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Miyamoto Has Been Meeting Developers To Encourage Them To Make Wii U Games

It has been revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto has been approaching developers to encourage them to create exclusive and ground breaking content for Wii U. Miyamoto has told IGN that he’s basically been trying to create hype amongst the development community to enable them to create something unique for the forthcoming console.

“I am trying to meet with the game developers individually for this matter. The real subject is whether I’ll be able to – we’ll be able to – convince developers inside of the licensing publishers to be excited about the new features of the Wii U, so much so that they’ll be enthused towards making brand new entertainment that I couldn’t come up with myself.”

“When it comes to technologies and techniques and skills necessary for working on Wii U, [and] what we can provide, I can count on them that they already have that. They know how to do that. They are always skilful, and actually they must have some different know-how from what we have. There might be some misunderstanding – as if Nintendo alone had some special know-how, and because Nintendo has not shared those unique, secret protocols with other, third-party publishers have not been able to create the exciting, unique gameplay on Nintendo hardware. But that was not the case.”

“The fact of the matter is that most third-party licensees from a business point of view, had to create multi-platform titles – and because Nintendo has been trying to create very unique hardware, oftentimes it was not considered the first choice for them to work on multi-platform software. So it’s the entire company decision-making process that is hindering developer’s ability from making unique titles on Wii U hardware. Once again, my job as one of the developers is meet with the individual people and convince that they’ll be able to create brand new entertainment that they really wish to realise. My job is to try to assist them in that fashion.”

“I do not think that providing any special technologies, know how or skills would be able to change the situation, because I understand that most third-party developers already have those things.”


94 thoughts on “Miyamoto Has Been Meeting Developers To Encourage Them To Make Wii U Games”

    1. i can´t seem to imagine anyone saying no to Miyamoto-sama, they will all be like just tell us what you want us to do so we do it.

      1. Lol i know right! At least hes not pulling a sony and just release the system out there and expect people to make games for it!

    1. I could be wrong, but I think the take-away here is that when Nintendo creates new, innovative hardware, they are not trying to alienate or patronize 3rd party developers.

      I believe he thinks that’s how Nintendo comes across, and is trying to say that Nintendo doesn’t have any magic skills, and that they should not be discouraged in their efforts to develope for innovative hardware.

      Obviously the end game is to get Dev’s on board, but I think the intention was to let Dev’s know they have the same skills Nintendo has, and there is no reason they can’t develope successful software on WiiU

  1. He is meeting with developers to try to convince or begd them to make games for this outdated overblown over priced unprofitable steaming piece of crap Wii U

    1. Butthurt over knowing thats how games like Rayman Legends became exclusive? Then Bayonetta 2? All though that was cause Nintendo saved it. Point is more exclusives will come. Nobody can say no to Miyamoto.

            1. No it can’t. How many different PC’s are there ???? all with different specs! All xbox , playstation and wii’s have exactly the same fixed specs becuase they are dedicated games consoles.

              The primary function of a PC is not playing games they are a multimedia device. Consoles are consoles and PC’s are Personal Computers .

              1. There are PCs dedicated to gaming (and expensive at that). And the fact they run games that the PS3, 360, and (some of) Wii U run all the more make PCs “gaming consoles”.

                1. I see your point. But there is only the big 3 consoles. The pc is totaly different with its optimizable games and RTS. It’s definitley a platform lol but A PC is not a console.

      1. Therein lies the problem, its not next gen, its nearly identical to current gen, PS3 will still be better, XBOX will end up about the same as WiiU or a little better, Nintendo is 5 to 7 years behind on hardware, if that’s what you want that’s fine, I’m only going drop hundreds of dollars unless I’m getting something new, fresh, capable. To put a couple hundred dollars on old technology that’s also unproven in its ability to draw games/developers is insanity. I bed you have a flip phone or a pager

        1. The 2 gigs of untethered Ram on the Wii U want a word with your prejudiced mind. Wii U is next Gen, running a GPGPU that runs a direct X 11 equivalent or higher. PS3 and xbox360 are direct x9 or equivalent for the ps3. Grow up.

        2. Lol you’re very amusing. You try to speak as what you say is fact. Like it or not wii u a next gen. Since wii ps3 xbox 360 is all category in 7th gen, & could not have done what wii u can do coming straight from the box it’s a 8th gen console. Is it new? well lets bring you’re comment in to play. If i have a sprint flip phone & a new model is out & i upgrade wouldn’t that make what i just bought new? & wouldn’t that as well make it capable if i heard noting but good reviews, as well as features the competition don’t have but try to impersonate? Now heres a real question, please answer mr ace of fools. If the wii u is so uncapble & un appealing to you, why be on a site for it? Instead of playing the great ps3 you so fond of ? Im a gamer i don’t dismiss anything till i try it myself you should do the same.

    1. IGN’s Nintendo Fans are probably the biggest on the site with Sony’s. Microsofts fanbase on IGN is virtualy None existent.

        1. Sony isn’t the largest :P. Its wierd because on a Sony article half the comments are Nintendo Fans trolling and on NIntendo articles half the comments are Sony fans Trolling.

          I know one thing for sure though. The amount of Hardcore Sony and Nintendo fans completely makes Xbox fans obsolete.

    2. Silly zigfried. That not clever enough. Ok i got one. I bet they got the name microsoft, from your dick loser :)

  2. Wii u is showing alot of promise. Only the haters will stray away. But like they say, if no one hating on you, you’re doing something wrong. Keep up the good work nintendo, regardless its all eyes on U.

  3. Sounds like an uphill battle- people don’t want to switch from the tried and true. But if anyone can do it, Miyamoto can! There are already devs on Wii U that wouldn’t touch Wii. They’ll be watching those sales. If all goes well, this mission of his/Nintendo’s could be a success.

  4. Would love to see more third party exclusive and multi platform games. Nintendo Land is so far the only first-party game I’m getting (within the next year).

      1. Never played any of the games before. If I like the mini game in Nintendo Land I might get the first game and start from there.

        1. woah! I doubt the Nintendo Land Mini game does The full Pikmin Games any justice!! That’s like saying captain falcons twister race represents a true F-zero experience or Mario chase represents mario and so forth!

          I give you my HIGHEST recomendation for Pikmin 1 new play control on wii and Pikmin 2 New play control also for wii :) – They are absoloutly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

          You should be able to pick em up cheap they launched at like half price cus they’re gamecube games!

          1. Out of most of the mini games, Pikmin Adventure seems the most similar gameplay wise to it’s source material, even if it is simplified.

            1. It dosent do it justice have watched videos of it. Not exactly the same thing highly reccomend new play controlls pikmin 1 and 2

  5. He knows WiiU cannot afford the software drought that cost the 3DS launch window sales, and that still hurts the sales of Vita Hardware.

    I THINK, Nintendo is wising up to the fact, software sells hardware. As the 3DS and Vita proved, Hardware does not sell hardware.

    Way to go Nintendo, way to show you are Learning! :D

  6. wheres AEOLUS! That bich im missing his lame ass comments KEEP HATING ON THE U BRO! now where the fck are you! gotta blow ur ass up again and im getting tired of waiting!

  7. I hope this new effort leads to third party publishers having closer ties and relationship with Nintendo. This closer relationship with Third part publishers will result in more, and better games on the Wii U.

    1. zigfried von schroder

      This “friendly” relation wont exist mister smart ass.Every third party support will leave shitendo behind cause the wiiu will fail in sales.They will work with sony and microsoft which is the best idea for them

  8. Looks like there might be even more multiplats and exclusives then us Nintendo fans even thought we did. Cool. Thanks Miyamoto!

  9. This is exactly what they need. Nintendo has always been good at their consoles and franchise games (mario, pokemon, kirby, etc.), but third-party games have been few and far between. Even if they’re just ports, they’re a good stepping stone.

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