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Nintendo Direct Presentations Attract Between 600,000 To A Million People A Week

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that the Nintendo Direct presentations roughly attract between 600,000 to 1 million viewers. Iwata says that due to the viewing figures, and the hardware and software sales attributed to them, they will continue releasing regular broadcasts.

“Each time we do a Nintendo Direct broadcast, more people visit the Nintendo eShop to download game demos and 3D videos, and it has become clear that it also leads to a higher use rate of the hardware, and even higher hardware sales. This convinces us that it is worthwhile to do regular broadcasts.”

“Just as some marketing methods lose their appeal over time, people will become bored if we simply continue to do the same thing, as is the case throughout the entertainment industry. In a sense, I feel that Nintendo Direct has an entertainment aspect too, so I think the challenge is whether we can continue to innovate successfully.”

47 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct Presentations Attract Between 600,000 To A Million People A Week”

    1. Oh you live in the USA, wait you don’t or else you’ll be getting your digital game for £20 which I think is about $40 dollars.You said you live in Florida….

      1. I live in Manchester In England lol. And The 3ds e-shop games are £40 smackeroni’s… and £30 in the store… it’s a misserable joke..

        I never said I live in Florida , I have been to florida before though , my uncle lives there. I might of mentioned that.

  1. Nintendo managed to find success with what was thought to be simply fanservice through their pre-recorded events. Now every Nintendo fan expects a Nintendo Direct for any kind of announcements for their products. Now the even do those simultaneously with the other region, and fans from those regions can get more concrete news of what’s coming to them in a more interactive way with the comment section on Ustream. I bet Miiverse is going to play a huge role in future Nintendo Directs.

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  3. It’d be nice if they synced them better. It seems like Japan gets more Nintendo Directs, and NOA lags behind. Then NOA just uses twitter when they should have had a Nintendo Direct.

  4. With Nintendo Direct we Nintendo fans basically have a mini-E3 every few months. It ‘s a very nice thing to have and I always look forward to them. Leave luck to heaven.

            1. In the video bird is the word,there was a comment that got OVER 9000 likes(not exaggerating).I can’t find the comment anymore though.

  5. I really like the idea of having a Nintendo direct. It’s like a mini e3 presentation depending on the lengh of the video.

  6. Nintendo has just done something noble and stupid.
    Telling everyone the impact of holding Nintendo Directs is giving away a piece of their “secret sauce.” Connecting with their fans is critical. Other companies should take notice.

    However, risking this information to provide transparency to it’s stockholders, dev’s and consumers is very cool… Letting us in the outer ring of ther, “inner circle.”

    Nintendo truely is a unique company. I love that they still play such a huge role in the wntertainment / gaming industry.

  7. Satoru Iwata is the best Presidents of any video game company. I hope he invests in making more Metroid, a 3D Donkey Kong and comes up with a FPS that is capable of beating Halo and Call of Duty.

    1. Metroid on Wii U could easily have an online like Halos. Everyone plays as Samuel but with ranking up and unlocking new armor to customize Shamus with it would work. Metroid Prime Hunters was great. Instead of Team Slayer in Halo we get playlists like Team Hunters or Capture The Node like in Prime Hunters which is like CTF in Halo. Lone Hunter would be your FFA. Maybe a Big Team Hunters playlist to. All though only do this if it doesn’t take away from the Singleplayer Campaign.

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