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Sin And Punishment Developer Treasure Working On Nintendo 3DS Exclusive

The latest edition of Games TM has revealed that legendary Japanese developer Treasure is hard at work on a Nintendo 3DS exclusive. Details on the new game are fairly scarce, but Treasure has said that it’s an action orientated title that won’t be appearing on any other platforms.

“We are making a new game on Nintendo 3DS now. Not multiplatform, but exclusive to 3DS.”

54 thoughts on “Sin And Punishment Developer Treasure Working On Nintendo 3DS Exclusive”

  1. Amazing!!! this little bad boi just won’t stop. There is no way the wiiu is gunna take all the attention away from my 3ds. With games like Animal crossing , Luigi’s mansio and castelvania it may be the other way round :).

    Wiiu + 3ds + PC or PS3 or 360 = all you need.

      1. How ? lol. I’m bigging up Nintendo. A 3DS and a wiiu is all that is currently required (2 Nintendo consoles) then you just need either A PC a PS3 or a 360 to play second fiddle. A ps3 probably being the best bet….

        Nintendo is in a compromising position atm :)

          1. No what I meant was YOU NEED a 3DS and a Wiiu. then you need to add to that either A- a PC B- A ps3 C- a 360.
            So for example you would be set with a Wiiu + 3ds + PC or wiiu +3ds+ ps3……etc

        1. Indeed. The more You grow up the more you realise a customizable PC is the way forward.
          Wiiu+PC+3ds but I caln’t say I won’t be monitoring the ps4 and 720 situation closely…

          1. Yeah. Its not just that though, 90% of the games on my ps3, are on PC. I’ll buy Nintendo for the exclusives, but as for anything elss, its just better for me to get a PC, not to mention i need a PC anyway, seeing as my laptop busted.

            1. LoL , my Laptop is like a low spec gaming pc :)
              Trolls may disagree – but already games like Rayman Legends , Bayonetta 2 , pikmin 3 , NSMBU , Zombiu , Wonderfull 101 , Monster Hunter ultimate already confirm that the wiiu is a must have. then you can use your PC for games such as Borderlands , Batllefield , RTS , Half life etc etc.

              If you invest like £500-£700 on a customizable gaming PC today you will already have something that can probably run Xbox 720 games lol

              1. Yeah, i dont want a full state of the art, i just want one thats capable for next gen, can do over 30fps, and 720p or 1080p, then later through next gen, if i need to upgrade, i will.
                But yeah, Steam and Half Life are pretty good incentives for me to get a PC, as well as indie games.

              1. Nah, you’ll just get moronic fanboys that’ll go on and on about Halo, and buy it because its ‘Merican and it helps the economy, or some illogical bullshit. 360 was last everywhere besides USA, its a pointless system, it just has Halo, but thats just boring as fuck now. Word of advice, dont release 5 games of the same fucking franchise, and same FPS gameplay , in one generation.

                Nintendo fans consider themselves lucky if we get 2 Zelda’s on a home console, thats why their IP’s last. “Oh but apparently its a rehash. Theres more home console COD games than Zelda, im dead fucking serious, in what, 2 generations.

  2. Another 3DS exclusive. Amazing.

    Japanese devs are clearly taking note of how the market is responding via current sales and throwing support behind the dominating handheld (vita sales in Japan this week = less than 6k).

    1. I feel sorry for the vita – But I do think PSO2 will have a massive impact on the vita and may be its true saviour along with Killzone mercenaries. PSO will bring in a TON of japanese PSO fans and a lot of western PSO fans. But if the game scores well, Most ps vita owners will buy the game aswell.

      i can see PSO2 selling a million copies plus on ps vita :) me included when the money is spacre and I see a pre owned vita for about £140 at the time…

        1. The PC version is some Free to play bull shit :S ….. they start hitting you with items that cost real money and shit :(…. I’l stick with the conventional Vita version!

          How dare they make PSO F2P D:

            1. Don’t even get me started on photon drops :P. I’m playing pso EP 1 and 2 for gamecube offline atm with my bro. And I see that NICE red RARE box . I run up to it like YEEEEEEHHHH and it’s just another photon drop :/ . which I caln’t use offline lol..

      1. Never heard it but just looked at it now, and it would be cool, it’ll be interesting though, to see how it’ll look after such a long time xD

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  4. I love Treasure! Aside from Fire Emblem and Castlevania, I haven’t been interested in any upcoming 3DS games. I’m going to keep my eye on this, Treasure never fails.

  5. Sony must be wondering when all of this is going to stop. I mean, a remake for FF7 has just been confirmed and now this.

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