Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games game designer, has confirmed on Twitter that we should expect to get more information about Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 sometime next week. Kamiya was asked by a fan when we should expect to get more information regarding the highly anticipated title, and Kamiya replied that video game magazines will be running features next week.

Next week…in game magazines… RT @BrandaoFabioG: Hello! I’m Brazilian, and we love Bayonetta! When we have new news about Bayonetta 2?

Thanks, Sondre



  1. Nintendo Power is doing a feature on the Wii U, so perhaps something in that?… Either way though, I’m looking forward to the November Issue :D


  2. Just got Bayonetta for Xbox 360. I’M gearing up for Bayonetta 2 on Wii U!!! :) I have to say, if it wasn’t for Nintendo, I would have never bought or tried the game at all…


      • It is fantastic! I love all the cutscenes and the story is completely origional. It isnt particularly hard, but it is very entertaining. That is afterall what you look for in a game right? How
        entertaining it is. P.S You are right, if the game sold more and became more mainstream I might have heard of it before now…


  3. It seems a little soon. Looking forward to that Nintendo Direct on the Miiverse. Nintendo do yourselves a favour and buy Platinum Games. It’s a win/win situation for everybody. Leave luck to heaven.


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