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Wii U Overview Video Shows Plenty Of Close Ups Of The Console And GamePad

The official Nintendo magazine has managed to get some exclusive hands-on time with Nintendo’s forthcoming console, Wii U. The publication gives a competent overview of the console and its unique controller, the Wii U GamePad. The Wii U overview video allows you to see exactly how the Wii U console compares in size to Nintendo 3DS XL, Wii and GameCube.

76 thoughts on “Wii U Overview Video Shows Plenty Of Close Ups Of The Console And GamePad”

    1. That stopped being funny, humorous, or even worthy of congratulations as soon as it became mainstream. Plus, it’s just downright annoying now :/

  1. So really Nintendo Official Magazine are the first people to get the system… must be why I can hear Tri-force Johnson crying

    1. There is always one to complain. F$#@%#$%@#$%#$% THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS!!!

      That is a good point. but the back is the least important…you wont see it that much….so never shall u see it.

            1. Bad Anubis, bad. How dare you? Your question is a cardinal sin, and you must now be put in the Iron Maiden! Mwahaha!

          1. If it has triangular screws like the Wii did, then fuck that!
            The last Wii I opened, I used a soldering iron and blow torch… I fixed it by the way, but it wasn’t pretty.
            For $3, I could have just bought the damn screwdriver… D:

  2. That console looks more beautiful everytime I see it. The GamePad is as long as the Wii U itself. Wow. I’ve heard people say it’s a big controller, but it’s very light. Even lighter than the wireless XBox 360 controller. It should be easy for anyone to handle.

            1. The gamepad practically is the pipboy .___. Id contemplate straping it to my arm if i didnt need to use it as a controller

  3. The Wii U is one sexy beast (especially Deluxe Set model – in black). With so many features and a lot of stuff you won’t find in most consoles, it’s a definite must buy along with a line up of almost 50 games at launch and in the launch window. I’m looking forward to playing the U after the launch.

    1. Every time someone uses that “Stahp” crap, I have this insane urge to tear a house down with combustible lemons.

      I’m a member of the “Save the vowels” movement. Sue me.XD

  4. Sir Nicholas Pennyworth

    That was delightfully British…. Just under three weeks for us fat Americans! Well, I’m not fat, but most are.

  5. I was waiting for the money shot nice big salty load all over that lag free sexy man controller sleek black big and salty just how I like them

    1. Quite a post here Lars. I did like the information on using the Design Binder. It is shmntoieg that I tend to pass over just like the design library. I am going to request that our IT department Whitelist your blog so I can your blog at work. Now time to cut and paste your post of wisdom into my TiddlyWiki for reference. Thanks Lars, JRU_1962

  6. MAN I hate glossy black. It looks fine on pictures and presentations, but using anything in black gloss at home is only fun for 5 minutes. Then it get’s disgusting, smudgy smeary and plain fugly. I won’t touch the Wii U as long as Nintendo won’t release a white or other color option with enough space on it.

    1. I dont really see the problem, my 3DS is a gloss black, and i never see smudge marks…
      Then again, my hands are pretty much always dry, and rough so i dont leave smudges or anything.

  7. Pre-ordered 2 of these bad boys, one for me, one for the gf, she hates games and can’t stand them, but it’s really the most selfish Xmas present i’ll ever get her, a month early. Can’t wait. Unless someone can prove to me that the odd finger print or smudge actually plays a role in hardware performance (might be Sony’s excuse for all the issues with their fat PS3).

  8. Went and played it at a demo station today . Rayman legends is good. Tablet is light and sturdy, one of the bets controllers I’ve used. It’s worth buying.

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