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Nintendo 3DS e-Book Service Delayed

The application which allows Nintendo 3DS owners to read e-Books on their device has been delayed. The application called Bookstore Anywhere is being developed by Japanese company, Librica. The company says that the application has been delayed so that they can refine the service, and that they will announce a firm release date sometime in the future.

53 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS e-Book Service Delayed”

      1. chinese woman will Slap! you in one strong open fist motion of 180deg down from your right eye near the cheekbone directed towards the center of your face with force of the wind supporting her arm for a more painful impact ….So That You Hit The Floor with a sound of Breaking Glass.

    1. Btw guys youtube is confirmed for Wii U internet browser getting the idea?What i’m trying to say you can multitask with Wii U,getting it now. You can pause games to go to internet browser,You must have got my point.

      1. I didnt even know this was being made…
        Although i think it would be more successful as a WiiU app, that would be a big sellin point for non gamers

            1. i think you forget, the 3DS and WiiU are games consoles too.
              They COULD buy a eBook, or, alternatively, a 3DS for £50-80 more, or, a WiiU, which already has more than 1 feature, as well as being a games console.

              1. I’m going to outright tell you that most “non-gamers” do not give a shit about the 3DS. Letting you know that before you try to get too ahead of yourself and imply that it can do “more” than comparable products…maybe an e-book, but not those Kindle Fires/sub-$200 tablets.

                For instance a $199 Kindle Fire HD does more significant non-gaming things that the 3DS can ever dream to:

                …for $30 more, I know what I’d rather pick up if I was that kind of consumer who was fishing for e-books and whatnot.

                The 3DS has the luxury of physical controls and that’s about it. If mobile games are any indication, non-gamers don’t really give a shit about the controls either. They just want their simple, cheap, quick fix title rather than a familiar and full priced experience.

                Same goes for the Wii U and lol, that’s probably an even worse example come to think of it…

                1. No, thats fucking stupid, the e-book tablet demographic isn’t going to being actively targeted by any gaming company. It’s a different market entirely. This is just a feature. That’s like comparing the 3ds to a laptop because it has a web browser. Idk why the fuck you’re spouting this horseshit..

                  1. I think you should actually read my posts, because I don’t know what the fuck you’re even going on with, or how is it even relevant to what I just said.

                  2. Your bias opinion isn’t relevant. Casuals will always go to the thing that does more than just one thing. When non gamers see the WiiU has the TV app, the internet app, and if it got a eBook app, they’ll be all over it. Because guess what, its about value for money, thats all people care about, especially now with the current economic state. People want something that does everything, thats why iPhones and Apple products in general have done so well. A guess what again, they cost a fuck load of money, casuals will gladly give up £150, £250 for a 3DS or a WiiU.
                    Leave your personal opinions on Nintendo out of your arguments, if you even want to be taken seriously.

                    1. That’s not bias; it’s objective fact.

                      Casuals are not going to be buying a Wii U for the stuff you listed, the casuals will flock to Apple/Google TV or other comparable set-top box devices which can do ALL OF THAT for less and probably better than the Wii U itself. You must be insane if you think that’s any sort of attractive purchase to them.

                      ….Wait seriously, WTF did I just read? Do you have any sort of knowledge of today’s market when it comes to digital entertainment?! You’re seriously IMPLYING the Wii U is of any VALUE to them over established and heavily marketed products with lower asking prices?


                      Newsflash: The casuals aren’t all over the 3DS like you’re suggesting, Japan counts for over 50% of 3DS sales, as you are of no doubt aware, Japan =/= North America and Europe. The 3DS probably hasn’t even sold about 6 million units in the U.S. yet, while Apple products can obliterate those figures within a month, and just THOSE devices. I’ll let you do the math bro.

                      1. thedragon234 has just said this

                        i cannot believe what i just read

                        safe to say most nintendo fans are completely out of touch with society and current trends today if they (or at least this fellow, but I know more have this style of thinking) believe people are going to buy a wii u and 3ds toting inferior features over cheaper devices designed for such…

                        or maybe it’s still 2006 to them…

                        I honestly don’t know but



                        i’m speechless

                      2. Aeolus your actually right and not bashing nintendo! im impressed,And yes I actually one time said casuals like that simple touch screen Ui to play the crapiest mobile games instead of Brawl?And yes non gamers don’t give a f^(% about dedicated gaming handheld devices unless they are trying to become one.I actually agree with you all the way, Wow.

                      3. Exactly. And no tablet games DON’T. FUCKING. COUNT. These systems have will have features that tablets can do better, sure, but you dont buy a Nintendo console for a fucking e-reader. You buy it for the best experiences gaming has to offer. They’re features, and more features could only benefit the system.

                        1. Games are games, no matter what the platform is, Nintenyearold.

                          (Dedicated) Handheld gaming is steadily becoming a niche market and will undoubtedly fade from relevance sooner than one would think.

                          I doubt you guys even know why the handheld market mattered back in the 90s and early 2000s to begin with. Phones are more than phones now and tablets are creeping up to be a force no matter how you look at it.

                          1. As long as there’s dedicated gamers out there I think handheld console such as 3ds and psp vita wont ever drop out of the market. If you really think this will happen than show me statistics that handheld markets ain’t doing so well…Oh right! you can’t tell but only state your presonal opinions, so I won’t be taking you seriously..

                            1. Never said they would, but implying the market in general is going to last for more generations to come is quite unrealistic at this point.

                              Do you even need statistics? Look at how much third party developers support mobile and even first party manufacturers *excluding Nintendo* have some sort of ties to it. Windows Phone 8 with Xbox integration thanks to Smartglass, Sony’s PlayStation Mobile which has mobile games on any PlayStation certified smartphone or even PSVita.

                              Wake up.

                              1. You’re delusional if you think that gaming on mobile phones are the same with dedicated handhelds and NO there are only indies developers making games on mobile phones..

                                1. Interesting how you’re trying to mangle what I said into something entirely different.

                                  “Only indie developers” are making games on mobile phones? Do you really need to face embarrassment? Fine by me.

                                  Off the top of my head, I can list well over a dozen well-known companies (Don’t even get me started on their subsidiaries) who have all supported mobile and have made games for such:

                                  Square Enix
                                  Take-Two Interactive
                                  2K Games
                                  id software
                                  Insomniac Games
                                  Namco Bandai Games

                                  …There’s quite more than that too.

                                  Wake up.

                                  1. I meant real games, I know they made A FEW, but those major developers either ports games or make shitty games just to cash in, handhelds is where the real gaming experiences is at, I cant think of one game on ipod/iphone/ipad I have actually had fun with, wait maybe dead space but it got boring fast, so yeah I’m sure there ARE millions of gamers out there that feels the way I do.

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                                3. Who needs that when you can read manga on the 3DS browser? If you’re curious, try searching “manga mobile” on Google or something.

                                4. Yeah, I’m pretty sure consumers are going to fork over 160 for a tiny screen ebook reader than a $99 kindle :l

                                  Useless app.

                                  1. I think it’s just going to be one of those apps to TRY and keep an incentive for people who already own a 3DS to stay with them. I don’t see it attracting anyone to the 3DS.

                                      1. I use e-book applications. They’re quite good when you are in an area with no internet connection as you can send ebooks to be able to be read offline.

                                    1. I was wanting to read mangas on the 3ds so if anyone can tell me when it’s realeased, tell me SOON!

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