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Rockstar Confirms Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming This Spring Just For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Rockstar has issued a press release confirming the previous leak that Grand Theft Auto will be arriving this Spring on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V is the largest and most ambitious title in the series to date. Set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and the surrounding area, Grand Theft Auto V delivers a world of unprecedented scale and detail bursting with life, from mountaintops to the depths of the ocean.

Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc, is very proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V is expected to launch worldwide during spring 2013 for the PlayStation computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

“Grand Theft Auto V builds on everything we’ve learned about open world game design. We can’t wait to share it with fans.”

– Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games

172 thoughts on “Rockstar Confirms Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming This Spring Just For Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3”

      1. It probably is, just like EA with need for speed sometime later they will probably say GTA V will b avail for Wii U blah blah blah we are proud to announce for the first time we are please to announce the GTA series is coming to a Nintendo home console…I have no doubts

        1. Don’t kid yourself, Rockstar does not waste their time on Nintendo consoles. If they had something to announce, they’d announce it.

          Nothing more sad than this sense of entitlement Nintenyearolds need for their shiny overclocked 360.

          1. TROLL?

            This wasnt the first R* game for Nintendo consoles (handheld), chinatown wars sold 1.2 mil copies for NDS and less than 1mil copies for PSP……

            1. nuff said @Aelous…… cmon, your a joker like someone once said, just because you are a blind funboy (yeah, more fun than fanboy) that doesnt means it will not come for Wii U.. and no, im not a fanboy like you looser, i wait for propably for PC version (maybe even PS3 version).

                1. You knew exactly what I meant. Pulling the handheld card is utterly stupid.

                  Fact remains that no major GTA game has graced a Nintendo home console, whether you can grasp that or not.

          2. Weird I didn’t kno u could speak for the company, weird I also noticed on most if not all the companies who were planning on porting a game wii u did the exact same as Rockstar is doing now. Mainly because they want to make sure they can get it right a. And b. because the Wii u isn’t currently out. if I also recall the GTA series WAS a ps3 exclusive until like every other company they realized they could make more if they ported the game over to 360, I believe the same will happen with this Aeolus don’t kid yourself into thinking Rockstar doesn’t want that money and they have nothing against Nintendo. The 360 is just an under clocked Wii U with no innovation a port for the Wii u would only b logical

            1. Hardly, PC versions go without saying. They would get the heat if no such thing was happening.

              You Nintendofanbitches need to accept that Wii U in all due likelihood won’t be getting this game, they clearly don’t deem it to be worthwhile porting as evidence suggests with every other Rockstar game on a Nintendo platform.

              What happened to that “exclusive” Chinatown Wars again? …Oh right, it was ported to PSP and iOS after it didn’t quite perform at its best on DS.

              1. They never said: “there is no Wii U version”… someone need to ask them that and im sure they cant say that for sure (so, obiviosuly… they are thinking about that but who knows). Im still getting the PC version…..

              2. haha chinatown wars sold 1.2mil copies for NDS and less than 1mil for PSP….. who is a hypocrite now? and no, im not even a big Nintendo fan, im mostly a PC gamer.

                1. You did nothing to disprove my point.

                  Chinatown Wars was on the DS far longer than the PSP version and there was little reason for PSP owners to pick that up over the likes of LCS or VCS.

                  1. But GTA IV is big budged game and is sold 1-3mil copies for PC, chinatown wars is “small” budget game and is sold over 1.2mil copies for NDS….. i think, its maybe better sales for NDS lol.

                    I dont even own a NDS but thats my opinion….

                    1. The PC version of GTA IV was full price and pirated to death, just saying.

                      Was also a terrible port as well.

    1. It has nothing to do with wiiu’s power :). I genuinely think some devs are well……. fanboys. Considering this game has been in development for years now , they don’t want to create a new version for wiiu which is fair enough. They want to optimize it for the 360 and ps3 which it was originaly intended for.

      Maybe they will release some late special edition (hopefully) once they see that the wiiu is third party friendly.

      In short – either rockstar are anti Nintendo or They genuinely wanted to focus development on the 2 platforms they started with…

      1. Rockstar Games were always anti-Nintendo. It would’ve made perfect sense if this game made its way to WiiU. I never been a fan of the series since I find it beyond overrated ever since GTA III

      2. I think the latter. Developers just simply cba anymore. San Andreas and GTA 4 were ported to other platforms about 6 months to a year after their original release dates, so I expect the same will happen this time. PC and Wii U gamers shouldn’t have to wait very long.

        1. I think the latter too! . They are just sticking with the 2 consoles they have been working with for the past few years…

      1. He was simply refering to the missed opportunity to put GTA on wii u. Which means that he wouldve bought it on wii u.

  1. Watever, Share with their fans? That’s a load of bull. Umm hello Nintendo fans here. We like Grand Theft Auto too

  2. I bet you anything that a PC and Wii U version will be released about 6 months later. This is what they always do.

  3. No PC or Wii U version = no sale

    I have no reason to get a 360 and my PS3 broke. If they don’t even release a PC version, then I’ll stick with Sleeping Dogs.

    1. I don’t think they’re bother about the PC or Wii U version… they made a shit load of money from GTA4 which is on the PS3 and 360 (PC 6 months later).

    1. Lego city is a wiiu exclusive BOOOOO YAAA!!!……..oh ……. wait. I guess I will be buying GTAV for my ps3 ….

      1. Yes, buy it for the PS3. You’ll have a larger userbase for multiplayer as opposed to if there was a Wii U version.

        1. Considering I recently donated my 360 to my little bro, I have no choice. I’m taking that shit back when Halo 4 comes out.

          No GTAV for wiiu is annoying but no real damage. it IS a 360 and ps3 game…. they didn’t even know about the wiiu when they started developing it.

          My ps3 has a lot of life in it yet though, Ground Zeroes , GT5, Revengance rising- 3 Quadruple A titles.

          1. Dude…Ground Zeroes .____. Do want.
            Ive only really reeeeally enjoy 3, the rest are great, but 3 is incredible.

            1. GTA 3 was the jaw dropper becuase of the advancement the series took. San Andreas is my favorite though – that was the best game of its generation Bar metroid prime and F zero GX :)

      1. sub HD or even some games leess than 1280x 720… yeah, real HD roflmao!

        Im not hating, i like PS3, but thats just funny

        1. Haha lol. Nope try again. ”Real gamers” will buy a wiiu aswell as keeping their 360 and ps3 and upgradeing to the nextbox and ps4 accordingly.

          You seem to not no what a real gamer is. Have fun on missing out on LOADS of games cheap skate :)

          1. Fanboys* will buy a Wii U.

            I’m not missing out on anything (significant to me), by the way. I’d get a 360, but it’s probably too late for that when the 720 is very likely to be coming next year.

            1. Litteraly fair enough if nothing currently appeals to you. But don’t label everyone who buys a wiiu a blind fanboy lol. Pikmin 3 , ZombiU , Rayman Legends , Wonderfull 101 , Bayonetta 2 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , NSMBU. This is a good reason to own a console for most True Gamers.

              mainly the people who arent interested in that are blind xbots and sonydrones.

              1. Out of that list, I’m only genuinely interested in Rayman Legends and …I honestly don’t know what else. Rayman is by no means enough for me to fork over $350 for this device.

                1. Bayonetta 2 , MH ultimate ?? It has a really Nice launch window IMO . Not for everyone but….. oh wait it is………..

                  Everyones opinion is different.

                  1. Never was interested in Bayonetta, and the second game has absolutely no footage for me to have any sort of opinion about it.

                    MH is yet another enhanced port of Tri and also seems to be a port of the 3DS build running in 1080p…yeah, no.

            2. 720 is not gonna be a big difference than Wii U u know, us nintendo fans wont be missing anything “significant” either, you’ll buy a Wii U Aeolus, if u dont its your loss not ours :)

          1. That question has been asked by me and others, but he never answers. But presumably it’s just because making the other side feel bad makes himself feel better about his choice of being -his illusion- of a core-gamer.

        2. You are aware that like 92% of ps3 and 360 owners are either KIDS who don’t know anything about games – adults who just want to play the odd game of fifa casualy and watch a blu ray or dvd…

          You make out like the entire instaled base of 360 and ps3 are hardcore gamers or cool respectable people. Do you know how many fucking ass holes buy the popular games on those platforms ???

          Sure a few million TRUE hardcore gamers will buy GTAV but about 10 million will just be fuckin fake posers who know absoloutly nothing about video games….

          In england ”hardcore gamers” are a rare breed now. Everyone is just a fifa loving cod douche. varely deserving of the title ”gamer”.

            1. Sarcastic exageration yet the point remains. How many Xbox and ps3 owners do you think care about gaming as much as you do ?? or can truly classify themselves as a ”hardcore gamer”.

              70M ps3’s = about 5M are hardcore gamers , who care about what’s going on with games in Japan , have been playing and or collecting the majority of their life and DON’T limit themselves to Generic Racing Game , Generic FPS , Genric Sports game. People who limit themselves to those games are the cancer of the gaming world.

              Why do you think Bayonetta sold 1M copies despite being such a ground breaking game ??? ask yourself this and respond.

              There is about 5M hardcore Nintendo fans worldwide – 5M sony and about 2M microsoft. The PC (high spec) has BY FAR the highest percentage of Hardcore gamers…

                1. Day to day life. You know it and I know it. The VAST majority of PS3’s and 360’s out there are fucking just a display piece on a 27 year olds entertainment set up which they play a sports game with their friends on. The rest are fucking CoD fanboys. The other are KIDS who think they are better becuase they play xbox or PS instead of wii. and finaly a rather small amount are actual fans of that sytem and have bought or owned like more than 20-30 games for it.

                  90M wii’s = 80 million casuals or Kids – 10M hardcore Smash Bros , monster hunter type Hardcore…

                    1. About 15 Million 360 owners are kinnect users lol.
                      Take my bro for example , he has FIFA13 THATS IT. and kinnect for his daughter.

                    2. Kinect is bundled with many 360s.

                      80 million Wii owners have Wii Sports, by the way. Works both ways here.

                    1. So am I :D – would you agree that’s a fairly accurate estimate ?? there is about 10M maybe 15M max. There is obviously more than there is sony fanboys. why isn’t the vita selling ??? but the 3ds did even with no games ??? becuase of the HARDCORE fans…

            2. No, its not bullshit…… Aelos Aelous ccc use your brain:

              1. Pirates dont buy games = no money for Rockstar
              2. PS3 sold over 66 mil units
              3. GTA IV PS3 version sold for about 8-9 mil copies….
              4. Now, do the math: 66mil – 8-9 mil huh huh huh…. and yes, i know many kids with even PS3.

              Well, i wait for the PC version…. but in my opinion, i think GTA V will sell more for Wii U than PC, thats the real truth, you know…. pirates etc.

    2. Eh. Heard that before, Aeoluls. I much prefer it when you have a legitimate argument as opposed to just being a broken record,

  4. Of course it is only announced for the last-gen HD systems as the Wii U is probably still in development. I believe the Wii U version will be the definitive version of the game just like Aliens, Darksiders II, etc.

    1. Shut up with these stupid definitive versions. PC will always destroy this definitive shit. You fanboys fell for simple PR Bullshit. Don’t believe it until you see it first hand!

      1. Well, assuming you have enough money to buy the game and maintain an internet connection what with the costs of purchasing, upgrading and fixing a computer powerful enough to play the game.

  5. The game is coming people, why be ause they didn’t say it was only coming to Xbox360 and Ps3… It’s most likely going to a much improved verse released with the PC verse, WII U is most impressive and if u think the previews of this game are from XBox360 Or Ps3 u r sadly mistaken. Most likely PC or ….WII U

    1. No, they’d be from 360 or PS3(That’s just plain obvious). PC will get a port later, and Wii U nobody knows if it will even get one.

  6. Again, no relevance to Nintendo, what so ever.
    Not saying it just because i dislike GTA, but its basically the same as saying, “this game is coming to WiiU” on a playstation site.

    1. But seeing as its here, why do i think its not coming to WiiU? Because Rockstar cant be arsed, and/or, they cant afford it. The game isnt even coming to PC. Thats a joke. They barely even have to pay for retail packaging for PC. And Rockstar are THE example of spending a shit ton of money and being an unsustainable game company. It wont happen now, but in the future, it will. Rickstar lost ALOT of money from Max Payne 3. Eventually that cost is going to outweigh the profit they turn in.

      1. Rockstar can’t be assed. GTA does not sell on Nintendo devices. Look at how fast Chinatown Wars got ported to the PSP and iOS, for instance.

    2. No relevance? How so? What this article is telling me that it won’t be launching on Wii U. It will only start on PS3 and 360. I find that very relevant to Nintendo.

      1. By that logic this site should also report that Halo 4 isn’t coming to Wii U because its a microsoft ip.

        I agree with you in a lot of things, but this isn’t one of them. Irrelevant articles are irrelevant, this site only does it to get everyone up in arms about the littlest things.

        1. Or the fact that there was a financial report saying the Wii U will be coming earlier this year and this confirms it isnt coming just yet?

          This is more than relevant. Also comparing Halo 4 to my apparent logic is quite stupid.

          GTA is not a sole IP to the one company, it’s multiplat, and generally people want to know if something as successful as this is coming to their console. And you say it’s irrelevant? Really?

          1. I retract my last comment :l this time.

            Lol No no, it seems you’re right, I guess I didn’t see it from that perspective (future Wii U owners) apologize.

  7. The developers are anti-nintendo cunt whores is the reason for this [the handheld spin-offs don’t count], there’s never been a gta for nintendo consoles and probably never will be.

  8. Thats just sad as hell… But at the same time all these companies are following the same suit and they know that people are not going to give up their current gen consoles just to go to the Wii U… So what they have to do for marketing strategy is get the sales out of the way for the current gen consoles so they wont create a loss… Create a atmosphere like its not coming to the Wii U when its most likely is later down the line… Just a theory but from the observations I have made then that will be definite…

  9. HD twins? lol Lack there of HD twins maybe. Wii U is going to be the first true HD system out. Try again loser. They are the twins of upscaled HD.

  10. Cunts I was hoping to have 1 console this gen, but looks like I’ll be keeping my 360 an ps3. My fat PS3 is playing up to so may have to get new super slim.

  11. It’s funny that all you Nintentards still reply to me. I just want attention, because my parent’s didn’t love me. I was a survived abortion.

  12. Am I really the only one who can’t find a fuck to give over whether or not this game ever sees daylight on the Wii U?
    There’s a vast amount of better games coming out for the system that will more than make up for whatever sales they’d miss out on by getting Rockstar to dev a version for the Wii U.
    It won’t be missed, and the series, IMO, wasn’t that great at all to begin with.

    1. It won’t be missed? Sorry, BUT ARE YOU RETARDED? Nintendo needed a huge and highly successful series like this, the other games will by no means at all make up for the sales. GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated games coming out, and on the Wii U there isn’t that many better games coming out that would beat GTA V.

      1. That’s up to opinion, and mine is that GTA V not coming to the system won’t in any way guarantee the system’s failure, and that there will be PLENTY of other games that will take up the slack.
        It isn’t needed and I’m not concerned about it being MIA on the Wii U.
        If it comes in the future, then fine. More power to the GTA fans.
        But I lost my last fuck a long time ago, and currently have none to give to this game.

              1. I have no idea how you can do that…

                I have an unused alt named “Kyorga” so I’ll give you that and redirect you to my main PSN.

                1. Also I’ll probably add you on my USN PSN I’ll be creating, I have an AU one, but I’ll be using more so the US one now.

  13. I find the online gaming community fascinating. 100’s facing loss after a terrible natural disaster, and all some of you brats can do is argue about VIDEO GAMES. You should be glad with what you have.

    1. Disasters happen everywhere, Not just America, I got affected heavily by one earlier this year (I live in Australia). I find it pathetic that you think everyone should stop doing what they do and living their lives, just because America got hit by a big storm.

    2. Natural disasters aren’t our problem; and are totally unrelated with us. You’re the pathetic one here, thinking everyone needs to give a shit about something totally useless to them.

  14. I know this sucks that the Wii U isn’t getting it but they haven’t taken it out of the equation. Plus no big loss for me, I’ll just get it on the PS3 or 360, easy fix.

  15. That blows. It’s times like this that I wish Nintendo got out of the hardware business and just made software for everyone.

  16. It’s probably safe to say that it was in the works well before the Wii U dev kits went out. This game is HUGE. GTA games are always HUGE. You can explore SO much, and it’s all down-to-the-detail. It takes them forever to make them, but it’s well worth the wait. But I don’t expect we’ll see it on the Wii U, they’d have to develop it even further, and they’re likely going to focus on DLC like more episodes, etc. So honestly, I’m not bummed by it because if they wanted to do it on Wii U they’dve delayed it.

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