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Ubisoft Explains Why Rayman Legends Is Exclusive To Wii U

According to Ubisoft’s Chris McEntee, bringing Rayman Legends to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is possible. However, because Wii U is packaged with a Wii U GamePad, which features a 6.2 inch touchscreen, the upcoming platformer is a Wii U exclusive; if the game was coming to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, to get an experience similar to Wii U, consumers would have to purchase a PlayStation Vita or a touchscreen device that’s compatible with the Xbox SmartGlass application.

“Well, technically we could to it with SmartGlass [for Xbox 360] and with the Vita being linked to the PlayStation 3. The possibility could be there, but we chose to really focus on Wii U specifically because it has a special toolset, and because everyone that buys it gets what they need to play the game.”

“We don’t want to have the player dependent on other technology that they have to purchase to make sure they can play the full experience. Here you buy the Wii U system, you buy the game, and you can experience all of the content without extras. And we didn’t want to give somebody half of the experience just for the sake of getting it out on another console. We want the player to get everything that we have to offer them from this game.”

-Chris  McEntee, Ubisoft designer

135 thoughts on “Ubisoft Explains Why Rayman Legends Is Exclusive To Wii U”

      1. I know this is old, but I just gotta say this:

        It makes sense..until shortly after Ubisoft pulled a stunt that cost them respect from Nintendo fans to sell out to PS3/360 which failed hard thanks to themselves releasing Legends near GTA5.

  1. So much for all that “Vita+PS3=WiiU” garbage. They can reiterate the point all they want, still missing out on games.

  2. Played this game at eurogamer. Nothing special. Origins is much better. Dissapointed. Won’t be buying this

    1. Yeah… okay Casual Mum. Whatever you say. I am still preordering Rayman Legends and ZombiU for the Wii U because they are going to be FREAKING GREAT GAME!! :D

  3. This is just reminding me that I still need to buy and play Rayman Origins soon, so I wont be getting Legends till I try the former yet.

    1. lol yeah. How can they even make ZombiU for PS3 and Xbox 360… or even the PS4 and Xbox 720?!? I mean none of the consoles will have a tablet controler(unless they totally rip off Nintendo) and the name of the game is clearly ZombiU… with a “U” in the title meaning it is for the Wii U. What will it be called for Playstation? ZombiV for Vita???… sounds like crap to me.

      1. and then ZombiX for Xbox… lol how much you wanna bet I just guessed the names of the ZombiU ports to the other systems???

  4. This is exactly why Wii U > SmartGlass/PS3-Vita CrossPlay and Sony and Mirosoft still insist theirs are better. No need for additional purchases etc. The GamePad and the console makes up the entirety of Wii U and that’s what makes it more appealing and innovative. I’m not saying SmartGlass and CrossPlay will fail but to play them you need buy a new device for them to use. And devs does not want to force consumers to purchase additional hardware just to play their games.

  5. And this is why the whole “ermergerd, vita can do it, snart glass can do it” is bullshit. Yeah, they CAN do it. Do developers want to make you pay $300 to play the game? (vita and rayman, which is the same price as a basic wiiu, hmm)


    1. I’m still supporting my PS3 but I’m not excited about PS4’s prospects at all. I’ve grown up playing Nintendo and Sony as well.

      1. Same, i’ll be playing my ps3 at least till Dead Space 3 comes out.
        I dont even want a ps4. I got my ps3 close to 3 years ago. I still have a ps+ membership, its still being supported, it’ll be just like the ps3 where it was too damm expensive, so i hold out on getting one for 3-4 years, then buy one, which is what most people did anyway. But by then, i might have jst said forget it, and gone PC and Nintendo only

    2. Yeah, people need to buy a $250 device for the new and innovative ability to scribble all over the touch screen or whatever nonsense they’re trying to make an excuse for until it’s inevitably ported because the game didn’t sell as well as they hoped. Again. :P

      1. Childish comment, that has nothing to do with the actually systems capabilites.
        How about, $250 paper weight, with expensive memory cards, no backward compatibility, and 3G that might as well not be there

        1. Sounds like a Vita to me. Btw, how much battery life does it have? If it’s supposed to be a console experience on-the-go, they must take into consideration that a console experience may sometimes last for multiple hours…

    3. It’s funny cause a PSVita with 1 game (wifi version), and a memory card at $80 costs, assuming 8% tax is $396.40 add $20 to make it a PS3 game because they cost $60 not $40 like Vita games and you have $416.40 out of your pocket and thats without any games specifically for Vita, and it’s just so you can use a different controller. Wii U deluxe edition and 1 seperate game costs $442.80, assuming Wii U games cost $60 and tax at 8%. So for less than $30 you can have an entire console, and 2 games because the deluxe comes with NintendoLand. And also you don’t have to worry about the PS3 that still costs $350 today and costed $600 at launch.

    1. Now that sonic racing framerate issues were fixed and this,they are defenceless,and they will be dodging the question yet again.

  6. Ubisoft explains why it needs touchscreen gimmicks to do something “new” and not just playing the fucking game with normal controls to begin with.

    Naturally, hipsters *cough* TheDragon234 *cough* will think “different = better/successful”, though.

              1. Now they wouldn’t, because they know very fucking well the PC has almost no modern day AAA titles anymore. Diablo III for instance is already being contemplated for console versions.

                Very few people play the PC for “exclusives”, you play it for an all in one device capable of better performance, mods, and versatility when it comes to games…among other trinkets.

        1. Uncharted and God of War are nothing special. Theyre good, but i wouldnt buy a system for it.
          The only IP i really enjoyed was Ratchet and Clank, Sly and the original Jak and Daxter, but theyve all gone shit now, besides Sly, maybe, 3 was crap.

          1. Oh, and Infamous, but not worth buying a system for.

            Playstation lost all its best exclusives like MGS, FF, TombRaider, Spyro, Crash.

            And considering their recent track record, they’ll new IP’s that are just shooters, again, and i’ll have no interest what so ever

    1. TheDragon234 is just a fanboy with an iQ of a toaster , Why bother listen to him? he’s to ignorant to know the truth.

      1. Nah, he’s just one of many examples. I personally hope that Microsoft or somebody in the next gen renders Nintendo’s futile efforts irrelevant just to show them how screwing with the wheel TRUE GAMERS are used to doesn’t mean you’re going to be a financial success story, even for the casuals.

        It needs to be stated many times; Nintendo cannot compete with the likes of MS/Sony in the core (true) gaming market, they only know how to disrupt the market and attract a hoard of non-gamers into a new fad.

        1. MS/Sony have a larger fanbase , Why bother with another console? Nintendo has terrible 3rd party support and the wii U isnt a TRUE next gen system ..Whats the point of buying that when you can get a PC/PS3/360 ? Its because some people are stupid.

          1. Because it’s ‘new and innovative’ and every game (cough, port) is running at an unconfirmed, magical 1080p 60fps with assymetrical gameplay (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and features that have existed for years elsewhere.

            Oh and a GPU based on a line of cards from 2008 with a processor that can’t even outmuscle Xenon/Cell. THE TRUE NEXT GEN STARTS WITH WII U, FOLKS.

            It’s a completely amazing path. Nintendo is going to give the real gamers IPs from decades ago, now in HD glory. Because all that matters is Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Kirby, etc.

            with some downscaled multiplats of future third party games.

            1. The funny part about this is that you think it’s going to be the same big graphical leap every generation. That is why you’re stupid.

              1. There will be one, and you’ll wind up eating your words. I will guaranfuckingtee that.

                Don’t know why you idiots try to imply otherwise, virtually any mid/high-range DX11 GPU from 2011 would wipe the floor with whatever R700 card is powering the Wii U. That is a fact. If you think Sony/MS are going to cheap out on the graphics front, you’ll be SORELY mistaken.

                1. I fail to see a reason behind your flaming at this site. You obviously hate Nintendo, so why go to a site that’s named mynintendonews? Trolls like you makes me wanna rip their fucking spinal cord out and shove it right up their asshole while they slowly fade into oblivion in excruciating pain. If that won’t kill them, I’ll chain them to the asphalt and let a fucking road roller slowly flatten and erase their pointless existence. But even so, that treatment would be WAAAY too mild for you.

            2. If you think this full 1080p resolution at 60 FPS is magical, then you have no idea of how technology advances every year! Wii U is more powerful than current generation consoles, and that’s a fact! Accept it!

              1. Nintendo confirmed that their first games to WIi U won’t run at 1080p, but 720p at the start. But Wii U has enough capacity to run 1080p graphics at 60 FPS!

            1. Ps3/360/PC are basically the same thing.

              If i choose 360, i get Halo. If i choose PS3, i get some good exclusives. if i choose PC, i get Steam, but its expensive.

              The games i enjoyed the most this gen, were 3rd party.
              I dont need more than 1 of those consoles, nobody does.
              I choose a ps3, becuase of free online, and im loyal to the playstation brand (fun fact, wii was my first nintendo home console), but if i got a 360, i wouldnt have enjoyed the majority of games from this gen. Same with PC.

              I dont care if the WiiU will “fail”.
              Im not buying it, because i think its going to be the only decent machine out there. Im buying it because i want the exclusives, i want next gen Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid, Donkey Kong, ect, and 3rd party exclusives, new IP’s, different interesting UI.

              Im BORED with the playstation controller, games are getting boring, we NEED change.

              But even if the WiiU, just had the pro controller, id still buy it, because im getting those exclusives. End of discussion.

              1. +1 just think all the nintendo 1st party + all the multiplats. that console would sell like, well something that sells really well.

        2. You forget that the Wii is the only console which Nintendo did not compete with in the “core (true) gaming market” as you call it. The Gamecube, N64, SNES, and NES were all very much hardcore gaming systems for core gamers and they were just as good as if not better than their competitors.

          1. Hahaha, the Gamecube and N64 being “just as good” as the competitors. Is that why they both didn’t perform anywhere up to par with the one in the lead (PlayStation)?

            Both of those consoles got dusted by nearly triple the figures. Ironically their only success story for their wallet (Wii) doesn’t have anywhere as much as a gap on either competitor…I wonder why.

                1. Yeah that’s true. I only had first party but they were awesome games. Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Ocarina of Time etc are great memories.

            1. Gosh, seems like you only care about sales figures when they support your arguments… how often do you shoot someone down when they point out the better sales of the 3DS over the Vita? Oh that’s right, constantly.

        3. Your wish may never come true, Aeolus. Let’s face it, the percentage of TRUE GAMERS population is shrinking. Older gamers now prefer family-oriented games (and consoles) and the new wave of young gamers already has an iPad and smartphone as their first gaming platform. Nintendo just trying to keep relevant with reality. They can’t afford losing billion like Sony Corp, because Nintendo is a TRUE GAME COMPANY, not just some division or part of bigger corporation like SCE. And the idea of selling super power next gen console at a loss only works for corporation with huge pile of cash like MS.
          The era of consoles war is over, at least for Nintendo. MS and SCE will continue fighting for your money, selling at a lost, bashing Wii U as a gimmick while copying Nintendo as they like. But Iwata won’t give a shit as he swimming in a big pool of yen. Miyamoto won’t give a shit as long he can do what he do best: creating great games. And ultimately, Nintendo faithful won’t give a shit, because they are too busy playing Mario and Zelda.
          And no insult from troll like you, would ever change that.

        4. So just to clarify, you’re shitting all over a company not innovating enough with their franchises below, but you’re getting pissed off when someone tries to do something different with the same controller setup that’s been in use since the mid 90s?

          And no, ‘what isn’t broken doesn’t need fixing’ or whatever excuse you might come up with won’t work. Because it’d just be a massive double standard that could apply to the lack of innovation with the franchises in question as well.

        5. “the wheel that TRUE GAMERS are used to”


          More face buttons
          Shoulder buttons
          Dual analog
          Touch screen
          Motion control and 1:1 motion control
          Motion detection technology
          Voice detection technology
          Memory cards
          Downloadable content

          Guess what? All made from “screwing with the wheel”.

    2. I know you want tech to stagnate for decades, and use your controller from the 90’s, but video gaming is an entertainment industry, and to succeed, it needs new stuff that is attractive to customers. An average consumer will not look at a systems box that says: “NEW GRAPHICS! Also.. SAME OLD CONTROLLER!” and be like WOAH! I GOTTA BUY THIS.

    3. Says the Vita supporter.
      How many units have sold because that back touch screen got people thinking “Wow, what a unique concept”?

      Typical and Hypocritical as always, Assholus.

  7. is the release date in the US for this game Dec 4th that is what I see everywhere but Ubisoft never confirmed the actual release date

      1. I wrote that initially because I thought he was criticising the site generally. But if its about the new look rather than the old one then whatever – but I definitely don’t think its ‘horrible’.

  8. Wow just about a month from now wii u will be out hope i get next year or when they realese more first party games. Dont get the vita/ps3 hate it technicaly cant do what the wii u does due to all its limitations

  9. pokemon trainer Tobi

    Wiiu will be great i tell you, might not break records but will satisfy all gamers. Just like the 3ds is doing(darn i done have one yet)

    1. I love my 3DS, really good system, plus the online is great too. Enjoy OoT3DS at the moment :3 by far the best version, plus i can just suspend mid game, which is awesome, considering im in the Water Temple .__.

        1. +1
          Loved that they made boot switching far more stream-lined.
          That on top of the graphics being closer to the ideal that Miyamoto envisioned for the game in the first place[not to mention Master quest right on the cart], has me convinced that the 3DS version is the quintessential version for any OoT fan.[I would say Zelda fan, but not all Zelda fans liked OoT, so I gotta give them some leeway]

  10. I think this illustrates the advantage the Wii U and the WiiU Pad has over the PS3/Vita functionality and Xbox360/Smartglass. Sure, it may be feasible to port a game like Rayman legends onto PS3 with the use of Vita as the controller or Xbox360 with the use of Smartglass, but the Wii U is specifically designed for this new way of play and can more efficiently do the job of asymmetric gameplay than the PS3/V and Xbox360/SG can. Plus, if they added this finctionality to PS3/V, it may end up like the NGC/GBA connection feature and, although it may be awesome, it may not be highly supported by devs or used much by gamers overall. However,with the Wii U it’s guaranteed people will experience this way of playing and so devs like Ubisoft are excited. (No offence to Sony or Xbox 360 btw.)

  11. zigfried Von Schroder

    wiiu is gonna be a piece of shit overlocked and weak ps3 and its old generation,people open your eyes or else ill do that by my millenium eye

  12. This is really pretty disappointing, and I really don’t buy Ubisoft’s reasoning. The core of the recent Rayman reboot is its solid, fast, and enjoyable platforming gameplay. What’s being added with the Wii U Gamepad is equivalent to the second screen on a DS at best, and a QR code scanner at minimum. I really don’t see the touch-based secondary gameplay necessary, and there can be simpler ways to obtain the other extras such as the bonuses through physical objects similar to Skylanders. This is probably the one game on Wii U I’m looking forward to the most, but I don’t plan on buying Wii U within the first month, probably within the first year. I don’t see much point in buying a Wii U for one game. Rayman Legends doesn’t need extras, it just needs its incredibly solid, speedy 2D platforming. Online is a massive, massive bonus, and would fit perfectly on any of the other major platforms for gaming right now: 360, PS3, and PC. There’s no reason for Ubi not to bring it to 360, PS3, PC, and various other platforms, save for them buddy-buddying up to Nintendo.

    1. Actually, there is one main reason: WiiU was designed for this kind of dual screen gameplay, while PS3/Xbox not. Ubisoft would have extra costs in order to adapt that game for those consoles, and the consumer would be forced to buy an extra device to full appreciate them, Or Ubisoft would be forced to produce an inferior version.

    2. The ideas implemented on the GamePad and the double screen feature wouldn’t have the same impact and importance. In order to do what WIi U does, both PS3 and Xbox 360 need another device sold separated, and the developers can’t guarantee players will have access to both, specially considering how Vita goes on the market. As such, they can’t implement the same features as a primary feature, because most players won’t have access to those controls. Wii U is built around the dual screen basis, so it is obvious why Ubisoft would choose it to be exclusive!

      And don’t treat the second screen gameplay as an extra. It’s the main feature and basis of Rayman Legends. Yes, we would love seeing extras using the NFC chip, but that wasn’t the main feature.

      Well, that being said, there’s your reason as to why Ubisoft won’t be bringing Rayman Legends to PS3 and Xbox 360. Both can’t run 1080p at 60 FPS like Wii U does, neither of them has a controller like the GamePad, and they can’t count on crossplay and SmartGlass because they’re sold separately from the consoles!

  13. Until the ps3/vita can do what nintendo land and zombieu does then i look into it even with the use of internet connection its still gona be laggy

  14. That’s very good reasoning and I agree completely. You don’t want to force the consumer to buy extra peripherals to get the full experience of the games, especially not one as expensive as the Vita. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I was hoping they would at least bundle a Wii Remote and Nunchuk with the Wii U, for my own personal reasons but I can see why they didn’t. I have no problem buying them separately, it’ll just take me a little longer.

        1. here in australia everything is so expensive i can bearly afford the console and games and dont have enough spare cash for more controllers. i missed out on many games with the wii due to not owning a classic controller

          1. I’m in the same boat. I got to save money, open a skybox then order them online. It’s gonna cost me almost $10, 000 dollars in my country’s currency to get all the things I need. I’ll have it all by early next year hopefully.

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  16. This article right here is everything you need to know about why Smart Glass and the PS Vita are not the “Wii U killers” that Nintendo’s opponents make them out to be.

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  19. Darn! Oh well at least this will give me time to catch up on Rayman Origins, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Arc Rise Fantasia, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Dragon Quest The Masked Queen and The Tower of Mirrors, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

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  21. We bought the vita especially for rayman origin. After finishing this game, my son was waiting for rayman legends. We are really very disappointed in the games for the ps vita. My son is 8 years old and all the nice games for him are coming out on wii u! Legends, pikmin.
    So now we have to buy a wii u, to play the next rayman. I am really disappointed!!!!

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