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Retro Studios Moves To A New, Larger Office

Nintendo first-party developer Retro Studios has gotten a new, bigger office that is still located in Austin, Texas. We don’t know what the studio is developing, but according to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, it is working on fantastic project(s) for Wii U.

110 thoughts on “Retro Studios Moves To A New, Larger Office”

          1. Matteo Zaottini

            You’re the one who should keep quiet. Prime series is amazing! Non-fans like you should keep quiet! Even Prime series looked lije a true metroid than other m… that one is the real shitness!

        1. This just occurred to me, what if Retro is developing the first main console entry in the Pokemon series? The WiiU’s dual screens would fit the series perfectly, and an HD cinematic experience would no doubt reinvigorate the series…

      1. Starfox HD. They have stated before that its what everyone wants them to make as well as they said there will be barrel rolling. So if not Starfox it has to be Donkey Kong nothing else involves barrels and rolling lol.

        1. How is this good news? Retro is an exceedingly overrated developer. Yes, they managed to resurrect an ancient series from the dead with a fantastic trilogy. Now stop sucking them off already.

          1. Same thing could kind of be said about Bungie. They made a few good games that launched a series but that shouldn’t

                1. I’d beg to differ, Bungie is a very good developer. That said, Retro is in NO WAY overrated; they deserve every bit of praise they get.

                  1. Why are we even talking about bungie related to halo..? Halos producer is 343 industries now…. Pointless comments. & Both retro and bungie are great producers that goes without saying. Just hopefully we will be able to say the same about 343.

          2. I wouldn’t say they’re overrated at all. They’ve made many great games. They deserve high praise and they’re great at bringing back classic franchises and adapting them to modern technology.

        1. MK7 was the last title they worked on but they only did character design so ur right DKC was their last FULL game

  1. Metroid Prime 4: Revelations
    Super Star Fox
    F-Zero U-nlimited
    Mario Kart U-Turn
    Donkey Kong Country Returns 2
    The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle
    Pokemon Unlimited

    Earth Bound HD collection (a guy could dream)

    List your ideas below this comment.

    1. A Wii U F-Zero would be titled F-Zero UX in my opinion. I doubt they’d make another Prime game, but a Metroid as a whole would be possible.

      1. Agreed. How about “Metroid: Betayal.” Samus appears to have joined the space pirates, however the plot twists when we discover a rogue group of pirates are assisting Samus uncover a conspiracy withing the Federation.

        I am totally going to start a fan-fiction now. :p

        1. I have an idea for a game called Metroid Genesis. The game begins immediately where Prime 3 left off with Samus being pursued by the mysterious ship. It shoots her down and Samus crashes on a mysterious planet. The planet turns out to be SR388 and you discover a secret base/laboratory where Metroids are being experimented on with horrific results. You later learn the lab is run by a member of the Chozo who betrayed his race and is planning to rule the universe with Metroids (it’s also revealed that he was the pilot of the mysterious ship). He acts as the final boss alongside his ultimate creation: the Metroid King (think of a Metroid Queen with a body resembling a T-Rex rather than a Crocodile). The events of the game lead to the drastic decision by the federation to exterminate all the Metroids in Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

      2. I know, but it was the first thing to pop to my head. Now that I think about it more, I think betrayal is a good sub title.

    2. Drop the Revelations; too overdone.
      Nobody cares.
      Only if SEGA develops it alongside them.
      Nobody cares.
      Giant open world or bust.
      Nobody gives a flying fuck.
      Earthbound HD collection? Or, how about a new fucking game?

      1. @Aeolus I bet u sit on the toilet Mouth first….cause that’s all that comes out ur mouth……..please whip and flush…make sure u wash your hands……..

      2. Is whining like a little bitch over games you don’t like all you’re capable of doing?
        If not, then prove me wrong by shutting your childish mouth, staying off this site, and playing other games that don’t make you piss and moan constantly.
        Any action other than that will just confirm how much of a whiny little bitch you are.

    3. Cool names but I agree with everyone on the Revelations name, it’s used too much in games these days. I always thought Donkey Kong Country Continues would be a cool name for DKCR’s sequel, if there is one.

      As for F-Zero, as much as I would love for them to work on a new F-Zero game, it would kinda be a waste of talent working on a racing game. I think Criterion Games or Sumo Digital/Sega should work on F-Zero since Sega did an amazing job with GX. Criterion would be a good candidate for it too since their racing games are great (NFS Hot Pursuit, haven’t played Burnout Paradise yet but heard it’s great).

      As for Metroid, I would love a Metroid game with some stealth sections with Zero Suit Samus, I heard Zero Mission had something like that so it could be neat if they expanded that idea.

  2. I hope Retro is going to bring multiple projects to the Wii U.They are the studio everyone has their eyes on to deliver something special and I have no doubt they’ll deliver. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. This is cool!

    If they’re working on another Metroid game. I hope it doesnt have “Prime 4” tagged on it. I loved Prime 1, 2, and 3, and they are AMAZING games. This is a new console though. So I wouldnt mind if it was the beginning of a brand new series. I do however hope it takes elements from Prime, and makes them even more awesome! The scanning, the environments, ect. I’d love to have at least one flying mission too. I’ve been dying to fly that gunship!

    Other M wasnt that bad, besides the story. The game its self was actually okay, but I really wouldnt want to play another Metroid like that. I hate FPS games, but I loved the Prime series, because it was more focused on adventure. So with the new HD power of the Wii U. I can’t imagine how many amazing environments they could make for us to explore in first person view!

    I also really hope they go back to a suit design similar to the Prime series. I couldnt stand the look of the suit on the Other M game.

    1. The while 2d but not 2d game and view of metroid other m was amazing the female issues story was insulting and down right fag

    2. In gameplay terms it was great. I think they should continue with the 3rd person view. In terms of the story it was merely good. The plot overall was nice but that women talked too much, I don’t mind a little monologue here and there but Other M was bursting at the seams with it. Whatever the style of the next Metroid game is, I’ll be getting it for sure.

  4. Gaaaaaah that is so awesome! They deserve it! I’m expecting more great games from Retro. In all the recent news of studios closing and designers leaving the industry, it is great to hear it isn’t all bad.

  5. If they’re working on a Zelda title I just hope they give us something sprawling and immersive. By all means keep sed dungeons, but a true open-world-overword is really what the series deserves at this point. An Elder Scrolls: Hyrule, as it were.

    1. That’s meant to say “by all means keep the usual puzzle based dungeons”. Not sure what went wrong there, phone text input went a bit screwy.

      1. There not working on zelda sadly. Nintendo has all ready stated since retros in texas, and something to due with a lot of work for zelda being done in japan. :)

  6. I’m glad that Retro Studios have moved into a much bigger location. So… the Regginator says Retro is working on “fantastic projects”, eh? Sounds to me like an outstanding plan of EPIC proportions… especially the rumor of Retro developing their on graphics engine on U titles. The future of Nintendo/Retro is just around the corner.

      1. The future of catching up to the last generation as the transitioning phase rolls right into amazing looking demos that will never be accomplished on 2008 tech.

        1. What about 2009 tech since that will be what the PS4/720 use. Well unless they want to sell an overpriced system. Or in Sony’s case go bankrupt.

          Keep dreaming Aereola

        2. If they made 2010-2012,you would obviously complain about price.If ps4 had this gaming library at launch,then you would be spazzing out.

        3. You need to look into this subject more. You clearly have little knowledge on the subject of Wii U’s specifications.

  7. I own all the games they worked on. So whatever they’re working on I’m positive that it will deliver. Me personally, I hope it’s Starfox.

  8. I want a new Metroid Prime 4, with a real online multiplayer. A new 2.5D Metroid, better than Metroid other M, no switching from 1st person to 3rd person unless you can move in 1st person. A remake of Metroid 2 Return of Samus, the way Nintendo remade Metroid Zero Mission. Also, I want a 3D Donkey Kong by Retro and a new 2.5D Donkey Kong Country by Retro.

  9. I really want a 2D or 2.5D Metroid on the 3DS taking advantage of dual screen and touch controls, I can’t believe Nintendo never did this for DS already.

    1. A game called Metroid Dread was supposed to come out on DS. It would’ve taken place after Fusion. Maybe it could come out on 3DS? I sure hope it does.

  10. Metroid Prime Trilogy is one of my favorite games on Wii. Donkey Kong Country was really good too. I hope Retro does more games like this but even better.

  11. Halo copied toonami( toonami is a action block that came on cartoon network with a host in space that is a robot which now comes on adult swim)

    1. I HIGHLY doubt that. Halo started development for the apple computers in 2001, it was inspired by a series that the same developers made caalled “marathon” and I can safetly guarantee you that came out before that show you are talking about.

  12. Whatever retro is making, will decide if I get a wii U soon or not. If it is a metroid prime fps, that can potentially rival Halo, along with an amazing multiplayer. Then ill consider saving up for one.

    1. I will never “rival” Halo to anyone but Nintendo fans.

      Prime also isn’t a “FPS” it’s a first person adventure title.

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