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Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U Pre-order Boxes Spotted

Wii U pre-order boxes for Ubisoft’s forthcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist have been spotted in an Irish GameStop store. Splinter Cell Blacklist is currently only confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. A Wii U version was spotted previously on American retailer Best Buy’s website. Ubisoft has yet to confirm whether Splinter Cell Blacklist is coming to Wii U, but hopefully we should hear something soon.


16 thoughts on “Splinter Cell Blacklist Wii U Pre-order Boxes Spotted”

  1. Hmm, well i wouldnt say no to it, i didnt play the most recent SC because of it being a 360 exclusive -___-
    Still, just a rumour for now.

  2. That GTAv ”only coming to 360 and ps3” is not credible at all btw. Went into game store today – AC3 promotion ”360 and ps3” – NFSMW- ”360-ps3”.

    I hope SC does come to wiiu even though I’m not interested. There is only enough room for Snake in my life :).

  3. This is like the second or third time a Wii U version is spotted. The NFS rumors turned out to be true, though the Wii U version is coming out later on. Splinter Cell is coming out next year, right? Or was it Far Cry 3?

      1. Sony is more than ready for Next Gen. By your logic, since Nintendo lost a significant amount in there last financial year and is still losing money, they weren’t ready.

        Sony have just recently purchased Gakai, So I think they have enough money. Also, a lot of those employee lay offs were just getting rid of workers no longer needed and that was costing them money, or there skills were no longer needed, EVERY BUSINESS DOES IT.

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