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Visit Burger King For A Chance To Win A Free Wii U Console

Offered by Burger King, the “Wii U Instant Win Game” began yesterday and ends on December 2nd. For a chance to win a free Wii U Basic Set, legal U.S. residents who are 13 years old or older can visit a participating Burger King or to obtain a code. After obtaining the code, participants must submit their codes online and play a game called “game play.” After that, participants will be notified whether they are potential winners of a Wii U Basic Set.

For the official rules of Burger King’s “Wii U Instant Win Game,” go here.

70 thoughts on “Visit Burger King For A Chance To Win A Free Wii U Console”

  1. So I entered the u pic u party contest and I actually won. But I’m not 18 and they make you put in your social security number. So maybe I’ll win this…

  2. They are fucking racist scum! I can’t ’cause I live in USA’s shitty colony called Puerto Rico! We are USA citizens too dammit!

    1. We’re kind of on the borderline. Neither state nor Republic. And for the record, it is NOT shitty. We get a lot of games here WAY before any other hispanic country.

    2. How is this racist? I’m guessing you’re pretty young and unobservant since you actually believe that Puerto Rico is in USA. It’s in North America, not USA. Also, contests aren’t synchronized across the entire world and I doubt you’d be saying anything at all if Puerto Rico had the contest and USA didn’t.

      Don’t whine just because you don’t have the slim chance to get something for free.

  3. If it was a delux set, I would be in hands down. I will stll enter to win one for one of my friends or family…or just take the Wii U game pad so I have 2 for my preordered deluxe set! HAHAHAHAHA! >:D

      1. Firstly, many “winners” didn’t actually win, since the codes were giving false pages claiming they’ve done so.

        Secondly, some script-kiddy exploited the page, which sent him to another one claiming he won. He then sent a screenshot or something about it to Taco Bell and he won a First Edition Vita with two games, then posted it on his forum.

        Considering Burger King, who’s to say it won’t happen again?

  4. Off topic… As an ambassador, I’ve been playing Metroid 4 (Aka, Fusion).

    What a fun-fucking-tastic game! I missed it on GBA, and am very impressed.

    I will say to the “Other M” haters, Metroid 4 started a lot of the “emotional” or “Soft” side of Samus many of you didn’t like. It wasn’t Gushing like other M, but it was there!

    Anyway. If you haven’t played through Metroid Fusion on your 3DS, Do it. It’s not overwhelmingly hard, it’s fairly linear, and just plain fun.

    1. I know Samus showed a little emotion in Fusion. The key word here is “little”. I can barely make it through another walkthrough on YouTube, I have no idea how I did it the first time.

          1. They said they were ambassador exclusive, but I’ve had them long enough I wouldn’t be offended if Nintendo decided to make some $$ off them. :)

      1. You are correct sir. It was not girly gushing emotion like other M. I think they took what was in fusion, and blew it way out of proportion. D:

  5. It’s good to see Nintendo popping up in kid’s meals again. Wendy’s had some sort of Wii tie-in a while back but the items were pretty lame. Anyone else remember the old Mario toys McDonald’s had back in the late 80s/early 90s? I remember in my city they came with a coupon for a free video game rental at a local video chain. That was when I first learned I could buy the toy without buying a meal! 50 cents for a toy and a free rental was pretty good, even back then. BK is selling these for 99 cents.

    1. Yeah, there was the SM3 raccoon Mario on one of those suction cup and spring toys that jump after your push ’em down.

  6. I was doing some surveys at Club Nintendo and Nintendo Land, Ninja Gaiden 3, and New Super Mario Bros U have the Nintendo Network logo. Will they have online play? Maybe it’s for Miiverse, not sure if it’s newsworthy but it’s worth noting.

  7. Sooo, if someone wins that… does that mean Triforce Johnson just got his ass handed to him because he wouldn’t be the first person to get the Wii U?

  8. Wow, win a WiiU @ Burger King in America, get crappy looking and pathetic burgers in the UK…….We don’t even get the promo toys either.
    God it sucks to live in this country……XD

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