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Nintendo 3DS Remains Japan’s Best Selling Hardware

The Nintendo 3DS has once again managed to fend off the competition and take the number one position with the most hardware sold in Japan. The lead wasn’t so great this time around, as the PlayStation 3 trailed behind due to Capcom’s Resident Evil 6. This time around there were only three Nintendo related titles in the top ten software charts. Without further ado, here’s the charts.

  1. [PS3] Resident Evil 6
  2. [PS3] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2013
  3. [PSP] Summon Night 3
  4. [PSP] Sol Trigger
  5. [360] Resident Evil 6
  6. [3DS] Style Savvy: Trendsetters
  7. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  8. [PSP] SD Gundam G Generation: Overworld
  9. [PS3] F1 2012
  10. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2
  • Nintendo 3DS: 63,669
  • PlayStation 3: 42,218
  • PSP: 17,769
  • PlayStation Vita: 7,957
  • Xbox 360: 4,894
  • Wii: 4,849
  • PlayStation 2: 894
  • Nintendo DS: 674



61 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Remains Japan’s Best Selling Hardware”

    1. the awkward moment when your console isn’t backwards compatible with the millions of physical copies of psp games scattered far across japan . why is the ds not selling anymore ???

      does anybody think it might be becuase the 3ds takes ds cartridges aswell ???

      1. Oh of course that’s exactly one of the main reasons it hasn’t sold well, Sony ignored the install base for the PSP and assumed people would automatically move across to Vita… Of course they were wrong, why would a PSP owner automatically move up to a Vita if it isn’t backwards compatible? That’s like if the next iPhone wasn’t compatible with anything on the App Store at the moment, no way would anyone buy it early on.

        1. just simple logic . The DS hasn’t stopped selling becuase nobody like it XD , it’s becase the 3ds does everything it can do and a 100 x more .

        2. You can’t compare the iPhone with the Vita/PSP. iPhones are pure digital download media whereas the PSP and Vita used physical.

          The download side of the PSP/Vita is fine. Most downloadable PSP games are accessible on the Vita and you can transfer your PSP saves right to the Vita. The main issue is the physical media. UMDs were not a very viable media source, especially in the West. The Vita has a new flash-card media like that of the DS/3DS.

          There would be very little room for progress if the UMDs were kept intact on the Vita – not to mention the price would be so high.

          I think the biggest failure on Sony’s part is the lack of marketing and of course the expensive proprietary memory cards, when it comes to the Vita. Yeah, good games and support in that area would be great – but it’s not necessary. Look at the Kinect – fastest selling piece of technology in history. People ate that stuff up because of the marketing, not because it had any great games to look forward to.

          Still, yes, the Vita does need more third-party support. I think over time we will see it. Will it ever catch up to Nintendo’s handheld? I doubt it. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a success though.

          1. I didn’t mean to directly compare the two products, I realise they’re completely different, I just meant to use the comparison to make a point, backward comparability sells to people who already own the last device you put out.

      2. Yeah, but UMDs are crap. It’s one of the main reasons the PSP didn’t do as well in the west. The Vita would be more expensive and have a slot for a media that isn’t supported as much.

        In addition, although it is a portable gaming device from Sony, it’s not a PSP. That’s why they went with the new name instead of something like PSP-2.

        Having a UMD slot probably would have led to the system’s demise a lot faster.


        The 3DS is a 3D DS. It’s the next-gen (current) DS. The media format that was used on DS’ were widely accepted and supported by devs worldwide and are very similar to that of the 3DS, so it was less of an issue.

        1. I know what you mean , but sony would of made the ”psp-2” if they didn’t chose that stupid format back then . The 3DS is the next DS but its massively more powerfull and still has a DS built in , no excuses for sony , they fucked up so hard with that , they eliminated themselves before any sort of race or competition had even begun .

  1. Lol 360 sold better then the wii only slightly with a major release title, savor this moment people it comes around once a blue moon. 3ds is doing ok for no major release but we will see 2 next year. Ds and ps2 still kicking.

    Vita, vita, vita. What can I say? The doom bringer to the 3ds, the destined handheld of choice, how the mighty have fallen. Pick up your game Sony, if this is any reflection of how you will handle ps4 when then you might as well pull out now before you make a fool of yourselves again. In a handheld dominated market, if you can’t get this right, I dont know how you will fight back especially now Nintendo have some of your third party exclusives ( will probably most likely to see a mainline FF game too on Nintendo). But hey, what do you expect when you create a niche system, market to the older gamer and come out a few months saying you neglected the biggest audience of dedicated handheld gaming.

    1. *Reply about how the Vita has a lot going for it if you just look for it, based on one persons tastes, even though the wider market is currently rejecting it, because it’s obviously what one person likes that truly establishes the wider success of a system.*

      1. To be fair the Vita is a pretty cool handheld, it just seriously lacks support. And no backwards comparability was just a plain bad move…

            1. Yah the memory cards. In order for you to play games you need to purchase an OPTIONAL accessory just for to use it as its main function and selling point.

              1. You can’t be serious. To actually PLAY the games you HAVE to buy a memory card? It’s already bad enough that it doesn’t have backwards compatibility but this? Are you honest about that?

                1. Yes, I think you can actually play the game without the memory card but you need the card to save the games too, I’m not to sure if the game creates a saved slot when you first start it up, but you need the card to save your progress and if they do a mandatory save at the start, then you are screwed.

                  1. Some games do require that you have a memory card to play/install.

                    Fortunately, it looks like Sony is wising up in that area and offering memory cards in bundles now. It would have been nicer if they included a larger memory card, they weren’t proprietary and so expensive though.

        1. to be realistic FUK FAIR the psvita is second generation fony with no dual screen and a stupid slow lag fest phone like multi touch screen and a laptop type touch pad onthe under belly ad no 3D its cleary many gens out of datye to the 3DS concept

          no dual screen and true tactile touch screen = fail

          no 3D = fail

          no back play with psp= fail

          no true handheld support always trying to be mini ps3 = fail

          laggy controls = fail

          3DS stands totally dominant as the only true handheld gaming device psvita is japan and globally a waste of time and money ps4 wil folllow vita to the grave COMMONSENSE

            1. Your right(btw,vitas does have a touch screen,I think you mean dual screen).3D isn’t that big a deal though it is cool to have.That’s like saying the regular ds is a fail.

            2. because your a retard thats why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              cpu and gpu alone decide GENERATION i think not



              DS went dual screen and tactile touchscreen sony entered the handheld race witha gameboy come atariu lynx type OBSOLETE DEVICE that is surly to any core gamer

              >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>COMMONSENSE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>FACT<<< SEEMS TOTALLY OUT OF REACH OF SONY AND MS FANBOYS THINKING ABILITY

  2. The DS and the PS2 are still going at it. I think the PS2 is the all time best seller and the DS is second or it might be the opposite. It is interesting that people are still buying new ones.

    1. The obvious reason the DS has stopped selling is becuase the 3ds is ofcourse 100% backwards compatible . Nobody in japan wants a shitty old DS anymore , apart from maybe a few kids and people with less money . The inn thing is the 3ds . The ONLY reason the psp is still selling like it is , is becuase the vita isn’t backwards compatible .

      If the vita was backwards comatible , then you can add those psp number to the vita numbers and that is what would be selling today.

  3. oh wow i didn’t notice those 360 numbers at first! pretty nice considering japan doesn’t really care for it. i didn’t know resident evil was so popular. everything else seems about the same. the PSP is still going fairly strong and i think the vita may have reached a new low but that’s about it


    how sad are those Vita sells ? seriously, sony just cant keep with the “we have sold what we estimated”

  5. Sad to see the Vita becoming what seems like “irrelevant”…feels like the Game Gear all over again…its their own fault too, no backwards compatibility, and once again trying to force their proprietary shit on people with their memory cards…this isn’t the 90’s, there are cheap and aplenty sd cards out there that work in just about everything, but they decide to not only use their crap, but they create a new one just for their system…i feel no remorse for that situation. Its called karma I believe.

      1. True,but piracy is what atracts people( not defending hackers AT ALL,but still).And sony should make the vita blow up if someone hacked it(I know it’s more complicated then what I make it seem,but still).

  6. The Vitanic was useless the moment it was announced.
    Even if it was backwards compatible it wouldn’t threaten 3DS much.

    It’s done and dead move on Sorny.
    Put some effort and originality into PS4 before it’s too late.
    Atleast beat Microshit.

  7. We have a Sony camera and in it we use a memory card that is not Sony brand and every time you turn the camera on huge letters cover the screen telling you the flash card will not work because it is not their memory card, but it does. Sony used to rule the electronic world, now they are just a minor player with their hands in too many projects, not really excelling in any of them.

  8. resident evil 6 deserves the number one spot it’s the best the reviewers have ben hating on it so bad it’s a shame i mean what do u want everything can’t be call of duty that repeat every year

  9. It’s because the series has turned into another shooter crap.
    That’s why RE6 sucks even more than the last one.
    Imo resident evil stopped at number 4.

        1. True,but it wasn’t a main game in the series like 1,2,3,4,5,and 6.I think capcom should port resident evil 5 and 4 to the 3ds.And if re:downfall is real and for 3ds,then that’s all the better.

  10. Xbox 360: 4,894. These are really weird numbers for the 360, since it never sold more than 1.500 units in any give week in Japan. Sure it´s a milestone for Microsoft, although still a very short one. Japaneses must be real crazy about Resident Evil……..As for the top 20 games, the list goes as this: 3DS – 7 PS3 – 5 PSP – 5 360 – 1 NDS – 1 WII – 1

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    1. Been doing so for a long time.
      What’s funniest about it, is that certain people were saying it would stomp Nintendo flat in sales all on its own, before the system released.
      Gee, I wonder where all the troll’s bluster went to?
      Oh, right.
      Like any good captain, It went down with the ship.*Ba-dun, tssh!*

    1. dreamcast actually sold well FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL didnt it hit like 6 million in usa alone before they pulled the plug on it at sega

        1. 2.2 million GLOBALLY vs a system that sold millions and millions in the usa alone ARE U A COMEDIAN

          i let my bank balance from nintendo shares do my talking oh i was called joker in 2005 when i put every penny i had into nintendo stock the rest they say is history maybe a picture of my huge house that i got CASH may sway your thinking

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