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Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Is “Exactly The Same” As Other Versions

Assassin’s Creed 3 creative director Alex Hutchinson has revealed that the Wii U version of Assassin’s Creed 3 is exactly the same as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. Hutchinson said that he was relieved that the development team managed to produce exactly the same game that’s on the other platforms without sacrificing anything.

“I’m super excited whenever we demo the Wii U. It is exactly the same game that’s on the other platforms. And I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s been a long time since I’ve shipped a game on more than three platforms where you could say it’s all the same. It’s not like some radically diminished version, so that’s exciting.”

It’s always a challenge with new hardware, but it’s also exciting. I love the smell of new plastic, that day you get home with your new piece of kit. And it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new piece of kit.”

153 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Is “Exactly The Same” As Other Versions”

    1. In before trolls say ubi maxed the wiiu out at launch with a 360 game!!! lol :)

      Even if it is ”ecactly the same” that’s great news !!! the wiiu’s day 1 title is a game that absoloutly maxes out current gen Hardware!

      PS3 one has it’s exclusive levels (which is great for sony!!!!) , but doesn’t the wiiu version have a slew of cool features aswell ??? a la on the fly weapons switch.

      Does this game play away from the tv on the gamepad ?

        1. i’d rather have added gameplay features than one or two levels. but yeah, it’s good that the ps3 is FINALLY getting an exclusive dlc with a third party game. the last time that happened was with arkham asylum.

  1. awesome!! so glad they caught up the wii u version, and surprisingly before the other versions launched, they said they wanted more time but i guess teh wii u is that easy to develop for :)

    1. I sure hope so. I am really excited about the U and I hope it can live up to Nintendo’s Hype. The Wii did, so why not the U?

  2. They try to paint it like this is a good thing, but they barely made it, i mean, it’s not even 50% what WiiU is capable of.

    1. I understand your point, but keep in mind the limited amount of time they had to port the game over to the U. I’d agree to a certain extent that it’s not something to brag about, but I guess it’s still a good thing

      1. Yeh we have to be happy that we’re getting the ”exact same game” with some slight gamepad features .. that’s a good start….

        I would be suprised if the ubi developers had enough money after this project to fully optimize the game for wiiu . a Simple tweaked port is more than good enough!.

    2. He wasn’t relieved based on the perception of the Wii U being technically weak (which was never the case with this game). It’s because working with new hardware may be difficult, as porting games usually get lost in translation.

  3. Ganonseviltwinbrother

    Nintendo could be playing some serious catch up. If they can get the mass effect series and the assassins creed series.
    And things of that general idea. And than they already showing that they get their own original ips. So to me Nintendo has always been in good shape. Always.

      1. Oh yea I forgot about that! To get extra content you have to buy a whole “different” game plus a vita=no thanks Wii U over vita/ps3, I’m not a fan boy I just would rather pay for a whole knew stronger system then use a weaker and buy a whole new “handheld controller” plus two games to get an experience. Now vita/ps3 over 3DS/Wii U….until Monster Hunter 3/4 comes out-that games going to be infuckingcredible!!!

        1. You don’t have to buy anything. It’s an option. There are a good number of people who already have a Vita and PS3s and will be getting both games. Then there are those who plan on getting the AC III Liberation Vita bundle.

          There’s no need to compare Wii U/3DS to Vita/PS3. I was simply stating that there was more content to be unlocked in the game in addition to the PS3 exclusive missions mentioned prior.

    1. it is graphically better, what i have seen it is better on the wiiu. but they can say that it’s better on the wii u, they must sell on the ps3 and xbox to!

      1. Actually, no.
        It was even said that the WiiU version is graphically inferior, a while ago. Seems like they managed to get it to be on par with the other versions now.

        1. But thats nothing new, its the same for every gen (5, 6, 7 gen..)…. when PS4 and Xbox 720 games will launch im definitely sure it wont be much difference FOR LAUNCH PS4/Xbox 720 GAMES….. but after 1-3+ years ofc it will look better.

          That same can be said for Wii U…. i mean, AMD HD vs AMD X series whats actuallyx inside the Xbox 360, 1GB+1GB RAM vs 512MB ram…. it is obiviously stronger than current gen in terms of graphics but dont expect to see the difference in launch Wii U games, especially not in “rushed ports”.

          1. it wasnt slightly better. it was darker. and Ubisoft said that it was darker because they couldnt get some of the light particals to work on the Wii U, making it inferior. Now they fixed it. making it on Par.

        2. ive played AC3 on wii u at eurogamer but at the time it lagged slightly but you couldsee more textures and you could see it was better than the 360 version and it was better than the ps3 but not as much as a different but 100% better :D

  4. i already paid off the wii u version of assassins creed. even though they say its on par with the others i dont care because if i can play the game without going to the damn pause menu to look at the map… thats a win win for me.. even tho the wii u is capable of more.. its the first year.. develepers better gett here shit straight next year tho.

  5. Great. So it’s exactly the same as a 7 year old console is able to put out. That’s fantastic; REALLY makes me want to drop $300+ for the Wii U instead of just getting it on my XBOX360 that I already own /sarcasm

    1. Correction: is the best a 7 year old console is able to put out. And it’s running at 1080p.

      Wanna buy one now?

                1. Because it is on their system and I think they would know better than you about the game in their console.Idiot.

                  1. So why haven’t the people who made the thing say it’s 1080p then? Hmmm? The people who made it say it is EXACTLY the same. I’d believe them over idiotic Nintendo reps.

                    1. 1.(to jellybean)Frankly,I don’t even know.I was just providing him an answer.I am going to wait for it to be official.
                      2.Aeolus,if he started insulting you,then you would be cursing at him.You are only saying that because they sided with you when really they are not your friend.

                    2. the “people who made it” also said that the PC version is the same as all the others
                      in above statement even.. just read it thoroughly, it’s there..

                      makes you wonder what the guy is actually talking about doesn’t it?

                    3. Because it’s obvious. Do developers for PS360 need to say if that there games are upscaled 720p. Welcome to the new gen, 1080p is the standard.

                    1. No. They weren’t. The “Source” says Nintendo Reps, and it doesn’t even 100% say it’s 1080p. It just says “seems to indicate” which isn’t 100% confirmation at all.

                      1. Denial? How am I in denial? I think you’re in denial since you’re posting BS links that don’t provide concrete evidence at all.

      1. Idiot $300 is for a console. Not the game, you do know that Beyonetta 2 and Monster hunter 3 Ultimate coming to the all power intelligent Wii U. Shake my head at butt hurt xbots.

    2. Well I won’t be expecting much since this is a launch game after all.

      As long as it plays well I’ll be fine with it being on par with the other console versions ^^

    3. I pre-ordered my 360 copy more than a month before the release date. No way in hell am I waiting for yet another 2-3 weeks. I’ll get the Wii U for something else.

      1. Hi Peteriuss, no the Wii U is not just a gamepad that shows what’s on the TV. The Wii U is the new console from Nintendo. The gamepad that you are referring to, is the equivalent of the current wii controller. However it now has a screen on it, so it has much more functionality than the old wii remote, you can actually use the screen on the gamepad to play your game, so it will be perfect when parents are nagging that they want to watch the TV.

        Hope that helps.

      2. Naw its a whole new console :) and the gamepad is the main controller. & only if you want it two. For some games you can just turn off your tv and play it on your gamepad. and others it uses it along side with the tv screeen.

        1. why did you reply a obvious troll attempt. you have not been here long. this been going on since the start of the year

    4. Well, it is sharper and has other effects that the Wii U is doing better. What they meant is that working with the whole code and matching the lighting to the one they had for the other versions required more time. The Wii U does have more memory, after all, so they needed to “catch up” since they basically had unfinished dev kits by the time development was in progress on the other systems. Just because it’s the same game does not mean you just press one button and transfer everything to a new system. It doesn’t work like that no matter how easy the system is to develop.

    5. but Assasins Creed 3 on Wii U is 1080p and 720 on the other versions :P Not to be a graphics whore or anything. Just sayin.

        1. No, it isn’t.*

          If you like correcting others’ grammar so much as seen in your other posts, then please learn the basics of punctuation first. :)

          1. Your sentence is not grammatically correct.

            “If you like correcting others’ grammar so much as seen in your other posts(…)”

            Who is your English teacher? I think it’s time for you to call them and sue them.

            1. Don’t you mean ““If you like correcting others’ grammar so much as seen in your other posts(…)”. These are the facts.But sadly,your 6 year old brain is just not advanced yet(actually never).

          1. Ubisoft has said no such thing about 1080p on the Wii U version.

            PS: Nintendo fansites are not a source. They’re loads of bullshit.
            PSS: If it was “1080p”, then by textbook definition this game is not “exactly” the same as the other versions.

            I’ll let that sink in for you.

                    1. people like to say that when they lack anything witty to say

                      you should have know he would have replied to you with that

            1. to be fair he does say the PC version too is the same as all the others

              “it’s been a long time since I’ve shipped a game on more than three platforms where you could say it’s all the same”
              and we all know that the PC version can run in much higher resolutions
              either he doesn’t make a difference regarding resolution or he misspoke

              either way i’m not getting my hopes up that it will actually be 1080p unless they confirm it but i wouldn’t say it’s completely off the table just yet

        2. “Nintendo reps on the Chicago Wii U Experience tour did state: Assassin’s Creed III will run natively at 1080p.”

      1. I’m guessing the words “Launch Title” doesn’t sit well with you now does it.

        The Xbox 720 and PS4 are going to be the same when they release, first they will have games that don’t look any different than the PS3 and Xbox 360 but later the graphics will get better and better… That’s if the rumors of Xbox 720 using a 6670 HD graphics chip isn’t true because if it is … the 720 will be the Wii of the next generation.

        Same goes for the Playstation 4, since they are trying to get the female market into playing video games they might ignore graphics in order to focus the console on its “Female friend” aspects.

          1. First you claim that anyone who has a different opinion than you is bull, then when someone states a valid and reasonable point that’s when you claim it as conjecture.





            1. It’s not “valid” when you’re stating it as total fact with absolutely no evidence to back it up. These are nothing but assumptions on his part.

              Now do me a favor and





                1. I’m not entitled to answer a thing you ask me. It’s not relevant to these posts, nor is it affecting your life (unless you’re a butt-devastated Nintenyearold).

                  You can keep asking, but you’ll never get an answer. The choice is yours.

              1. nice followup . but you also base your facts on assumption. let me jog your memory Dont buy wii u its a bloody fisher price product, Or worse kid icarus is a terrible game gravity rush is better(far cry)

            2. He has nothing better to do with his life.
              He likes to support this site by generating clicks.
              He likes to entertain us with his Narcissistic attitude.
              He didn’t get a Nintendo from Santa when he was younger, and now he hates everyone who enjoys Nintendo games while he gets bored on his “Superior” game platforms.

                1. I have quite a bit of experience with SEO, Affiliate Networking and google analytics.
                  Nintendo does not suck. You obviously know little about a profitable business model.

                  1. They do suck, which is why the Wii failed to hold any sort of core market on it. The PS3/360 came out victorious for what matters to consumers–THE GAMES!\

                    All that talk about gameplay over graphics and the Wii delivered neither, yet those did. That’s an incredible amount of fail.

                    1. The wii has a large amount of great games ! I understand the way your narrow mind works , but you disregard the wii as if to say it doesn’t have the highest rated exclusive on metacritic this generation.

                      I Love my wii , ps3 and 360 all in different ways . 360= forza , halo , gears , multiplats. ps3 = the most overall solid selection of games this gen including the largest amount of quality exclusives , the wii= yes 60% of it’s library is total shite and Nintendo needs to adress that, but it does have some very very good INFACT in y opinion the best exclusives this gen. Including smash bros , Galaxy , metroid , zelda , Xenoblade etc etc etc.

                      Don’t put the wii down so much !! you only make yourself sound like a softcore CoD lover.

                      OVERALL game quality the wii is last place… but in terms of high quality exclusives , the wii is pushing first place with ps3…

                      1. He won’t listen.He is just a lost cause.His hairy mudflap ass is the one shitting this out.

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    7. In one way I’m glad, in another why bother buying this for Wii U if you have a PS# and 360?
      Exactly the same game with just a tiny difference when it comes to “gameplay”…
      Doesn’t matter though,not as if I’m going to buy it anyway but it is good nontheless…

      1. So why are you on a website for Nintendo fans, also the excuse of saying “I love my 3DS/DS/Wii so that means I can say what I want” speech won’t work because you are commenting on the Wii U news said of Nintendo.

        1. Because its the internet, he can damn well do as he pleases, just like you took the time to reply to someones opinion that you so much appose to.

          Learn them.

    8. What exactly did people expect its a cheap port from 360nothing more needed wii remote and nunchuck support would have owned

    9. Sounds good to me. haters gonna hate, but they won’t convince anyone here of not getting good games for the Wii U to round out the system’s library, so let the windbags blow their hot air. won’t stop the wii u from succeeding.

    10. Aeolus! Aeolus! You’re so cool!
      I bet Sony has a whole clone army generated from your DNA. What else could explain the smashing success of their gaming division and the Vita!

    11. Shit! I accidentally got my computer infected with the Aeolus Stewart Virus!
      Everytime I boot my PC, it rolls it’s eyes and calls me a Fanboy!

    12. In a world where petty bickering can happen over whether or not one version of a game has additional extra vertical lines of resolution or darker shadows to determinate if the game is buy or a skip/rental, it’s no wonder why they choose the words “Exactly The Same”.

      Remember: Ubisoft’s job is to sell the game on all platforms that they bring it on, not Exclude two to stroke one platform future buyer’s Ego, What else would they have said? it’s all PR talk anyway.

    13. So much for it being the “superior” version as some have claimed…

      There are rarely “superior” versions when it comes to multiplatform games on consoles right now. Differences are usually very minute in scale.

      We’ll see how much that changes as we get deeper into the next-gen though. Can’t really expect much at launch.

      1. Actually, if we go by what was said by Ubisoft previously, they said it was lacking certain visual features of the other versions due to the lack of time with the Wii-U dev kits so this is actually reassuring news.

    14. Picking this up for the WiiU, just because i’ll enjoy the online more, i never go online with my friends on my ps3, they play awful games, like FIFA and Black Ops -.-

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    16. Of course they said this, they aren’t like rocksteady trying to sell a game that’s been out already, or like Ninja theory trying to resell a shit game that’s the “definitive” version.

    17. Which at this stage of the Wii U’s life is fine by me. Given those other games being produced on Wii U that would have to be downscaled on PS3/360, I know it’s not due to any deficiency on the Wii U’s part. I’ll be looking forward to when the other new consoles show up and multiplats aren’t designed primarily for older systems.

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    19. Fine with me.
      Better a match than an inferior, and it helps round out the launch line-up by having games people will want on the system besides exclusives.
      On that note, still looking forward to more Bayonetta 2 details…

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    21. got a gameboy, gba, ds lite, snes, n64, gamecube, xbox, xbox 360, ps1, ps2, ps3, wii and 3ds, preordered ma wii u

      why cant people just enjoy games regardless of company making them,
      god if they make u smile that’s what was intended, some people on this site just need to chill

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    23. lol, my bro owned those was just listing what was mine, saturn was a beast disc tray broke in it tho, sad day that was

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    25. on par with current gen…. Is it really that hard to understand? I’m going to be honest, I’m only buying Wii U to take advantage of its eighth generation capabilities. But as soon as PS4 releases (Sorry Xbox) I will pick myself up a unit and replace the Wii U. “So much the price doesn’t exceed an extremely high amount as before”! Then the circle of life contines with Xbox 1080, PS5, and Wii U2 P.S. Thank U NINTENDO for the reasonable pricing….. (Sorry for the loss)

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