 52.99(Darn California sales tax) but still a good deal..as it getting closer to release date, if any other bargains emerge I can always cancel..I wanted to get Rayman Legends but it shows the release date as December 4th and I still dont know til this day if that is accurate


            • I recently pre-ordered 4 3DS games with Newegg, each for $30 with a $10 off special they had. Paper Mario Sticker Star, Harvest Moon A New Beginning, Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask and Animal Crossing 3D which they listed 12-31-12 as release date, but now I learned on this site that it has no release date for the US yet, probably comes out in the first half of 2013.
              I’m always looking out for a good deal. I would cancel too if a better deal pops up.


              • paper mario sticker star is coming out on November 11th that is already confirmed..same with professor layton and the miracle mask, the only one that might not be coming out this year is animal crossing so if I were you I would cancel that one game..which is the 10 dollar off coupon special for 3ds games since I want to get those two games..or I might just end up buying it from best buy..everyone charges sales tax here in Cali, used to be able to get no sales tax from amazon but no more


                • At least i get 3 of these games this year, have to patiently wait for Animal Crossing.
                  So with the sales tax in CA does it mean you have no income tax in CA ?


                  • everything in California is taxed..we got a really screwed up system here, thats why so many people are leaving the state..EVERYTHING Is taxed..I wanted Animal Crossing too but oh well will just have to wait..this coupon code that you used for the other three games is that code still available to use for purchasing?


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