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Exciting Nintendo Information Coming Thursday?

Rich from IGN has teased that we should get some exciting Nintendo related information starting Thursday. Whether this relates to a Nintendo Direct presentation, or a feature from IGN, remains to be seen. What would you like to hear about?

I know it’s a little quiet on the Nintendo front but… it’s not. There’s a lot coming up. Starting Thursday.

Thanks, Jake

110 thoughts on “Exciting Nintendo Information Coming Thursday?”

    1. *So people see*

      Rich already updated saying,
      “Oh for fuck’s sake, I didn’t say news. And I didn’t say a game is being announced.”

      He’s probably just announcing that there’ll be stuff on IGN about Nintendo like a podcast or just content IGN would make, not any Wii U/3DS news.

      1. Man, this guy builds up way so much hype and then destroys it. What a loser, he should be more specific next time

    1. Look at the Nintendo Network this way:
      It got the job done, and it sure as hell can’t be any worse. Nintendo can only make online better from here in out.

    2. Like Jaded said, It can’t be any worse than before. Although I too do wish Nintendo were to talk about it soon enough, if it can at least reach xbox360/ps3 like standards, then that’s good enough for me i guess, but we just have to wait.

      1. From what we’ve seen from Miiverse, it looks very meh, but Nintendo are convinced that it will be huge. I’m guessing that we’ll be surprised at launch.

  1. Rich is the master of drawing people in with empty hype. Everything he has ever hyped up has been a waste of time. The only condolence I can get is that he himself got let down by his own lofty expectations.

  2. They will be releasing their financial results for the last quarter in the next 48 hours. They usually have some announcements to coincide with that, via investor briefings.

  3. There was a rumor back at the Sept.13th Nintendo Direct that there would be 1 more Nintendo Direct in October before the Wii U launches….So maybe that is what it is.

          1. Having too much of everything cheapens what you have. Discipline yourself and just ask for one or two things. Not everything.

              1. I’m just speaking what any person with common sense would say. If I am the Mr. Miyagi of common sense, then you, by that low standard, must be really, really dumb.

        1. Boop boop boop ba boop boop ba beep beep boop. Boop boop boop. Boop boop boop. Synchronized! * regular show reference*

        2. Hope it’s F-Zero, it would be one of the games that can really show the systems capabilities. That and I want to race as Captain Falcon again.

        3. F-Zero will happen. Miyamoto said he wants F-Zero on Wii U. However he said it isnt currently in development. So unless Nintendo didnt tell Miyamoto about it, then we aint getting it for awhile. Starfox will be first (Retro’s Game lol)

  4. Yeah, Nintendo has been really quiet. They haven’t even uploaded a new video since October 8. I have been a little suspicious on what they were planning. It’s good to hear that there’s some news about them. It better be exciting.

    1. well look what happen, m$ and sony change there price of there consoles as soon as nintendo said it. i was right that this was going to happen, but i was wrong about sony raising there own ps3 price.

  5. What’s with the wii you????!!! You’ve got the wii plugged into your t.v but you buy the ” wii you” to see it up close!! Wtf!! Seriously !!!!

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      It’s seriously getting annoying that you pussies are here troling all of the time.

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  6. Well there’s only one way to find out and that’s waiting till thursday. If only we had that time traveling DeLorean huh? Oh well time to use that time travel feature on the 4DS lol

  7. A new Zelda game.

    That is my unrealistic hope.

    On the bright side, my Zelda and Nintendo love is slowly creeping back…. I played the crap out of Zelda and other Nintendo games back in early 2011, and thus burned out big time on Nintendo games, so much that I couldn’t even care about Skyward Sword. Now, I’m getting into the spirit of things. Am I still buying a Wii U? Not yet. Just wait a bit more for some money, and we’ll see.

      1. Yeah, I know about THAT (cuz that’s CLEARLY not common knowledge at all, geez), but I’m saying I hope for the news Thursday to be related to it.

  8. Lol. Since it’s from his personal twitter, it’s probably about the Nintendo section of IGN rather than nintendo itself. Like it’s probably the next Nintendo Voice Chat podcast they do or something like that.

      1. That’s what I’m saying. Rich overhypes everything. And usually he’s the one who ends up getting the most disappointed. Seriously, who the hell falls on their own sword so easily like that?

  9. “We’d like to announce that Adobe Flash player is now on Wii and 3DS, and will come to Wii U at launch. We’d also like to announce that we are giving away Wii U’s for free to anyone with the wordpress username ‘iggyvolz'”
    ~Wishful thinking!

  10. I really hope it’s some cool information about some first party stuff. Personally it’s unexciting to me about all the other stuff that’s coming out. And oh, I do hope it’s about future games. Personally I don’t want anymore information about the game coming at launch. But that’s just me.

  11. Guys it looks like NDA is being lifted on some aspects of WiiU.He tweeted that hes loving the wii u but his hands were tied but not for long.

    this probably indicates he will be allowed to talk more about the system maybe online? miiverse? The os? i highly doubt a new game announcement.

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