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Here’s The First Wii U TV Commercial

Nintendo UK aired its first Wii U commercial during the latest episode of Homeland on Channel 4. At the start of the commercial it clearly states that this a brand new console and controller from Nintendo – just in case people get confused that it’s simply an add-on for Wii. What do you think to the commercial? Was it too gimmicky, or did Nintendo do a good job of showcasing it?

144 thoughts on “Here’s The First Wii U TV Commercial”

    1. UK Commercials suck! That was awful. Looked fake. Why not even show a zombie on the t.v. when using the gamepad to unlock the door.. Just a black screen. This commercial was not thought out at all. I believe the North American version will be much better.

      1. Because ZombiU is a PEGI 18 and they probably want to be able to show this commercial before the 9 o’clock watershed?

      2. Why be so bitchy about all UK adverts just because of that? Joshawott is right- they can show this advert at any time now.

      1. errrrm why do u bring them up? Have you forgotten that the wii is dead and had a lack of third party support and shit online? NINTENDO want the CORE…. this advert is aimed at CASUALS. They failed their CORE (pun intended) objective

        1. It was on during freaking X Factor, how many hardcode gamers do you know that watch that shit? Any publicity is good publicity, especially if it is on the most popular reality TV show in Britain (even if the show is absolute shit).

          Nintendo already has a huge casual install base, why not use it?

          1. You’re right. The core already know about, so they shouldn’t market directly to them on the T.V. They should always market it to people who don’t do the type of research like most core gamers do on the internet.

        2. The core gamers aren’t going to make there decision of a commercial though, that’s what you have to understand. So obviously the advert in aimed toward casuals players, silly. Supporting 3rd Party games, and making good games is what draws core gamer’s in. & With the Pre-orders for it sold out in a lot of places, without and adverts previous. Im saying the core player demand are doing just fine.

    1. Do you realize why big companies have multiple commercials? It’s so a different commercial can appeal to a certain audience. Video game companies have a such a huge target audience that one commercial is never enough.

        1. At the end of this month, Nintendo of America will deliver the Wii U commercial of Regginator proportions… Kickin’ ass and takin’ names… and deliver games for everyone no matter what level they see their description fit.

    2. the ad started with new CONSOLE retard did the casuals not buy ps2 wen it replaced ps1 RETARD ALERT and if these mythical casuals are as dumb as you say then why did they embrace controller evolution whilst you bashed a near 20 year old dualshock JUST SAYING

  1. Not the most exciting ad, but it does get across that it is a new console and shows off the controller as well. Plus a quick look at a bunch of games.

  2. This is perfect for the audience they’ve aimed it at – those who will be thinking “I already bought a Wii, why should I care?”. This will sell it to that (huge) audience very well.

    Everyone else will be thinking “well, that’s less cheesy than the old Wii/DS ads but it’s still pretty boring”.

    Personally, I think it’s a great start to the ad campaign. I can see the Wii U topping most family christmas lists!

    1. Actualy the DS adds were fucking immense in the UK!!!

      This add will sell the console! It will sell to ”hardcore” gamers who are prepared to own more than 1 console. Sure a lot of cheap scape ps3 and 360 fanboys will be butthurt and deny it.

      But I think the wiiu will sell like the wii in it’s life but with more of a quality escence about it..

      1. I will add this aswell . Last week I attended Play Expo in Manchester , the UK’s largest video game convention with about 10,000 people there.

        And the Wiiu pretty much got All the attention along with *whispers* the CoD tournaments *gasp*

    1. cheesy didnt stop ds and wii did it fact of the matter is no matter how head in hands it is IT WORKS the hardcore ads of 3rd partys and sony ms totally fail to sell sweet fuk all just the way it is

  3. Hmm… The commercial was okay. It was kind of bland, but it does show off the console very well. And it does shed some light on how the whole “use it while someone else is using the T.V.” thing.

  4. insertusernamehereplease

    I watched three hours of Xfactor for this and it never showed up, and then they the bloody put it in the middle of a show I watch anyway…


  5. Meh it was alright. Bit too “wacky” for my liking but whatever. I still worry people are just going to look at it a dismiss it as ‘just another kid’s toy’ without ever giving it a chance. (Sigh) Ahwell.


  6. It looks like it’s geared too much toward kids. Most teens or adults will just disregard it as another kids’ toy it seems, based on this commercial. It’s too wacky and gimmicky; it reminds me of a commercial from the ’90s. They should have showed off some more mature games that gamers want to see, like Assassin’s Creed or something.



    2. Nintendo’s Core fans are already fully aware of the Wii U. Hence why all the pre-orders are gone. TV commercials are for the casuals who don’t go on Gaming Forums and find out everything all the time. So it did its job. To bad the casuals will be like oh cool a new Nintendo console only to find they can’t get it cause there wont be any left lol. Wii all over again peeps.

  7. That’s some commercial. It doesn’t really show the actual console though. it’s good that they said it’s a brand new console but still everyone I know is saying its portable and I’m like bleeding in hamstrings.

  8. Not very good, they didn’t show the actual console enough…I know they’ve been doing that on purpose to put emphasis on the controller but they found out at the very beginning that people were confused and thought the Wii U was simply a new controller for the original Wii, so I think it needs to be a lot clearer than it was in the video. Also some of the demonstrations seemed a lot clearer in the first tech demo at E3, e.g. if you look at the one with the sort of extended screen, where you move the controller around and look at parts of the scene that don’t show up on the tv, it didn’t seem too clear to me when they showed it…Maybe I’m bad at guessing what other people do and don’t understand/realise but that’s what I think…

  9. “With Wii U, the possibilities are endless”, yeah, that’s what they said about the Wii and look at what happened.

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    1. You say that, but what about the demon baby doll from the PS3 commercial?

      I kinda find the commercial ok. It isn’t anything spectacular, but at least it shows some of the main features of the GamePad, and the narrator doesn’t sound annoying (which is probably be extremely annoying on American and Brazilian commercials – if Brazil has commercials for it).

      Well, for the general public, I think this is a good commercial. The ones you have to criticize are those who made the demonic baby doll for PS3!

  11. It was really cheesy. It just didn’t scream “hardcore console” to me. I’d like to see what other ads they have planned.


      ITS A ADVERT AIMED AT ALL WHY SELL TO A SMALL INSAne group of idiot teens and children on xbox live who think there cool and core WEN THE DEVICE CAN BE SOLD TO “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””


      1. *racism or racialism (ˈreɪsɪzəm, ˈreɪʃəˌlɪzəm)

        — n
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        British ain’t a race.wat the hell your talking about?

  12. The commercial was definitely aiming for the casual costumer I mean they did not even say it was 1080p. I’m a huge fan of Nintendo and I am really disappointment by the way Nintendo is taking the Wii U, I would really love to see more tech oriented commercials over the toyish ones to help create a more hardcore appeal


      6 years of total ownership and now mr i think im core wants wiiu to sell at low ps3 numbers with red ovcean thinking hardcore thinking = fail mainstream thinking = success

      1. That really shows how ignorant you are, the Wii offered a good experience and great first party titles for a very low price and most of favorite games of this gen are from Wii, but I think its time for nintendo to retake the hardcore market and care a little more about gamers and not casual gamers (money)

  13. I liked the part where he said “pew..pewpewpewpew!I think it should have showed the games for hardcore and casual.Oh,and some more features.

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  15. This is a good advert for british people. AMERICANS!!!! your adverts are Fucked up compared to British , so don’t you be judgeing it. Judge your own wacky advert :P .

    It’s not a great advert but it WILL sell the console most importantly. And they were showing Zombiu and shit so yeh ……../.

      1. The difference between American advets and british adverts is huge is my point :). I prefer the action packed , humerous american adverts than I do British…

        Just saying loads of None British people are judgeing this advert….

  16. This is just a UK commercial, and their market is completely different than Japan and America. Expect completely different commercials to be shown in the great USA

    1. This!!! I am English , and I enjoy watching how crazy American game adds are ESPECIALLY zelda adds!!!.

      America is always a lot more ”commercial” and exciting , whilst British is more relaxed and sophisticated.

  17. Eh, got to the point i guess, short and sweet, ticked all the marks. Voice overs are always cheesy.
    Better than “now on exbwwwaaaaaaks 360”

  18. Remember people the goal of this commercial was to tell the people that the Wii U is a BRAND NEW console. If you don’t like it remember that it was supposed to get the record strait. In the future they will showcase it like an awesome console should.

  19. Brad Pitt
    The best thing I saw was at the end they showed some good-looking ‘hardcore’ games for mature gamers. Because those games flashed at the end, they’ll linger in the mind longer. If this didn’t blow your mind… you know they’ll be making more than the 1 commercial, right?

    1. I’m with you on that one, buddy. Nintendo of Europe have done a good job in promoting the Wii U commercial in the UK. I’m 9,001% sure that Nintendo of America will deliver the most epic Wii U commercial in the company’s industry.

  20. I give it a 7/10. It got to the point and established that it was a new console, a new way to play. I believe that the “take the game from the tv to your controller” will be on the big selling points for people who have big families, especially gaming families.

    A downside that I can agree on, is that it could’ve shown a few more mature games like AC, and Darksiders 2, or Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  21. I think it’s a great commercial, but shouldn’t be the only style of commercial they show. This looks like something that could bring in the (large and generally hard to please) “why would I buy another Wii” audience, which is important. But I think they should also show some commercials aimed at the more serious gamers (you know, intense music, more action, more games, less gimmicks, etc.) who go for the games and the experience. If they were to show some of each type of commercial, I think it would drive this console to be an even bigger success than it already has been (according to pre-order sales).

  22. I liked it. Showed how innovative and fun the Wii U will be and tailored it to the right viewing audience. The G4/X-Play commercial will be vastly different though.

  23. It’s cheesy for sure, but hey I like cheesy. It’s fun like games are supposed to be. Not to mention there will be more than just this one commercial.

  24. It’s a pity there are no games worth buying the Wii U for at launch if you already have a PS3. Think I’ll wait til next year.

  25. This commercial is kinda lame. And I saw Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition tv spot on Syfy 2 weeks ago, so I guess that would be the first tv commercial for Wii U.

  26. i think that it was to get other people that do not know that wiiu is a consle and not a gimick as some trolls keep calling the wiiu gamepad so think about it all the hardcore gamers already know about the wiiu so why go out of there way to make ads for people that already know and want one

  27. wiiu is awsome but think about this trolls how does makeing bad comments about stuff you dont like make the stuff you like better so just stop trolling nintendo sites why don.t you go post good comments on other sites about stuff you like ok

  28. I dont care much for the announcer, but the whole First Person Perspective was great, kinda made me feel like picking one up

    (Damn these commercials) lol

  29. oh no this was terrible it just made the wii u look even more like a wii with a brand new controller they didn’t put any emphasis on the console what were they thinking and they shouldn’t have put the wiimote in the add.

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  31. Nintendo used to create really innovative products, I think they are just starting to slack now :( I think this could be the start of a new Sega! on the plus sides though at least we will be able to play Mario and Zelda on discs of 100 games for XBOX and PS3!

        1. You’re denying yourself stranger. Nintendo wants to do something for a change. The Wii was one of the largest selling console this generation… almost 97 million units sold worldwide. The problems are the Wii’s graphics are limited and lacking third party support. Right now, Nintendo is changing the system with the Wii U… this time with HD graphics (720p and 1080p), improved online functionality with the Nintendo Network, new gameplay experience using the GamePad, and there’s still more to come. Just you wait until next week’s Wii U commercial here in North America. Nintendo of America will unleash a better Wii U commercial. You won’t be disappointed.

  32. Well that’s UK commercial for you. Always tends to be cheesy when it comes to games (well besides the good games then it’s serious).

    Anyways, it could have done with a better voice over but I guess it’s to clarify the fun part of the console. The only thing I’m concerned with and other people have mentioned is the fact that although at the beginning it does state it is a completely new console, people would still think it’s an add-on until they go into the store when their kids start screaming for it. Then they’ll know the whole shebang. But the whole advert just focuses on the gamepad (although that is technically the main aspect).

    I do like how in the end they show the range of games AND their ratings. I hope for once parents will listen to that, but I doubt it. One thing I’ll also complain about: I dislike the sterotype they had on there that girls hate gaming and she told the guy she wanted to watch tv ._.
    Gaming beats tv any day! Can’t wait to get this ^^

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  35. This is the main reason why I still play my Gameboy, Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 Emulator. They just don’t make games like them anymore. :(

  36. I think they did a pretty good job. They stated it was a new console right off the bat to avoid confusion. They also showcased a ton of features for the system as well as the games that are going to be available for it. Obviously it needs more, but I don’t think they can fit all of its features into one add, but this can show people the new console so that they can go online and look for more info.

  37. It’s not a bad advert by any stretch of imagination. They were right to include that bit at the start making it clear that this isn’t just a new controller for the Wii but there’s something not sitting right, I think it’s the voice over guy. He makes it sound like it’s just for kids, he even somehow makes ZombiU sound like a game for all the family to sit around and have a gay ol’ time with it at Christmas. They’re supposed to be appealing to all markets but if this is the only advert we’re getting they’re really isolating ‘core’ gamers which is strange because it shows ZombiU, Batman, Mass Effect etc. which is good because it gets the message across that it’s for everyone casual or core but these games are more like fleeting glances. It needs a bit more balance to it and a new voice over guy and it’ll sell.

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