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Pushmo Sequel ‘Crashmo’ First Footage

Crashmo launches Nov. 22 [in North America]. Players can embrace the laws of gravity and challenge themselves with a whole new kind of action-puzzle play in this exciting sequel to the critically acclaimed Pushmo. New gravity mechanics and gadgets like floating blocks, doors and move switches await, testing players’ skills as they push, pull and slide each puzzle’s colorful blocks in order to climb to the top. Just be careful where those blocks are moved—unsupported blocks will come crashing down. Crashmo contains lots of puzzles to test your brains, and enhanced puzzle-creation and -sharing features mean that even when all the puzzles are cleared, the fun never has to stop.

39 thoughts on “Pushmo Sequel ‘Crashmo’ First Footage”

  1. What kind of psychopath would make this game more mind bending? :| i dread to see what the last bunch of levels are like.

    1. lol , som of those levels are 3ds snappingly hard! but thise for me is the highlight of todays nintendo direct by far !!! I LOVE PULLBLOX!!

      to me , pullblox is the best puzzle game I’ve ever played . and this looks even better.

  2. Guys can u help me? I dont know if i should get a 3ds or the XL. People r saying that the XL makes the picture look so stretchy in NSMB2 and NSMB2 is one of the reasons why i want a 3ds. I also wanna play SM3DL, MK7, Scribblenauts, etc. So what one would work best for those?

      1. I have some screen scratches on my well treated 3DS… It’s about 1 year old.
        Some time ago I played with my friends 3DSXL and its AWESOME! I love the screen, most games look as good as on the normal 3DS and the old DS games look even better (not joking ;D)!

        If your hands are really small, the regular 3DS may be the better choice but otherwise… get the XL^^ The Screen is HUGE!

        1. I have the regular 3DS and tried the XL…. I still prefer the regular. Its easier to carry around, but it´s good to get an acrylic case and some plastic cover for the screens

    1. Ive had my regular cosmic black 3DS since about June. Perfect condition, no screen scratch, no wear and tear, nothing, other than smudges on the screen as youd expect.

      The XL really its all that different, depends if you want to fork out the extra however much it’s costs. The extra battery isnt that significant at all. People complained that the regular 3DS was uncomfortable, but i honestly dont know what theyre talking about, ive never had a problem, unless i was playing for 4-5 hours straight, then id expect it to.

      1. The XL does have the bigger screen, amd does apparently have a better 3D effect, but all this, “you have to sit in perfect position” crap with then original 3DS is a load of rubbish, i can sit comfortably and not disrupt the 3D effect, besides Kid Icarus, but you pretty much play that with one hand unless you use that stand (which i think is actually helpful)

            1. add me bro , that is if you want to meet your doom on MK7 and kid icarus and SF4 . or just some resi rev !


        1. I never used the stand to play Kid Icarus. I usually play while commuting, stand up, my preferred position to play it is handling the 3Ds with my left hand (index buttion on L, thumb on slider, other fingers on the back of the console) and using the stylus with the right hand. I never felt any kind of disconfort with it unless I play for more than two hours.

    2. NSMB2 looks great on the 3dsxl!!! all games look great on the XL , its barely even a noticeable difference . The gameplay feels way better on XL becuase everything is bigger and the 3d pops a LOT LOT more .

    3. Get the XL. I traded my old 3DS in for one and MAN was it a great choice! There is NO stretching whatsoever! Just magic! The screen is so big that it really just puts you there. Definitely worth it if you’re getting your first 3ds. It’s more money, but you get out of it what you paid for it.

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