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New Solatorobo Game Coming

CyberConnect2 company boss Hiroshi Matsuyama has announced that they are currently developing a new story within the Little Tail Bronx series. The last game in the series was Nintendo DS exclusive, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. CyberConnect2 has yet to announce which platform the next game in the franchise will appear on. But the Nintendo 3DS seems to be the likely choice.

22 thoughts on “New Solatorobo Game Coming”

    1. This is what I was thinking too. The first part of the Little Tail Bronx series: Tail Concerto was on the PS1/PSX, so it is very possible for such a game to be on a console. Solatorobo of course being DS exclusive making use of the dual screen option, it seems the Wii U is the PERFECT console to continue the Little Tail Bronx series on. Dual screen AND better graphics.

  1. That website usually create fake news and take rumors to get backlinks. Matsuyama only said that he’d like to make a new Solatorobo game. And it’s obvious.

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