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Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Still Thinking About 3DS & Wii U Connectivity

Shigeru Miyamoto has told IGN that the company is still considering Nintendo 3DS and Wii U connectivity. But he admits that the simple fact is that those who own both are much fewer than those who don’t own both. Miyamoto admits that connectivity is complicated as there would be three screens to consider.

“Of course we are thinking of the possibility of connecting Wii U and Nintendo 3DS once again. But we have challenged connectivity on many occasions, and one of the great lessons we have learned is the simple fact that those who own both are much fewer than those who don’t own both. So what we decided early on when considering the Wii U design was that we had to make it so that every single purchaser of the Wii U is going to have the same play conditions, the same equipment.”

“Even between Wii and 3DS, there are some things that can be done by connecting with each other – Mii channel is interchangeable on both systems. There are things that can easily done by transferring data between Wii and DS or 3DS systems.”

“If we are going to do that with Wii U and 3DS, there would be three screens to consider. The reason why we were not so eager to do a similar thing between Wii and DS if that it would have become very complicated using two screens on the DS and one screen on the Wii. But of course we are trying to think about a way to expand the experience of 3DS and Wii U when they are connected with each other, one way or the other.”


39 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Nintendo Is Still Thinking About 3DS & Wii U Connectivity”

  1. idk… there’s no harm in having connectivity regardless….. it’s not like people are gonna be forced to use both…. and besides… it might even help with increasing 3DS sales if it becomes popular enough….

    1. Yeh and Monster Hunter Ultimate can connect 4 3ds at ONCE to the wiiu and play the same game together.

      Seems a but stupid Nintendo saying they don’t know what to do with it , whilst Capcom are busy linking 4 3ds’ at the same time to the wiiu.. :S

  2. Wtf is going on over there?
    They already said that this would be the case back in 2011 E3!

    It feels as if they made so much statements this year and now are either pulling off or delaying things…

    1. I know right!That was one of the reasons I was hyped, and we only have to wait a few days and say: meh,the Wii U is out, let’s buy it and act as if we aren’t excited like we were at e3.

  3. Let’s all hope that Miyamoto-san make it become a reality. Capcom have made cross platform play with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I hope that one day that Wii U & Nintendo 3DS becomes connectible with one another.

  4. I think it’s wise that they hold off on incorporating that kind of functionality this soon.
    Not only would it feel rushed, it would also make it look like they were hurrying to follow in Sony’s tracks with the Vita-PS3 thing.
    IMO, their best move is to make sure that all the connectivity for the way the system currently works is all well and good, at least for the launch window’s worth of games, before focusing on a new and ambitious project like three or four screens at once.

  5. They revealed Wii U – 3DS connectivity 1 year before Sorny revealed PS3 – Vita so this is nothing new, I’m just surprised they haven’t done much so far…

  6. “But he admits that the simple fact is that those who own both are much fewer than those who don’t own both.”

    Because, you know, the Wii U isn’t even out yet.

    1. He also says “three screens” a bit….either he forgets the controller has a screen (which I doubt) or the TV is a screen. That, or they admit to abandoning one of the 3DS’ screens.

      1. Why would they incorporate the 3DS with the WiiU and still make you use the GamePad? It should be the WiiU and GamePad, or WiiU and 3DS.

        It would become tedious and frustrating to play a game using the Pad and 3DS. The 4 screens would disorientate, and it would be uncomfortable holding the 3DS in one hand and the Pad in the other. Of coursr you could just switch from one to the other, bu that would be tedious.

  7. Give them time. Connect two different consoles (one mobile, one home console) requires critical thinking and time. If you guys want this to work VERY WELL, I’ll suggest to give time to Nintendo. I actually not that anxious to get smash bros that soon as well as the next legend of Zelda.

  8. I think that most Nintendo fans buy both the home console and portable console. The barrier to cross platform connectivity is I don’t want to buy the same game twice. But if there are for example two completely different Pokemon games that have cross platform connectivity with extra content, then I will buy both games for both systems.

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  10. Pokemon, possible Virtual Console titles which required the GBA-GC cable (Four Swords and Crystal Chronicles, I’m looking at you), and Smash if they plan to go with the custom characters with the 3DS game.

  11. I honestly think it’s a great idea, but what I take he’s saying is that it’s not top priority right now. Once most of the “launch window” games are done, they can start working on it.

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