Japanese video game magazine Famitsu has awarded Animal Crossing: Jump Out, also known as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with a near-perfect score. The upcoming life simulation game for Nintendo 3DS received a 39/40, which means three judges gave it a perfect 10 while one judge gave it a 9/10. The game launches in Japan on November 8th and elsewhere next year.



  1. Sounds good. I really like Famitsu because their scores are pretty accure.as they have 4 different judges which makes biases less impacting.


    • Well……………..Famitsu is Japans go to place for gaming reviews and is arguable THE most important review source in the world. Especialy since IGN started smokeing crack..


      • And sucking a certain consoles dick. Seriously, every review by IGN is, “there can be technical bugs”. Yeah, how about you review it based on ALL the platforms, and say, “the 360 suffers some technical bugs”. Nope, too busy sucking dick.


        • I feel sorry for all of sony’s western vita fans having to but up with Old greg and colin fry or whatever they are called. THE. PS. VITA. IS. NOT. A .PS3!!!!!!!! Sony said one ”ps3 like” that means the graphics sort of resemble a ps3 which they kinda do!

          Those guys are crying like bitches and slateing all ps vita games as they are supposed to be as lenghty as 25GB blu ray PS3 games ….. Caln’t they just accept the fact that what the vita is offering is great fior a handheld. Nope – they just keep comparing every game to the ps3…….. Becuase street fighter X tekken has SLIGHTLY worse graphics than the ps3 it gets 6.5/10 instead of a 9 :S ??????


          • Why you always type calt instead of cant is that a britt thing?back on topic street figther was great on 3ds but did not looked nowhere near console version that i own but i still found it better i guess there head inside the ps3 ass has gased there judgement


            • I carnt spell properly XD. I just checked , i don’t know why I’ve been doing that XD….

              From now on I will spell can’t . :).

              SF4 on 3ds is awesome!


          • Yeah, too many reciew sites that go on and on about its graphics, and then drop the score down just becase it doesnt look like Uncharted 3. Who gives a fuck. I was playing the original Castlevania earlier, fucking awesome game. I wouldnt give it a 6.5 just because its graphics are dated, and i wouldnt do the same with a 3DS or Vita game. If the game because a joke, or just unplayable becuase of had graphics, or camera angles ect, then mark it down, otherwise, it really doesnt matter.


            • The vita has pretty much the best portable graphics in gaming so why can’t they focus on that ??? we all know it hasn’t got a cell broadband processor etc…


  2. Do want. Next year is…just too mind blowing good.

    Animal Crossing
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Castlevania 3DS
    Castlevania LoS2
    Dead Space 3
    Pikmin 3
    Rayman Legends
    The Last of Us
    Remember Me
    MGS: Ground Zeroes

    And then we have E3.

    Just…take my money, please.


  3. All I know is that this will be the most played game on 3ds for me. I’m actually happy it’s not coming out in the states just yet just because bowsers inside story is a game I haven’t finished yet and I want to get partners in time after I’m done with that. Paper mario is another game I’m getting as well so I’ll be busy.


    • M&L Series is hands-down the best mario series to exist. If Nintendo wants to bring a lot of core handheld gamers back on the market, that rpg is the way to go.


  4. I sure do hate graphic whores. You know the ones that bash Xenoblade Chronicles for not having PS3 and 360 graphics. I am only 60 hours into the game but it’s amazing.One of the best RPG’s in just about forever.


  5. Only way it could be better is if the game was on Wii U… Literally the game is practically flawless! I can’t wait, I LOOVE Animal Crossing. One of Nintendo’s…. no, one of the WHOLE GAME INDUSTRIE’S best games!!!


  6. This game is the only reason I even got a 3DS. I have a lot of faith in it, it seems like they’ve been working hard to make it really stand out from the previous iterations.


  7. I love how everybody cares about this game and there isn’t any information on Luigi’s Mansion. I thought it would be more anticipated. I really want it… but I still ignore it for Animal Crossing! HA. I’m a hipacrit. (I know I spelt that wrong so you don’t have to tell me)


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