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Upcoming Console Game To Mark The Very First Interaction Between Disney & Pixar Characters

Although Pixar is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Pictures, the two studios’ characters have never interacted with one another; however, that is about to change. Disney Interactive is working on a brand-new console video game, which is code-named “Toy Box.” The upcoming project will star characters from Disney as well as Pixar, which means they will at last interact with each other for the first time. The unannounced game is described as “a console game with extensive mobile and online applications,” and should release sometime during 2013.

67 thoughts on “Upcoming Console Game To Mark The Very First Interaction Between Disney & Pixar Characters”

    1. “BRB Dying”
      I lol’ed.

      On topic, I never really was a Disney fan. Well, I was when I was a kid. I respect everybody who likes the movies. They are movies for everyone after all. The fact that the two will now reunite for once, I can see why there would be hype.

    1. Forgive me if I’m a tad slow, but “Kingdom farts”? Why that name? (P.S. I know of Kingdom hearts, I’m just not sure if you be hating or joking)

  1. Kingdom hearts without square-enix and the whole gameplay changed into a sandbox mode to only take pictures play minigames and disneys version of mario kart thus it will not be called kingdom hearts and now will be called Disney pixars topic Nintendo intentionally left my fav glitches in Ocarina of time 3D :D . Okay nintendoward and the others go to sleep it’s past 10:00 your wifes waited 2 hours ago…..

        1. But like 4realz this time, like srsly. After KH:DDD, KH:3 has to be coming this gen. Gimmie that off-screen play for the WiiU.

    1. Hey Mike I’m mr.offtopic here as yes i’m excited just to see that blue hedgehog on my 18″ flat screen 3D tv.

  2. Surprisingly I went in to Gamestop in SF downtown and right after I was leaving I saw the WiiU demo!! I missed it in my way in lol.

    Only Rayman as a playable game… It is such a fun game, wow!! And graphics were stunning. I can’t f*cking wait!!

            1. I’m getting the Deluxe pack so obviously I’ll try out Nintendo Land. I’ll end up getting NSMBU. I don’t like zombi games so that takes ZombiU out of the question. I’m not sure what platform I’m getting Assassins Creed 3 and Black Ops 2 on. Guess I’ll just wait and see.

              1. I’m getting deluxe wilt Land, Batman and Mario U. Though this week my backlog has increased since bestbuy is having the b2g1 free.

      1. I tried it, feels GREAT! Thing is heavenly, the shelf under makes the controller feel gooood in your hands. About 3,000x better ergonomically better than the og 3ds, no joke. And its hella light, but it feels super well made, like a fucking tank. Screen is nice, its actually smaller than you’re probably thinking. Rayman made no sacrifice graphically wise on the pad screen; seriously it was sweet, but it was slightly darker(washed) on the gamepad for some reason…

            1. Yeah ive heard the same things pretty much everywhere. The slight discolouration might be down to it no being a HD screen, but if theres a brightness setting, that should resolve itself.

            2. It is possible Nintendo might have set the backlight to a low setting anyway, if it was quite bright it could be distracting if you’re looking at the TV, especially since the demo rooms are quite dark.

  3. It would be epic if it turns out to be Kingdom Hearts III.
    And if not they should do this for the next Kingdom Hearts.
    They already said that they wanted to use Pixar characters.

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  5. Okay….i played the Playstation Allstars beta…

    No, just no, its just not a good game.
    1. The gameplay is just awkward, there is literally no skill involved, you cant dash, grab, do specials, the lack of smash attacks leaves it without that risk/reward moves, blocks dont diminish, and as far as im aware cant be brroken, and the whole super meter thing just does work.
    2. There is literally no charm in this game. At all. It’s just…dull. The shit. The menu looks like…shit. The fucking announcer is an annoying cunt.
    3. The online, is probably on par with Brawl, as far as my personal experience goes. Also, i randomly ended up being Kratos a couple of times, when i chose Sly.
    4. There is no nostalgia in this game. None.
    I like and want new characters from recent years in Smash Bros, but the fact is, aside from Sir Daniel, there are no classic characters that people care about. No Crash, no Spyro, no Snake, no Cloud, no Lara, no Alucard, they have new Dante when nobody even likes him.

    I guess lack of originality never really does pay off. Not buying, waiting for Smash Bros 4

    1. As if anyone with a fucking brain would buy that shit over smash bros :) or even as a time consumr till then . I always said it looked like shit and lacks originality and nostalgia and chemistry and everything else….. its horse poo.

      I love my ps3 !!!!!! fucking hate The cunts who thought PSAS was a good idea…,

  6. We can have a game where for some reason there is a bunch of Disney characters interacting with each other and we can have people nobody knows interact with them too! And and and we can give them a- uhhh– key! Yes a key to fight with and they can seal these keyholes to fix the world and we can call it Castle Souls!

  7. I hated Disney movies as a kid, there was always singing in them… why. But I do like Pixar movies (except Nemo).

  8. What’s with the wii you????!!! You’ve got the wii plugged into your t.v but you buy the ” wii you” to see it up close!! Wtf!! Seriously !!!!

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