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Fire Emblem Awakening Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of America released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated in the latest Nintendo Direct that the game will be coming to North America during the first half of 2013.



    1. Why? It’s just like Tom Clancy Ghost Recon(for 3DS also). I am not criticizing your opinion just want to know why you would like this game. Why not look forward to monster hunter 3G coming in march?


      1. Also, i think they should include more Japanese only Nintendo in the next Smash Bros. Characters like Ness and Marth sparked interest in the West for those games, and at least one of them anyway is now released in the West (i want a new Mother…)


  1. This game looks amazing. I was hoping for an announcement that Bravely Default Flying Fairy was coming to the US, but nothing yet. Leave luck to heaven.


  2. Does this fire emblem game have that mechanic where if your character dies hes gone for good ? Anybody know and is the fighting system the same where it’s all automatic when it goes to the actual fight ?


  3. Thanks to the Ambassador program I got to play SACRED STONES, I fell in love with the game! Then I got RADIANT DAWN for Wii but not as good as the handheld, currently I just got SHADOW DRAGON two Weeks ago and I’m loving it too.

    So excited about this game.


    1. The same here,played ingba but didn`t give a damn, played on 3ds and got in love with it, think i was not mature enough to enjoy it at gba time. Radiant Dawn is less fast paced then sacred stones. I am definitelly getting this one as soon as it launches, the portable side of the handhelds are what makes me love my gbas and DSs/3DSs, however my “home consoles” are just lying there for I do not have the time to sit and play and even when i had i played a lot more on handhelds, nowadays that got older and got a job and engineering college is also veeeerey time consuming, so time is a no no for me.


    2. Me too. I had never considered playing the series before but fell in love with Sacred Stones when I got it as an Ambassador. I bought Shadow Dragon not long after I beat it and I recently won a copy of Path of Radiance on ebay. I plan on getting Radiant Dawn next and thankfully my friend is willing to sell me his copy if FE7 for the GBA. I can’t wait for Awakening!


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